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Survivor: Cook Islands - Episode 12 Summary

'In Which Aitutonga Rids Itself of a Cancerous Rat' By Cyndimaus
Original Airdate: December 7, 2006

Last week on Survivor nobody likes Jonathan. Adam wins immunity. Old Aitu doesn't share food with Old Rauro. Old Rauro tries to convince Yul to vote out Jonathan. At Tribal Council it's a Jonathan hate-fest. Candice is voted out.

This week:

Our Survivors return to camp after voting out Candice. Shockingly (or not) Adam and Parvati are angry at Jonathan, especially Parvati. But he is convinced that he made the right decision and he is not going to let them ruin everything he's been working towards. (be careful...don't trip over that foreshadowing)

The next day the men are out fishing while the girls are chopping coconuts and talking about Jonathan. The camera pans to a lovely white bird and we hear a scream. (I swear I thought it was the bird at first) Camera pans back to Parvati holding her hand with some blood (really, not as much as I thought there would be) on her hand. She has cut her thumb with the machetti. Becky and Sundra stay calm as they take a look at the cut. They say it looks deep and someone should take a look at it. Parvati says it feels like her finger is about to fall off. She then lays down.

A medic team arrives to treat her. One of the medics tells her she just "needs a little stitch to hold your thumb together". Parvati seems shocked they are going to do it right there.The whole tribe is there to support her. Adam looks like he might faint. We aren't told if she actually got more than one stitch.

At the reward challenge Jeff asks about Parvati's injury, can she get it wet? Yes, a little. Well, she'll get it wet in this challenge.

The Survivors will use a small bucket to get water from the ocean and fill a large bucket. The weight of the bucket will cause a flag to rise. The first Survivor to get their flag up wins reward. Wow, so easy!

Winner gets to go to another island where locals will take them to a sacred cave. Then they will have a spectacular picnic with fried chicken, meatloaf (meatloaf??) and apple pie. Plus they will get to send someone to Exile Island. (at least we know it won't be Candice this time)

Oh, and one more thing....

Jeff begins introducing loved ones. Jonathan's wife, Stacy; Parvati's dad, Mike; Adam's dad, George; Becky's sister, Sarah; Yul's brother, Paul (he reminds me of Bobby on Mad TV); Ozzy's mom, Gina; and Sundra's mom, Jeanette. (hm, lots of parents...)

Are we shocked that the loved ones will help out with the challenge? No, we are not. But we knew the challenge was way too easy. So Jeff informs them that the Survivors will be filling the small buckets and throwing water to their loved ones to catch in another small bucket to then dump into the large bucket.

But wait, there's more! The Survivors will be blindfolded and the loved ones will direct them. Ah! Now it's not too easy.

We start the challenge and at first everyone has terrible aim. And no matter how good their aim is not much water goes into the bucket. Some of the women loved ones start squeezing their wet shirts into the bucket. Finally flags begin to raise and it's close between Jonathan and Parvati but Parvati wins.

She must send someone to Exile Island. She chooses Jonathan. (don't step in that foreshadowing on your way out) He kisses his wife goodbye and heads to the boat.

Next, two more Survivors and their loved ones get to go on the reward. But Parvati doesn't get to choose them, her dad does. And she can't tell him who to pick. Everyone must remain silent. He chooses the loved ones, Jeanette and George, which means Sundra and Adam are going on the reward. (I would have laughed if it had been Yul and Becky) Everyone heads back to camp, the boat will pick them up in a few hours.

At camp, the winners are showing their families around camp. Parvati immediately takes her dad on a tour. Adam and his dad stand talking together. Adam tells us that he calls his dad George because his dad is his best friend. Sundra and her mom go out gathering firewood. (good for them)

Ozzy and Becky stand off to the side looking very much left out as they watch the others with their parents.

The boat comes and the winners leave. Yul, Becky and Ozzy are left alone in camp. Yul says he's glad they have this day together. They imagine that this is what it will be like further along in the game when it is just down to them.

The challenge winners are taken to Mitiaro Island and are greeted by a large crowd of locals, singing. They are given leis and taken to the sacred cave, where there is a large, deep pool of fresh water. Parvati "annoints" the water with oil and then is told to jump in. She is followed by Sundra and Jeanette. Then Adam, George and Mike jump in. They are then followed by all the locals. This ceremony occurs only twice a year.

After their swim they leave the cave and find a blanket covered with food: fried chicken, biscuts, meatloaf (meatloaf??), corn on the cob and other yummy foods. Everyone stuffs their faces. Sundra tells us that Adam and Parvati are more chilled out when Jonathan isn't around. (ooh, watch out you don't put your hand in that foreshadowing)

Back at camp Ozzy is talking about the food and how he just can't keep feeding Adam and Parvati and then watch them win challenges. Yul says they should hide the food for a couple of days. Becky and Ozzy agree. So they start chucking the coconuts into the bushes. Ozzy says they can go get their own. They'll catch food but not give it to Adam and Parvati.

