Big Brother featured Cliff Hogg winning Head of Household and nominating two powerhouse players -- Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews -- for eviction during Sunday night's Season 21 broadcast on CBS.

After Cliff won HoH, he decided to put Michie and Jack on the chopping block together heading into the next live eviction because the guys are two intimidating players and physical threats.


Michie being nominated, however, was part of his own complicated plan to keep his alliance intact.

The Big Brother broadcast began on Day 30, with Cliff winning the "Camp Comeback" competition against David Alexander, Ovi Kabir and Kemi Faknule.

Everyone couldn't believe Cliff was back in the house, but Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang had bigger things on their mind -- the fact their alliance had betrayed them and voted out Cliff instead of Nicole Anthony without their knowledge.

"I really feel betrayed -- disgusted, really. I mean, they literally just blindsided me on a vote they didn't need to blindside me on. So they obviously don't trust me. I don't know. I'm just done," Nick vented in the Diary Room.

Sam Smith had also been left out of the vote, so he felt "stupid" and said he looked like "a huge idiot on national television."

Kathryn Dunn was then shown crying about David. She was really hoping David would return to the game because they had formed a bond and she knew how badly he wanted to play the game.

Nick then asked Jack why the group had lied to him when he would have been willing to flip the vote. Christie Murphy said the alliance had tried to tell him "a couple of times."

Christie said it was "crucial" to smooth things over with Nick and Bella because if Bella happened to win the next Head of Household competition, she'd likely nominate two people from the Unde9able alliance, Ungr8tful or the Six Shooters.


Nick was angry because he said he would've voted out Cliff no problem had someone told him to do that.

Jackson and Nicole were then shown hugging in the pantry room and celebrating her stay in the Big Brother house.

Michie revealed to Nicole that Christie, Jack, Holly Allen, Analyse Talavera, and Tommy Bracco worked to keep her around. Nicole said she owed Michie one, but he just asked her to work with them instead of against them.

"I gave her a second chance. If Nicole won HoH, hopefully she would pay me back and take a shot at Nick and Bella, especially because of how mistreated Nicole was by Nick and Bella this week," Michie said in the Diary Room.

Meanwhile, Nick and Bella continued to argue with the group because the pair thought they had been working as a team with their alliance. Bella admitted her stomach was "in knots" and the game was "exhausting."

Nick said there was no good reason for the group to have kept something from him because every move made was for the good of their alliance.

Michie then attempted to do some damage control with Cliff since he had basically targeted him multiple times before. Michie told Cliff that he and Holly trusted him and they could be solid together going forward.

But Cliff wasn't buying what Michie was selling. Cliff felt he had been voted out because of Michie, and so there was clearly no trust there.


Nick felt he was on the outskirts of the group, but Christie insisted the group hadn't intended for that to happen at all. Christie apologized and said everyone should have talked to Nick and Bella that morning.

The alliance had exploded, but Michie insisted, "This was not something that was planned at all. It was not a deceptive thing... This whole week has been shaky."

Bella felt Unde9able no longer existed, and she didn't care if she had to break up her own alliance.

"Don't lie to my face and tell me you're in an alliance with me and then be shady! [The alliance] was clearly fake. Don't treat me like I'm five years old and try to talk down to me and pretend to me this alliance still exists when it clearly doesn't. I'm Ungr8tful and Unde9able is a ruse," Bella told the cameras.

But Jack called Bella out for pretty much doing everything to break down Unde9able. Jack said his blood was boiling and Bella had made plays to get him out.

Cliff and Jessica Milagros could hear the fighting and learned in that moment an alliance of eight seemed to exist. The pair were therefore happy cracks were starting to form.

The next Head of Household competition of the summer dubbed "Patch Perfect" then commenced.

Nick, as the outgoing HoH, was deemed ineligible to compete.

