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Nely Galan the sixth 'The Celebrity Apprentice' candidate fired

By Christopher Rocchio, 02/08/2008 

Gene Simmons wasn't around to save Nely Galan again, and the former The Swan creator and television producer became the sixth candidate fired by Donald Trump during last night's The Celebrity Apprentice broadcast on NBC.

"Donald Trump felt like other times other people took the bullet for me, so this was my turn to take the bullet for other people," said Nely following her ouster. 

The Celebrity Apprentice's sixth episode began with the all-male Team Hydra returning from the previous boardroom session that saw former The Sopranos actor Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore resign.

Once back in their Trump Tower suite, The Apprentice first-season contestant and reality show retread Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth and America's Got Talent judge Piers Morgan exchanged some nasty comments -- something that has become commonplace so far this season.  When Piers suggested Omarosa's previous job with the Clinton administration consisted of cleaning the White House, she dumped a glass of wine on his head.

Piers then exited the suite and encountered actor and frequent celebrity reality show participant Stephen Baldwin in the hallway.

"Piers I can't work with you," said Stephen.  Piers happily took the news back to the remaining contestants and explained Stephen was about to pull a Pastore and ask Trump to resign.  Stephen was buzzed back into the boardroom and explained the situation to The Donald.

"At this point Mr. Trump, working with Piers is just not a possibility," he said.

"Don't tell me you want to quit!" said Trump.

"If I may respectfully sir..." said Stephen before being cut-off.

"Don't go home a loser!" Trump told Stephen despite having just recently declined to slap Pastore with the same label.  "I don't care!  It doesn't affect me!  [But] it's going to affect you!"

"I was resigning," continued Stephen, "for the same reasons as Vinny."

"Vinny didn't resigning for the same reasons, whether you like it or not, Vinny got beaten up by Piers," said The Donald.

"I've been beaten up by Piers too," sheepishly admitted Stephen.  "Honestly."

"Then go to the other side and beat him!" said Trump.  "I could put you on Empresario if you think it's important... and then you could kick his ass!"

Stephen agreed to join the all-female Team Empresario.  Not surprisingly, Empresario wasn't too pleased with taking on Stephen.

"I did not really agree with that decision," said Nely.  "I did not really think that was fair to the rest of us."

Stephen also further alienated himself from Hydra, telling Empresario if they want him to "make you coffee and shut up," he'd be happy to do it.  Piers thought it was "pathetic" and professional boxer Lennox Lewis agreed, saying he was "so disappointed" and had "no respect" for what Stephen had just said.

"Stephen Baldwin tried to resign from the show and then squirmed his way back onto the ladies' team," said Piers.  "Pitiful... In one swoop he told Donald Trump two things -- he's a quitter, who tried to resign, and he's a disloyal little rat."

Stephen then dropped the bomb that he had a "previous engagement" to speak at a church and "will not be involved in the next task."  Empresario was pissed, especially Omarosa.

The nine remaining candidates then met with Trump, Donald Jr., advisor George Ross, fashion designer Vera Wang, and Serta president Bob Sherman.  Vera explained for the next task, with the two teams each being given an empty storefront, models, a construction crew and mattresses to create a "living window" display to promote Serta's Vera Wang mattresses. 

Vera and Bob would choose the best window display based on creativity, brand imaging and entertainment value.  The winning project manager would receive $20,000 for their charity.

Omarosa suggested herself as Empresario's project manager, and Nely, supermodel Carol Alt and actress Marilu Henner agreed.  Since Vera is known for her famous wedding dress designs, Omarosa suggested a wedding-theme for their window, representing the "perfect marriage" between the designer and mattress company. 

Lennox became the project manager for Hydra, and the team -- which saw the return of mixed martial arts fighter Tito Ortiz after he missed last week -- started by checking out Vera's website since they knew very little about her designs.  Piers immediately realized they needed to learn if Vera wanted the window to have a marriage theme or be more generic.

Hydra met with Vera and Bob, and she explained that over the years she's become "symbolic of much more than bridal" wear.  Hydra took the advice and wanted their display to be the combination of an outstanding product, comfort, style and romance.  Country artist Trace Adkins continued to impress with another outstanding slogan, suggesting, "The world's greatest romance deserves the world's best mattress."  A Cleopatra and Mark Antony-themed window display was agreed upon.

Empresario also met with Vera and Bob, and they pitched their wedding-themed idea.  While Vera didn't seem to mind the idea, she also placed importance on creativity because, "without creativity and thinking out of the box, there's no way to attract clients."

While Hydra had a good idea, Lennox was proving to be a passive project manager by asking the other Hydra members to raise their hands whenever they wanted to speak and also taking a vote on every decision without offering his own input.  Piers said Lennox had "turned into a monster" as project manager, and while there was some bickering, it seemed light-hearted.

Empresario met at the window where their display would be built, and Marilu was all over the place creatively as she offered suggestions for the design.

"Marilu was just unable to communicate clearly what we were trying to do," accused Omarosa.  "We're not progressing... I'm a little nervous right now."

As Empresario rolled up their sleeves and got to work, everybody was contributing -- except for Stephen -- who still hadn't arrived from his previous engagement.  Omarosa wanted to keep the display "simple" to help nail home the point and continued to attack Marilu's vision for being "all over the place."  Omarosa looked to Nely for help with there display's vision since she has experience as a television producer.

