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Survivor: Cook Islands - Episode 4 Summary

'Let the King Sit Pretty...' By Jims02
Original Airdate: October 5, 2006

Last week on Survivor: Separate But Equal

• The four tribes become a lot less separate.
• Parvati flirts with everything with three legs.
• New alliances form at the Aitu tribe, and Flicka is in each of them.
• “Ozzy’s former tribemate,” who shall continue to be nameless, was voted out.

Cue the opening credits! What? No?

Fine. It’s Night 8 at the Aitu tribe, and all the castaways have returned from booting Ozzy’s friend. None of them enjoyed it, but it had to be done. Ozzy is taking it the worst, as he sits around the campfire in a sullen daze. In a confessional, he tells us that he hopes that they vote him off soon, so he doesn’t have to keep catching fish for them. He could, of course, simply choose to stop catching fish for his tribe. As an alternative, he could keep swimming out there and “accidentally” never catch anything. Still, I think Ozzy’s thrown enough challenges for one season.

…And with that mini-vignette, we finally get the opening credits. Weird. Based on the format so far, this episode was obviously edited by the same people who edit The Apprentice. Speaking of the opening credits, they’re still listing four different tribes. I’m guessing that Mark Burnett didn’t want to pay the extra five bucks to re-edit the credits.

Anyway, back at Aitu, Candice has returned from Exile Island. She immediately tells the bunch that she didn’t find the hidden immunity idol, as if anyone had expected her to find it. Her tribemates, meanwhile, are trying to figure out why she specifically was sent to Exile. Rebecca and Flicka conjecture that Adam and Parvati were trying to protect her from going to Tribal Council. Candice plays dumb, pretending that she didn’t even think about it during the two days she was stuck on that barren rock by herself. What’s she going to say? She was too busy doing Sudoku puzzles in the sand? She could have at least made up some story about Billy being there.

She doesn’t even seem to notice Cecilia’s mysterious disappearance. But that’s understandable. No one watching the show would notice either.

At Raro, the girls are collecting palm fronds and diligently working on the shelter while the boys sit on the beach and drink coconut milk. Parvati complains that she’s spent three days ho’ing her way into the boy’s alliance, and they’re not even building her some furniture or anything. Scrubs. That’s what they are.

Meanwhile, the guys scrubs wonder if the girls are mad at them for being lazy idiots. J.P. doesn’t seem to care, because he’s a strong macho meathead, and the girls need him for the challenges. Those girls would be foolish to get rid of any of them! It’s not like the girls could do anything either, because the men clearly have the majority votes.

I suspect that women’s suffrage is a foreign concept to J.P. Welcome to the year 1920, pal.

We now interrupt the Raro tribe’s gender wars, to bring you this week’s Reward Challenge. It’s challenging… It’s rewarding… It’s aptly named… It’s the Reward Challenge! In this week’s challenge, two members from each tribe will be attached to a rope. They have to maneuver their way through various obstacles to reach a puzzle. The other six members of the tribe are responsible to manhandle assist them through the obstacles. Once everyone reaches the puzzle, one tribe member needs to swim out and retrieve a wheel to help decode the puzzle. First team to decode the message wins blankets, pillows, a hammock, a little bit of love, and some tenderness.

Raro opts for Stephannie to sit out, by the way, and has Jenny and Cristina on the ropes. Aitu elects Becky and Candice. At the beginning of the challenge, both teams are relatively evenly matched. Aitu takes a brief lead, but Raro catches up when Yul drags Becky across the beach. On the following obstacle, however, Aitu takes a huge lead, as Raro stands around bickering about strategy. Aitu reaches the puzzle first, and Ozzy swims out to get the decoder wheel. Raro eventually makes it, as well, and reaches their decoder wheel as well. Although Jiffy says that Aitu is “nowhere close” to decoding their message, seven seconds later, Aitu has won the challenge and begins Rabid Hugging Procedure. They also send Adam to Exile Island to search for the pile of sand that Yul left behind.

Back at Aitu, Flicka tells us that she enjoyed winning, mostly because they’re a bit threatened by the other tribe. She’s happy about winning some necessities. Personally, I think the tribe should be worried about Flicka setting those pillows and blankets free in the jungle. Ozzy, on the other hand, is probably more worried about Flicka “pulling a Sally,” so he spend the afternoon with the fishing spear. He catches a ridiculously large fish and shows it off to everyone who will listen. In a confessional, Ozzy tells us that he’s the most powerful person in the tribe, because they need him to provide more ridiculously large fish. Just write him the check, I say. Richard Hatch would be proud.

Yul wants to start calling Ozzy “Poseidon,” because he is like the god of the sea. This comment clearly flies over everyone’s heads. Including mine, because I don’t recall there being a My Big Fat Greek Survivor Tribe this season. Maybe next year.

Speaking of Greco-Roman culture, Raro tribe has found its Achilles Heel. Clever segue, huh? The tribe just can’t seem to figure out how corporate America works. Look, J.P. is upper management. He sits in his office (the log), and tells his employees (the womenfolk) what kind of work needs to be finished (his petty demands). Is this so difficult? Do they not understand the concept of downsizing?

Obviously not. In a confessional, Parvati notes that J.P. is very controlling in a sly sort of way, and that he’s sitting on a throne like a king, bossing everyone around. Parvati’s clearly not paying attention. This is clearly a corporate America scene, and she’s going medieval on us. This is what happens when you’re named after a Harry Potter character, I suppose. Darn you, J.K. Rowling.

In the evening, Nate and Parvati are bonding. After a random comment about a nut hurting Nate and something about crabs, the two finally start talking strategy. Parvati tells Nate that J.P. is making all the decisions. Nate doesn’t seem to mind, as his motto is “Let the king sit pretty.” It basically means that Emperor J.P. should sit around in his delusion of grandeur for 39 days, and later be told that he’s not wearing any clothes. Or something like that.

Meanwhile, at Aitu, things start heating up. Flicka and the guys are wandering around in the jungle, when they notice a nest of boobies. This seems to excite Jonathan and Cao Boi, in particular, who probably have never seen a booby up close before. As prompted by the “little kid” within him, Cao Boi decides to climb the tree, in order to get a closer look at the boobies. When he reaches the top of the tree, he grabs a branch, to try to scare away the big booby, so he can steal the eggs from the nest.

Unfortunately, the nest comes loose and falls to the ground. Jonathan picks it up and is horrified to see a small, fragile booby inside. As Jonathan caresses it, he becomes very emotional. In a confessional, Jonathan comments that as he cupped that booby in his hand, he felt like he wanted to cry. In the end, Jonathan and Cao Boi eventually put the booby nest back from where they found it.

Moral of the story: Don’t mess with boobies that aren’t yours. Birds, I mean.

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