The participating houseguests were required to observe a large board filled with "BB merit patches" and then answer questions about them. In every round, two players were eliminated because they answered incorrectly or buzzed in last (when everyone else picked the correct answer).


Bella hoped to win this competition because she felt everyone was against Nick and herself. But Cliff also hoped to win because he just re-entered the house and felt he couldn't trust anyone.

"If I win, Nick and Bella go right up on the block," Tommy said in the Diary Room.

But Nicole was also playing to win so she could shake up the house.

The competition came down to Jack vs. Cliff, and in the end, Cliff won Head of Household.

Cliff went from getting evicted to winning his way back into the house to coming into power!

Nick was so glad Cliff won Head of Household, saying it couldn't have gone any better. Since six people just voted Cliff out, Nick assumed Cliff would go after one of the six.

Jack, however, called Cliff's victory "a huge wrench in the game."

As Nick and Bella discussed wanting to take out Jack or Christie, Cliff told Nicole that she was safe but they should keep a distance from each other just until things panned out.

Michie said Cliff winning HoH was worst case scenario for "Six Shooters," but he came up with a plan.

Michie pitched to Holly that he should convince Cliff to put him on the block as a pawn.

Michie's goal was to get nominated for eviction, win the Power of Veto, pull himself off the block, and then have Christie activate her "Diamond Power of Veto" power.

Christie playing her Diamond Veto would allow Michie to name the replacement nominee himself instead of Cliff, the Head of Household.

Christie agreed to use her power on Michie and said his plan was so insane it might just work.

Later on, Cliff, Nicole, Kat and Jessica talked about making a decision they would all support. Cliff acknowledged there was a divide between Nick and Bella and everyone else.

"Unfortunately for us, if we don't stick together, we are the first ones out," Cliff noted.

Nicole supported the idea of the four of them working together, but she didn't really understand where Jessica or Kat fell in the house. Nicole, however, trusted Cliff 100 percent.

Cliff looked forward to banding against the couples in the house and turning things around.

Michie then shared his plan with Cliff, saying they could knock out Nick or Bella this week with no blood on his hands.

Michie told Cliff that if Cliff nominated him for eviction as a pawn, Cliff would maintain the image he wanted revenge and was going after the couples. In addition, Cliff could nominate Bella because no one trusted her.

"She did Nicole dirty, and I know you like Nicole," Michie explained. "You'd go from being a potential target in some people's eyes to being a hero."

Cliff said Michie didn't intimidate him and he didn't trust him. Afterward, Christie congratulated Cliff on winning HoH and shared the news of her power with him.

Christie explained she had the "Diamond Power of Veto" and suggested they come up with a way to utilize the power that would benefit everyone.

Cliff called Christie's power a game-changer, but he talked to Bella about nominating some strong players. Cliff told Bella that he wanted to work with her and Cliff, even though she was a bit "devious."

"If you're going to be devious, I want you working with me," Cliff joked to Bella.

Jack then complimented Cliff and said he trusted his next move, but Cliff admitted he'd be an easy target for Jack's alliance going forward -- and he didn't know how to get around that.

Cliff decided he wanted to target two people who were overly confident and cocky about their positions in the game.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Cliff announced he had nominated Jack and Michie for eviction.

"Mad respect to both of you. But Jack, you're a competition beast. You're a threat, and that's why this has been done," Cliff announced.

"Michie, I was banished Day 1 by you. You voted to send me out the door. So it's purely a logical decision and I love the both of you guys."

Michie said winning the veto would be "a do or die moment" and he had to win. Cliff would then be Michie's No. 1 target going forward.

Jack, however, still had a power in his back pocket, which would be to change the lineup of players in a future Power of Veto competition.

"[Cliff] is definitely going to regret this decision," Jack vented to the cameras. "When I bring home this veto, this game begins and a line is drawn in the house. And I can't wait to watch it burn."


Christie was upset two of her allies were on the chopping block together, and she didn't know what she was going to do.

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