"I would say on my team I trust Omarosa.  I know that sounds very strange, but I do," said Nely before foreshadowing what would lead to her downfall.  "When someone is very passionate in their vision, they inspire you to follow them."

Hydra also criticized Lennox for his lack of vision and input on their display, but then Lennox farted and everyone had a good laugh.

Stephen finally arrived and -- not surprisingly -- he didn't just get coffee and instead began to offer input that was obviously unwanted since the display was already starting to come together.  Nely expressed her displeasure with Stephen coming in and trying to take charge.

As both teams made the final push in preparing their displays, George visited Hydra and Donald Jr. checked in on Empresario.

The judging of the displays then commenced, and Empresario used their wedding theme with Carol acting as the bride and Stephen playing the groom.  Vera seemed impressed and Omarosa was confident.

"Our window is exactly what she wanted," said Omarosa.  "I've won this task hands down.  I'm going to TKO Lennox Lewis!"

Vera was also impressed by Hydra's Cleopatra and Mark Antony inspired window, which mixed the classic romance of the couple with modern elements such as a television and computer.  George, Bob and Vera all loved Trace's slogan, and Lennox was also feeling confident.

"The expression on Vera's face, she was ecstatic about it.  Bob loved it, and that gave me a good feeling," said Lennox.

The two teams then gathered for The Celebrity Apprentice's sixth boardroom, where Trump was flanked by George and Donald Jr.. Stephen began by commenting that their was "no comparison" between working with Empresario and Piers, an odd thing to say considering he missed most of the task.

Trace explained Lennox's strange project manager skills to The Donald -- who took it as "tough leadership" -- and Nely also heaped praise on Omarosa, calling her a "rockstar."

Donald Jr. expressed his thoughts that Empresario played it a little safe with their wedding-themed window display.  George said while Hydra's display wasn't as "beautiful" as Empresario's, it was "extremely creative" and "eye catching."

"Vera really liked what both of you did.  She really understood what you both did, and it was very different, very, very different," explained Trump.  "But when we added Vera to the Serta executive, the winner is Hydra."

Lennox received $20,000 for The Muhammad Ali Center and before Hydra departed for the War Room, Piers took some parting shots at Omarosa.

"Bad luck," he said.  "Better luck next time."

Omarosa said she was "absolutely shocked" her team didn't win.  George criticized Empresario for not being creative with their theme since Vera was already known for being associated with weddings.  He added it also lacked entertainment value compared to Hydra, and Donald Jr. reminded everyone that it was all Omarosa's idea, which it was.

Stephen singled out Marilu for her "questionable" performance, and Omarosa agreed and commented on Marilu's poor communication skills.  Omarosa then explained "by default," she had to bring Stephen back with her as one of the possible people to be fired because he did not put in as much work as everyone else.

"He didn't have anything to do with the decision that ultimately made you lose," said Donald Jr.

Trump compared Omarosa to Gene, and said personally he wouldn't bring Stephen back into the boardroom.

"Can we just skip all of us going out and just sit here and stand united because we worked hard as a unit," wondered Omarosa.  "Can we just stand and face our judgement together."

George blasted the idea and reminded Omarosa that life's "full of tough decisions."  Omarosa continued to procrastinate and eventually settled on bringing back Marilu and Nely.

All five Empresario members left the boardroom and George expressed his displeasure with Nely.

"I think a good part of it is Nely --  as a television producer -- should have been strong enough to see that what they were producing was not what we wanted," he explained.

Omarosa, Nely and Marilu returned to the boardroom, and Omarosa said she "wasn't getting the creative feedback" she need from Nely and was "very surprised."  In addition, Omarosa labeled Marilu as a weakness for being unable to communicate.

"She doesn't listen," said Omarosa about Marilu before singling out Nely for creatively letting her down.

"Maybe I helped you in a different [creative] direction than I should have," admitted Nely.

George then called out Nely for not commenting on the display's lack of creativity.

"I have a major problem," said Trump.  "The one difficulty I have with Nely -- and maybe I'll make it two difficulties.  Number one, you really have more experience than anybody in this.  The other is that I believe at least one of the two [previous] times, you probably should have been fired.  Maybe not both, but certainly one."

"I think this really isn't about this task," said Nely, trying to save her skin.  "I've never come into the boardroom except when I failed, and when I failed I told you I would take the bullet."

"You got lucky twice," Trump told her.  "I think you got lucky twice."

"With all due respect," continued Nely, "Gene Simmons didn't bring me into this boardroom because he thought I was excellent, not that I was lucky.  And I think that's very important for me because you keep bringing it up, and I don't know why you haven't gotten over that."

"Gene Simmons," corrected Trump, "made a critical mistake when he didn't bring you into the boardroom.  That's my opinion."

"But not one of my team members has brought me into the boardroom before," correctly stated Nely, having only previously been there when she was project manager.  "I think you have to look at that, and there has to be some justice in that.  I don't understand why continually all this keeps coming up..."

"Because I always revert to the past," said Trump, getting ready to drop the hammer.  "You always have to learn from history and the past... It doesn't matter.  Nely, you're fired.  Get the hell out of here."

The Donald also had some harsh words for Omarosa.

"Omarosa you have to step up because so far, Piers is killing you," he said, and she agreed.  "He's killing you.  I'm a little surprised to see it."

The Celebrity Apprentice's next episode will air Thursday, February 14 at 9PM ET/PT on NBC.

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