The Bachelor star Brad Womack claims his awkward behavior and reluctance to kiss bachelorette Emily Maynard on their hometown date during Monday night's broadcast was simply because he was sailing in unchartered territory. 

"I want to explain why I didn't kiss Emily while sitting on her couch. It's no secret that I'm brand new to a lot of this. I've never dated a woman with a daughter before so I don't know proper etiquette in that situation," Womack wrote on his People column.

While Womack says his hesitance to show Emily affection was out of regard for her daughter Ricki, he insists he truly wanted to kiss the 24-year-old children's hospital event planner from Charlotte, NC, and never felt otherwise.   

"All I know is this, I wanted to kiss Emily every second I was around her, but my very first concern was showing her daughter respect (as well as Emily). I realize it makes me look like a weird and awkward guy around Emily, but that's anything but the case. Again, my first concern was her daughter," he said.

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison also noted that Womack reacted nervously because he was put in a position he had not dealt with before in his Entertainment Weekly column.

"There is something about Brad and Emily's relationship that's almost awkward. The part where Brad told Emily he wasn't going to kiss her out of respect for her and her daughter cracked me up. That was spoken like a guy who doesn't have kids," Harrison wrote, adding that Womack would have to get used to being intimate with Maynard when Ricki is a constant presence if they chose a life together. 

"I loved Emily's reaction where she said if this works out she'll be upstairs sleeping every night! Brad is trying so hard to do the right thing here. It's very sweet but quite entertaining to watch," Harrison added.