Big Brother viewers may not seen the last of this season's "saboteur" twist.

"The saboteur may not be dead after all! You'll find out more tonight.  Make sure you watch!" Big Brother producer Allison Grodner told Entertainment Weekly on Thursday about the twelfth-season twist which had seemed to come to a quick end when secret saboteur Annie Whittington became the first houseguest evicted from the competition two weeks ago.

"We loved this twist. We were hoping it would go longer. But we don't rig this show. People accuse us of rigging this show, people accuse us of trying to manipulate things. We don't!"

Grodner also disagreed with Whittington's post-eviction claim that her saboteur status -- which was revealed to rest of the houseguests following her eviction -- was to blame for her quick eviction.

"We picked someone who was playing her own game, who was a huge fan, who had everything going for her. It wasn't the saboteur (twist) that got her out, it was her own silly game play -- which she did not have to overdo," she told EW.  "We would have loved for it to go longer, but it didn't. And the summer goes on! We ran this risk on every twist we've played."

"Everything had this same risk associated with it. It is what it is with the game. It gave us a jolt, it was fun. But it's not over yet!"

However Grodner stopped short of revealing whether a new twist that will return Whittington or another previously evicted houseguest to the game is behind Big Brother's decision to depart from prior practice and restrict media interviews and sequester all of this season's houseguests following their evictions (except for seasons in which a similar "return" twist was coming, only jury members are usually sequestered).

"We've done that in seasons past because of the expect the unexpected. That might happen. It's become a safety net for us. If it plays into something, it plays into something. It may or may not," she said.

In addition, Grodner also professed her belief that Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly's "showmance" relationship is genuine and -- similar to last year's still-ongoing relationship between eleventh-season houseguests Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd -- will continue beyond their time in the Big Brother house.

"He already professed his love and they're already planning their wedding date! Tonight he actually says 'I love you.'  Bren-chel is in it for the long haul," she told EW.

"I swear, I think we may get a Big Brother wedding out of this, not to mention that Jeff and Jordan are still together...   I can't say that Brendon and Rachel are the same as Jeff and Jordan; they are kind of the anti-Jeff and Jordan, but they are truly madly, deeply [in love] -- there was a scene that we'll figure out how to get in that played over the Internet, where he starts to talk about how he's going to introduce her to the family. He's starting to worry about how his mom is not going to like her. At which point, she's like, 'What?' It starts friction."

Grodner also revealed that Schroeder will be visiting the houseguests soon -- presumably to promote the new Around the World For Free reality series he is starring in.

"Jeff will be back too. Jeff might be spending the night in the house in a couple of weeks so look out for that!" she said.