Being one of the first female suitors to get the boot from The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman star Andy Baldwin was apparently no skin off Blakeney Rowe's back.

"Andy was great.  He really was an awesome guy.  He had a wonderful heart, he was very compassionate.  He just wasn't a match for me," Rowe told reporters during a conference call on Thursday.  "So there was really no sense in me staying any longer anyways.  It wouldn't have been fair to the other girls.  There just wasn't a connection between us."

The 29-year-old who works in radio sales and currently lives in Birmingham, AL said she and the 30-year-old undersea medical officer and U.S. Navy Lieutenant stationed in Pearl Harbor, HI "just weren't very compatible," according to Rowe.

"I had plenty of time to talk to him and get to know him.  He is a really nice guy," said Rowe before explaining her feelings as she entered Officer and a Gentleman's first Rose Ceremony, which eliminated nine other women.  "It wasn't going to hurt my feelings because there wasn't a connection there with Andy.  I'm more of an edgy person and he's such a sweet guy.  Maybe that was it -- a little too sweet."

While her time on The Bachelor's tenth installment was brief, Rowe still made an impact on viewers -- and the cocktail party mansion's floor -- when she fell off a barstool after she "obviously had a couple too many glasses of champagne."  Rowe explained she was wearing an evening gown with high heels, went to sit on bar stool and, as she put her foot on the stool's peg, her heel got caught on her dress and she "hit the floor."

"All of us were drinking, all of us were partying, all of us were having fun... the way that I'm looking at it, I was the most fun to watch.  And that's fine by me.  I'm not ashamed at all," said Rowe.  "I wouldn't say that I would never have that happen again, but it won't be on national TV.  It was a great experience... I don't regret a second of it."

Some of her fellow suitors might have been surprised at Rowe's tumble to the ground, but she said her family and friends back home were not.

"They were laughing so hard.  Everyone knew it was me.  Anyone that knows me and loves me knows that I'm the clumsiest person in the world and I could do that stone-cold sober," said Rowe.  "It's just part of me.  I'm a crazy, funny person, and that's why I found it funny.  It was totally not a big deal.  That's reality... People have too many drinks sometimes and they hit the floor sometimes."

Rowe gave her opinion that Amber, a 23-year-old teacher who currently resides in Sugar Land, TX, made a "strong connection" with Baldwin because the two "seemed to have a lot in common."  As for her own luck in love, Rowe said she has no hard feelings toward Baldwin.

"God works in mysterious ways," she said.  "I was sent home so there was a reason for me to be sent home.  The love of my life -- someone who's very dear to me -- came back into my life just a week or two after I had gotten home.  We've been working things out, and I believe that everything happens for a reason.  That's my motto."

The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman's second episode will air Monday, April 9 at 9:30PM ET/PT on ABC.