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Angela and Tenia cut from The CW's 'Crowned' reality pageant

By Christopher Rocchio, 01/17/2008 

Angela and her daughter Tenia may be "forever beauty queens" in their own minds, but they're also a couple of soar losers in everybody else's eyes.

The Orange Park, FL mother/daughter duo became the sixth team eliminated from Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants during last night's broadcast of The CW reality series.

"I am a little bit shocked because we definitely didn't think we were going home," said Tenia after she and Angela childishly refused to have their sashes cut following their ouster.  "It should have gone differently, but there will be other opportunities for me."

"They're not going to humiliate me like that.  I refuse to be humiliated, " added Angela, who did a pretty good job of humiliating herself.  "We are forever beauty queens."

Crowned's sixth episode broadcast began with Angela and Tenia -- who received the highest scores from the judges during the previous de-sashing ceremony -- explaining how they're trying to focus on the task at hand after Angela was initially responsible for stirring up some trouble in the house.

"Throughout this competition, I've gotten more and more serious, and I really don't think that my mom and I are on the same page in that way," explained Tenia.  "She takes life as a joke, and with me, I know when it's time to joke and when it's time to be serious."

Angela assured Tenia she's never let her down in the past and has no plans of doing so in the future. 

The six remaining duos then met with the show's pageant director Linnea Maloney, who informed them to meet her for a "day outdoors," which was apparently code for "wear closed-toe shoes and pants."  The girls learned they'd be working with Habitat for Humanity and were introduced to their foreman for the day, John Kingsley.

Each of the duos was given jobs on the site.  Angela and Tenia and Dallas, TX team Ada and her daughter Christian painted the fence; Patty, who is from Orlando, FL, and her daughter Laura, who resides in Nashville, TN, and Chandler, AZ team Melinda and her daughter Rachelle worked on landscaping; while Duarte, CA team Moya and her daughter Jenileigh and Gina, who is from Ft. Worth, TX, and her daughter Hollis, who resides in New York, NY, built a cinder block wall.

Angela immediately began to complain about the heat and Christian was like a one-woman comedy routine, dropping her paint brush and losing her construction hat.  Patty "thought it was a bad idea" to be working with Mindy, who injured her knee during a previous de-sashing challenge.  But Mindy endured, working as hard as she could to lay as much sod as possible to help the family they were building the yard for.

"I was really proud of my mom today," commented Rachelle.  "She worked really hard... My mom did not complain one time today."

Everything was going fairly smoothly until Laura and Patty realized the yard they had to sod was larger than they had originally thought, and they quickly approached John and asked for another task.  He relented and let them work on the fence.  Rachelle likened the scene to Laura and Patty throwing a "hissy fit," describing it as "upsetting, shallow and kind of disgusting."

Once their work was done, Linnea surprised the duos that they had actually just participated in a reward challenge, and added John would be deciding the winner based on attitude and work ethic. He awarded Mindy and Rachelle for working hard and never complaining.

"We were really shocked, really excited," said Rachelle.  "We couldn't believe that we won.  I mean, no one knew my mom's knee was injured -- John didn't know she was working through an injury, John doesn't know she's had a kidney transplant.  It made me feel really good to know he saw a very sincere part of our hearts."

They were presented with a platter of wrapped gift boxes, and Linnea told them to choose wisely since some of the boxes had nothing while others contained "jewels."  Mindy and Rachelle picked a box that contained sapphire and diamond earrings.

That night at the house, Patty vocally expressed her displeasure with John's choice of Mindy and Rachelle as the reward challenge winners.  Laura told her mom not to worry since they didn't act like "fake ass bitches," a comment Rachelle overheard but ultimately decided to steer clear of.  She instead complimented her mom for working hard and called Patty and Laura "spoiled brats."

Rachelle eventually decided to sit down with Patty and Laura to hash-out their problems.  Patty immediately went on the offensive, claiming Mindy and Rachelle were "recognized for something they shouldn't have been recognized for."  Catty shouting erupted, and Ada was forced to moderate.

"We're not getting anywhere with this," she interjected.

It didn't really help as the shouting continued, and Rachelle tried to point out that the reward challenge should have been about helping Habitat for Humanity and not being recognized.

"You obviously don't get it. You can't take anything more away from this experience than a bunch of bitching and moaning," said Rachelle as she left the room.  "You are a spoiled rotten brat and so is your daughter!"

"Bitch!" countered Patty.

