Rachel Lindsay is preparing The Bachelorette fans for a shocking and wild two-night event next week.

"As you saw, the drama I had hoped was left back in Los Angeles instead carried over into the after party [on the group date]," Rachel wrote in her People blog when looking back on her time at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.

"Every other one-on-one conversation I was having ended up being about one of the other guys' issues instead of about the relationship that I was supposed to be forming with the man sitting in front of me."

For starters, Rachel had a problem with Josiah Graham's cocky attitude, as he was "gloating over a spelling bee and chugging from his trophy."

As shown in Monday night's episode, Josiah also called himself the sexiest man on the booze cruise and bragged about how he had the "intellectual" competition "in the bag" after winning the Bachelor Nation Spelling Bee. However, some fans might view Josiah's antics as funny and entertaining.

"Josiah may have won the tournament, but the late-night R&B radio jockey voice he used on the microphone [at the spelling bee] left me a little curious if he was always putting on an act around me," Rachel admitted in her blog.

Rachel said Josiah's behavior "made the warnings [Iggy Rodriguez] gave me regarding him at the top of the night feel like they could really be true."

Iggy had warned Rachel that Josiah had a tendency to allegedly "cover up his insecurities with a false sense of bravado."

Josiah couldn't believe that Iggy had focused on another man during his precious alone time with The Bachelorette star in Hilton Head -- a stunt he had pulled before when throwing Eric Bigger under the bus for questioning Rachel's sincerity in this process.

The Bachelorette's latest episode left off with Kenny Layne pulling Lee Garrett outside for a chat after discovering Lee had told Rachel that Kenny was an "aggressive" guy. Kenny thought he had settled his issues with Lee at least to some extent, so the pro wrestler was both disappointed and furious.

"I did my best to dig for answers to lay some beefs to rest, but I wasn't getting much clarity from Kenny or Lee.... If you think the drama you've already seen go down was crazy, wait until next week. I never believed the drama would lead to the explosion that happens next week," Rachel teased.

"There will be blood, tears and threats that cannot be taken lightly. I think some of these guys take the old phrase 'all is fair in love and war' a little too seriously... I just hoped they wouldn't forget the love."

The Bachelorette will be airing a two-hour episode on both Monday, June 26 and Tuesday, June 27 on ABC.