Bethenny Frankel's estranged husband Jason Hoppy is reportedly bitter and resentful about her recent divorce filing.

"He feels used -- like she just wanted him for a baby," a Hoppy pal told Us Weekly in its latest issue.

"He feels she treated him like garbage, then tossed him aside when she didn't need him anymore. At one point he said he felt like she had used him to have a baby."

While the couple had established a prenup just days before their March 2010 wedding, Hoppy reportedly believes the Bethenny Ever After star and millionaire businesswoman owes him a large sum of money for what he's contributed to her success over the last couple years.

"He plans to ask her for a big payout... He feels like he gave up his career for her. He basically stopped working to support her and wants to be compensated for it," said a Hoppy friend, adding that Hoppy, who's in real estate, helped Frankel land deals and assisted in building her empire.

"He feels he's entitled to some of her profits."

Meanwhile, Hoppy reportedly intends to pack up his stuff and leave their shared $5 million New York City condo in the near future.

"He plans to move out. He's just not sure where he wants to go," noted a Hoppy source.

As for the couple's two-year-old daughter Bryn, Frankel is reportedly seeking full custody in addition to child support.

"She doesn't want to drag it out. This is the first step toward moving things forward," a Frankel friend told Us.

However, Hoppy apparently is ready to fight for what's important to him.

"He won't ask for full custody, but he wants partial custody so he can still be a big part of her life," a source said. "Bethenny has always called the shots. He regrets that he let her control his life."

Hoppy, who initially hoped Frankel was just going through a phase when the pair had been fighting often, even reportedly let Frankel take the lead on announcing their separation late last month.
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"He wanted no part of releasing the statement. He wanted to show that she's the one who wanted out," the Hoppy pal explained.

Hoppy has allegedly been very careful about how he's been portraying himself to the media. Not only does he want the upcoming divorce to be a reflection on Frankel's image alone, but he's also been wearing his wedding band in public to make another statement.

"It's definitely an image thing. He knows he's getting photographed. He's a smart guy," said the Hoppy pal.

Although Frankel is reportedly "devastated" her marriage is ending and Hoppy is "bitterly resentful," a Frankel source told Us, "Right now things are not ugly between them. I can't say it's going to be lovely and easy, but they're going to try."

Added an insider, "[Bethenny] has high expectations that no man could ever live up to."