Bachelor in Paradise's dynamic duo Chad Johnson and Daniel Maguire are sharing their opinions of Corinne Olympios, and Daniel's comments are pretty brutal.

Chad and Daniel both appeared on Bachelor in Paradise last summer as each other's sidekick until Chad became intoxicated and got kicked off the show for verbally abusing multiple women.

When asked whether they'd date Corinne in light of her recent Paradise sex scandal with DeMario Jackson, believe it or not, Chad's response was pretty tame -- and it was Daniel who really tore into the bachelorette.

"People kept pushing [us dating], but that wouldn't have happened anyway. I have a type. It's not her. There's a certain look I go for, a certain attitude and I don't really like her attitude or look," Chad told Us Weekly.

"She's a good person, fantastic person I'm sure. She's just not my type. I thought if I did go on, we would have had some funny banter, but it's not like we would have come out of that married, you know what I mean? We could have been friends."

Daniel discussed Corinne and her alleged Bachelor in Paradise hookup with DeMario -- which prompted a "misconduct" investigation and briefly shut down production on Season 4 earlier this month -- during an appearance on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro.

"I don't feel bad at all for Corinne," Daniel said of the bachelorette who calls herself a "victim" after the scandal and insists she's been dealing with "physical and emotional trauma" from her experience.

"When I was watching Corinne on [Nick Viall]'s season I was not impressed with her as a person, you know? To each their own, you know? But I don't feel whatsoever sorry for her -- whatever has gone to her and whatever is coming her way. Like as in, people bitching, complaining and making fun of her whatever. She's got to own up to it and she's got to learn from her mistakes or from whatever she's done."

Daniel is likely referring to the fact Warner Bros. determined there was no wrongdoing on DeMario's part after reviewing Bachelor in Paradise footage and interviewing cast members and producers. Corinne has been accused of crying wolf and embellishing on the story of her hookup in order to avoid complications with the boyfriend she had back home the entire time.

"I don't trust her whatsoever. You know, it's hard to trust people to begin with, but then to trust Corinne? I'd trust a dead dog in the street before I trusted her... Just from watching, from everything I've seen on TV now, and then on top of this, and then hearing the fact that she's the same in person that she is on TV," Daniel told Keven Undergaro.

A Bachelor in Paradise producer initially filed a complaint to Warner Bros. with the concern Corinne was too intoxicated to properly consent to sexually activity with DeMario, who had reportedly been drinking a lot that day as well.

DeMario argued the sexual encounter was completely consensual and felt his character was wrongly being "assassinated" during the time of the investigation.

"People get drunk all the time and hook up. That's, like, happening [with] millions of people around the world. But if she's saying 'no' and he proceeded, that's sexual assault," Daniel said, adding that if he was in DeMario's shoes right now, he'd probably sue Corinne for "ruining" his image.

Daniel confessed that if any other woman besides Corinne alleged sexual assault in Paradise, he probably would've believed her.

"For sure. A hundred percent. As bad as it sounds, like, if it was another girl, I'd be like, 'Oh!' You know? 'Cause it's, Corinne, you know? Just from her personality, she comes across as very promiscuous, throwing herself on guys and this and that, and like, she has a boyfriend," Daniel explained.

"It's just, I'm not surprised that all this happened... I'm not surprised that she was throwing herself on four or five guys. I'm not surprised that she's getting sexual with DeMario in a hot tub."

Daniel also stood up for producers, saying someone definitely would have intervened if Corinne was being taken advantage of sexually by a man.

"They would have stepped in and then security would have, you know, escorted the guy off the premises and took him away, you know to maybe jail... Anybody with any morals would have done something. They would not just let it happen," Daniel noted.

In addition to their Bachelor in Paradise stint, both Chad and Daniel competed for JoJo Fletcher on The Bachelorette's twelfth season last year. Chad will also be starring on this summer's edition of Famously Single on E!.