American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were reportedly dropped by Fox, even though it's been presented that they left the show by choice.

Lopez was let go from the reality singing competition's judging panel after she asked for a $2 million raise from her $15 million eleventh-season contract for the show's next edition, TheWrap reported, citing an unidentified source.

The report contradicts Lopez's recent claims that she decided not to return to Idol on her own, despite Fox's alleged plea for her to stay, because she needs to focus on other important responsibilities both in her music and movie career and in her own personal life. 

It was also reportedly Fox's decision to drop Tyler despite the Aerosmith frontman's statement about his departure. Tyler formally announced last week he's leaving the show because he believes he owes loyalty to his first love, his rock band.

The source told TheWrap the alleged reason behind the move to fire both Lopez and Tyler was Fox's goal to create an "Idol 2.0," a revamped American Idol in which the show's entire line of judges is switched up but host Ryan Seacrest remains.

Fox executives Peter Rice and Kevin Reilly are reportedly behind the Idol judging panel-facelift in which judge Randy Jackson may also not return to the mix unless he takes on a new mentoring role. 

Fox has declined to comment on the matter, TheWrap reported.

While it's still the highest-rated entertainment show, American Idol lost the overall No.1 spot to Sunday Night Football last season after a strong eight years at the top.