The next morning the teams met Linnea, and she explained the rules for the sixth de-sashing challenge.  Each duo received a different platform issue they'd need to take a position on.  Once they knew their position, they'd be making a one-minute speech at a crowded mall while standing on a soapbox.  They'd be judged on public speaking skills, persuasiveness, and overall presentation skills.

All of the teams got to work preparing their speeches before heading to the mall.  Ada and Christian were aware public speaking was one of their "problem areas" while Tenia immediately had a hard time getting her mom to focus.

"My mom talks a lot, and I'm trying to get her to stay focused," said Tenia.  "If we work together like we're supposed to, we can be victorious."

After they gave their soapbox speeches at the mall, the six teams arrived for Crowned's sixth de-sashing ceremony, where they would be judged by former Miss USA, Dancing with the Stars third-season celebrity participant and Meet the Barkers co-star Shanna Moakler; former Queer Eye fashion expert Carson Kressley; and television personality Cynthia Garrett.

Moya and Jenileigh's platform was "Is beauty more than skin deep?" and Carson thought their speech was "engaging" but "almost perky to a fault."  Shanna thought they did a "great job" and really revealed their identity as a team. 

Mindy and Rachelle tackled "Does plastic surgery make you perfect?" and ran out of time before their presentation was over.  Carson commented how he was a "little confused" about their standpoint, and Cynthia agree, adding she thought it would be more polished and poised.

"I think we're going home," said Rachelle backstage, and Mindy agreed.

Patty and Laura addressed "Do blondes have more fun?" and Cynthia thought they worked well off of each other.  Shanna thought it was "fabulous," and the only advice Carson had was to slow down a bit because it was a "little infomercially" at the beginning. 

Angela and Tenia tackled "Is body art sexy?" and Angela stumbled throughout the speech, getting off on the wrong foot when she miss-spoke and thus threw-off the whole argument.

While Angela denied she was nervous and blamed it on being focused, Shanna said it was quite obvious Angela was nervous.  Carson said he was a "little confused" due to Angela's mix-up with her words and Shanna thought they were unable to "bridge the conversation."

"You always talk so much and you can't talk at the right time," Tenia chastised Angela once they were backstage.  "You got tripped up on your words, not me."  For some strange reason, Angela disagreed with her daughter's assessment.

"They just said that!" Tenia pointed out to her mom.  "Don't be in denial!"

Gina and Hollis' platform was "Does designer or discount clothing make the outfit?" and Shanna commented how the duo was "very engaging."  Despite it being a "frivolous" topic, Carson was impressed they were "relatable."  Cynthia added the two looked "really comfortable."

Christian and Ada addressed "Do nice people finish last?" and it didn't go very well, as Christian had to read some of her lines off a piece of paper.  Shanna said the team "looked beautiful" but also "scared to death."  She added she was "let down."  Carson thought Ada and Christian were "talking in circles" and Cynthia openly wondered if they'd be able to handled being beauty pageant winners.

Once they were backstage, Christian took the blame.

"I think this week we just dropped the ball," said Ada.  "They didn't get what they were expecting from us."

The judges then deliberated before revealing Gina and Hollis were the highest-scoring duo of the week, and Shanna added it was because they "hit all the criteria" and were "very engaging.  Shanna then revealed Christian and Ada and Angela and Tenia were the two lowest scoring teams.

Shanna said she was "really disappointed" in Ada and Christian and Carson added while they were all "impressed by their beauty," they also felt the team "wasn't giving it their all."  Shanna said she was also "disappointed" in Angela and Tenia because they did so well during the previous de-sashing ceremony.

"I really expected the two of you to come out and nail it," Cynthia told them.  "And what I felt like I got was maybe you stopped last week and thought, 'Well we nailed that one, so let's not put a lot of thought into this one.'  I felt totally confused."

Angela and Tenia were then eliminated and instructed to de-sash themselves -- however they had another idea -- as they instead dropped their uncut sashes to the floor and ran off stage. 

"I'm not doing that!" said Tenia.

"I'm not doing it!" echoed Angela.

"And I'm not going back to do it!" said Tenia.

"Me neither," added Angela.  "It's over."

"No one cut my mom and my sash because we're forever beauty queens," said Tenia, and Angela agreed.

Shanna and the five remaining teams looked stunned at what had just happened.

"That's why they were not crowned," logically explained Shanna, a pageant veteran.  "Part of holding a a title is handling grace under pressure."

"It's easy to be a graceful winner, it's hard to be a graceful loser," added Carson.

Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants' penultimate episode will air Wednesday, January 23 at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.

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