Given the reality television success of lesser pop singers like Jessica Simpson, it was probably only a matter of time -- according to reports, Britney Spears, the queen of the pop princesses herself, is in talks with various networks about starring in her own reality series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Britney's show, to be called OnTourage, would follow the steamy singer and her supporting cast as they perform on the European leg of her upcoming Onyx Hotel concert tour, which just recently had one of its stateside performances broadcast as a Showtime concert special.

Described as a cross between MTV's The Real World and Madonna's 1991 Truth or Dare documentary film of her Blond Ambition tour, the series would be narrated and perhaps even partially filmed by Britney herself and follow the off-stage adventures of the singer and her dancers, bodyguards and managers. One of the show's reported focuses would be on a Simple Life-like "fish out of water" angle, with cameras following the reactions of backup dancers who've never been outside the United States suddenly being introduced to the grand European lifestyle that comes with travelling on the international star's tour.

Britney and her representatives are said to be demanding more than $1 million an episode for the projected six-episode series. While the amount is a high figure for an unscripted series, particularly for an unproven documentary-type series, the amount would still well below the prices for which several other recent new reality series have sold. Mark Burnett's upcoming The Contender series, which was sold to NBC for over $2 million an episode, currently ranks as the most expensive new reality series.

Assuming a broadcast agreement can be reached, since Britney's European tour begins April 27, production of the show would begin almost immediately, with a summer premiere date expected.