The winners return to camp and pull out a whole bunch of leftover food. This immediately changes the "hide the food" plan. They feel bad about it, considering that Adam and Parvati brought food back for them. As they sit there eating there are comments about how it's nicer without Jonathan around. (you really don't want to eat's foreshadowing)

Time for the immunity challenge. Eveyone files out and then Jeff announces Jonathan's arrival. He gets out of the boat and heads across the beach toward everyone, tripping on his way. (I think there was a big pile of foreshaadowing there) No one seems happy to see him.

Adam gives back the immunity necklace, lamenting "no more bling bling".

The challenge today involves everyone racing into the water and over a series of obstacles (boats, barrels, etc). They must retrieve a bundle of sticks tied to a buoy and then head back to the beach. Then they go back for a second bundle. After retrieving both bundles they must use the sticks and rope to make a long pole and use it to retrieve to rings. First one to do so wins immunity.

Ozzy is quickest in this challenge and moves easily over the obstacles. The barrels give almost everyone else a lot of trouble while Ozzy just runs right over them. He is first to get his first bundle of sticks followed by Yul, who is doing better than the others. Ozzy retrieves his second bundle before Parvati, Becky and Sundra have gotten their first bundle.

Ozzy arrives at the beach to assemble his pole, followed closely by Yul. But Ozzy is quicker and assembles his pole and easil retrieves both rings. Ozzy wins immunity with only Yul anywhere close to him.

After Jeff gives Ozzy the immunity necklace he asks if anyone is worried about going home tongiht. Adam and Parvati raise their hands. Jonathan doesn't.

Back at camp there is a circle of people eating coconut and lauging together. Jonathan walks up and sits down with his own coconut to eat. There is a sudden silence and no one is talking or laughing. (want some foreshadowing with your coconut?)

Jonathan, to his credit, knows something is up. He notes that something has shifted and he doesn't know how far it's shifted or how much time he has to correct it.

He approaches Sundra and Becky, who are headed off to gather firewood. They barely acknowledge him. He asks if they're still cool and is it still Adam tonight. They say yes but not much else. They look extremely uncomfortable.

Adam and Yul talk about Jonathan. Adam says if it's final four and Jonathan isn't there it would be Yul. Yul says that Jonathan was the only one they knew they could flip and Adam says he understands and tells Yul it was great strategy. Adam is pushing for Jonathan to go home.

Yul tells us he feels strange to be in the position he is in. He feels like he's the godfather who has been asked to put a hit out on someone. He's not comfortable with it .

Next Yul is talking with Jonathan. Jonathan asks if it's him going home tonight and Yul tells him he'll do whatever is possible to keep him. Jonathan makes his case to Yul, saying that he's not a threat to win immunity and is the perfect person to keep around. He feels he's made ammends for the mutiny and that it would be stupid to vote him out.

Yul next talks with Ozzy. They don't want Adam or Jonathan in the final two because they could win. Ozzy says it's hard to choose who to send home. They say that as long as the girls stay strong the final four is set. (did they just jinx it?)

They arrive at Tribal Council. Adam drools over Candice as the jury comes in. Parvati talk about the reward.

Jeff asks Adam if a meal can make a difference in whether you win challenges and Adam says that being at Exile Island before an immunity challenge makes a bigger difference.

Parvati says she sent Jonathan to Exile Island to keep herself in the game longer. It gave everyone a chance to see that it's better without him and they would want to keep her and Adam.

Jeff asks Ozzy if it was nice to have Jonathan gone and he says yes because Jonathan has a strong personality.

Jonathan hopes his time gone hasn't influenced his alliance against him. Yul looks uncomfortable.

Adam then starts ragging on Jonathan. He says that there are six good people who deserve to be there. Jonathan calmly asks why he doens't deseve to be there. Adam immediately says Jonathan has no integrity. He flops too much. He says Jonathan should have voted out before anyone on the jury.

Jonathan begs to differ, they weren't voted out by only him. Some of Old Aitu wouldn't be there if it wasn't for him. He feels he's earned the right to sit there tonight and also at the next Tribal Council.

Jeff asks who saved who and Yul says that they saved each other.

It's time to vote. We only see Jonathan and Adam's votes for each other.

While the votes are being read Jonathan is smiling and looking smug right up to the time it is announced that he is voted out. As he is walking away he says he wants his hat back at some point. (this time the foreshadowing edit was surprise boot here)

Jeff tells the remaining Survivors that they just voted out someone who thought he could trust them. He proclaims that trust is an issue for everyone. Then he sends them back to camp.

Next week: Parvati and Adam develop a plan and ask Ozzy if he would vote out one of the others. Yul and Becky consider turning on Ozzy. (Yul says he's scared of Ozzy)

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