Looks like one of the made-for-reality-TV unions might actually be heading toward the altar. Knight-Ridder Newspapers reports that the final couple from The Bachelorette, Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter, registered for wedding gifts at the Century City Bloomingdale's in Los Angeles. on Wednesday, February 26. Not surprisingly, TV cameras accompanied them on the errand, which is tied to their tentative June 7 wedding date.

After the original flame-out of Alex and Amanda over his continuing lust for Trista, and then the more recent (and more public) break-ups of Aaron and Helene and Evan and Zora, it's nice to see that one of these couples might actually decide to tie the knot. However, it takes a password to find out what goodies they'd like from their friends. Somehow, we doubt that the password will be "Alex" or "Charlie."

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