Last night's live CBS broadcast of Big Brother 6 contained a double-dose of houseguest movement, with her fellow houseguests voting Sarah Hresja out of the competition and the reality television show's viewers overwhelmingly voting to return previous evicted houseguest Kaysar Ridha to the Big Brother house.

Sarah had been nominated for eviction by Howie Gordon, Big Brother 6's fifth Head of Household. Fearing that they were no longer trustworthy, Howie had blindsided Sarah and James Rhine, her "secret partner" boyfriend, and nominated his former allies for eviction. Despite being nominated for eviction for a third straight week, James once again managed to sneak off the chopping block by winning Big Brother 6's Power of Veto competition for a fourth week in a row.

Forced to nominate someone else to replace James, Howie had selected Ivette Corredero (who despite having said she'd be willing to act as a "pawn" nominee, was still unhappy about having been nominated.) In the end, Ivette had nothing to fear, as Sarah was ousted from the house via a 6-1 vote in which only James voted for Sarah to remain.

Once Sarah was sent out of the house, the live broadcast moved on to the more interesting event of the night -- the announcement of which previously evicted houseguest had won the America's Choice poll that allowed Big Brother's viewers to return either Kaysar, Eric Littmann, or Michael Donnellan to the house. Although CBS tried to drag out the suspense as long as possible, eventually Big Brother host Julie Chen announced that Kaysar, a 24-year-old Iraqi-American graphic designer from Irvine, CA, had won the vote in a landslide, receiving 82% of the more than 5 million votes cast.

Once Kaysar re-entered the house and received the congratulations of the other houseguests, the show's next Head of Household competition began. Dubbed the "Pressure Cooker," the competition was an endurance challenge that required the houseguests to enter an enclosed glass structure and hold down a mounted button while standing. To add to the discomfort, a series of boxes -- containing objects both good (cash, food) and bad (hundreds of flies, a dead fish) -- would be opened as the competition progressed. The last houseguest to remain holding down their button would be crowned the show's sixth Head of Household. Additionally, even houseguests who had been eliminated from the challenge would have to remain in the locked structure, allowed to exit only in groups of threes.

As the live broadcast ended, all nine of the eligible remaining houseguests (including Kaysar) were still in the running. More than three hours later at midnight ET, everyone still remained in the competition. After more than twelve hours, the endurance challenge finally ended shortly after 10AM ET this morning. Highlight the below whitespace to discover who won.

Kaysar, Rachel Plencner, and Jennifer Vasquez were the last three competitors. Although she was eliminated shortly after 7AM ET, Rachel remained trapped in the structure while Kaysar and Jennifer continued to compete. After continuing for more than two additional hours, Kaysar and Jennifer appeared to work out an agreement in which Kaysar would quit the competition and new Head of Household Jen would (what else?) nominate James for eviction.