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Survivor: Cook Islands - Episode 7 Summary

'Why Aren't You Swimming?' By kircon
Original Airdate: November 2, 2006

Previously… on the previous show, before the previous show,…on Survivor. Cristina & Adam have been arguing over her personality. Cristina had no clue that’s what her tribe thought of her. Jeff calls out there’s good news and bad news. The winner of the Immunity Challenge “Kicking and Screaming” will have a feast… at Tribal Council. We see a few of the intense battles again then hear Jeff say Aitu is enduring and giving Raro a beating. Aitu wins! Here’s what will happen, Jeff explains. Aitu will vote a tribe mate off then enjoy a feast of lamb, bread, and cider, while watching Raro’s Tribal Council. Just remember you will be eating in front of future tribe mates. See you tonight.

Back at Raro, Cristina tries to befriend and make alliances. At Aitu, we again hear of CaoBoi’s “I have a dream”, Plan Voodoo to smoke out the HII (Hidden Immunity Idol). Yul thinks the plan is great but knows it won’t work because he has it.

Aitu’s vote for CaoBoi leaves Jessica dumbfounded. The food arrives and Aitu becomes a pack of wolves devouring their spoil. Unaware of the brutal honesty Raro is sharing with Cristina. Before the vote another surprise was announced. Aitu will kidnap one Raro member. They will be part of your tribe until after the next Reward Challenge. Who do you choose? Nate! Nate becomes part of the pack while his tribe votes out Christina.

13 are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

I Approve This Message


Day 16: The sun rises over Aitu camp. A large black Pacific Reef Heron is fishing. (Can you tell I use to teach?) What is your camp like? Do you fish? Jonathan then ask, Are you a good swimmer? Jon thinks to himself: I’m always on the lookout for campaign workers. I need someone on the other tribe. Nate carries a few other votes. Nate takes the kidnapping as an honor. They think I’m a good competitor. They are sweating me out with questions. I’ll give them a few nuts. But I’ll always keep my eyes and ears open for anything that will help my tribe.

Jessica is now trying to get a clue. They blindsided me, telling me they didn’t know who to vote for. I want to be on the same page. They knocked my socks off, and you know how long they are. I want to get a clue. Be honest with me.

Nate believes he is receiving some good information. He plans to write it down on his hand notepad. (I believe this is an early model of Shane’s Blackberry.) I’m gonna take this info back to my tribe and let them know what’s going on. Then we can make moves and really battle it out.

Yul called an emergency strategy meeting. Becky and Candice report what Flicka (Jessica) is sharing with Nate. I think we should stay with our same plan but change the order of the boots: Ozzy, Flicka, Jonathan, and then Sundra. Who do I want to go up against? Jonathan and his “It’s a Democracy” Party or Sundra and "Nate’s Fo Shizzle! Party".

Ahhhhhh Aaaaaaaaaa
oooo eeee oo eee ooo ee oo ya ya ya Music continues on. Opening credits roll.

20 Castaways, 39 Days, One Survivor

Survivor Cook Islands brought to you by Pringles.
Commercials :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
3 Reasons to Vote for Jonathan for Sole Survivor
I have actually watched Survivor.
Jonathan responds to the question of racial tribal mixes. “I certainly don’t patronize “these people” or talk down to them in anyway.” Jonathan 7-11-06
I will always be one step ahead of my competition.
I am Jonathan and I approve this message.
Paid for by Rich Hatch, Treasure of It’s a Democracy Party

Vote Nate for Sole Survivor
I take care of my girls. I got your back.


Day 16 at Aitu:
Jonathan is reading tree mail to his class.
Settle down,
You’se ready?
We paid for cold and rainy weather to make your cheeks pink.
Choose two items from the “Survivor Catalog”
And if you win we might give them to you.

Ozzy turns the pages. Spices... eh. Sewing kit…NO! Peanut Butter?... Candice starts to take her top off. Flicka tells her to wait for the challenge. Bread… hmmm. Potatoes … YES!
Jonathan tells everyone to vote for what they want to vote for. This is a Democracy.

Day 16 at Raro:
Brad believes he is the voice of reason. We need carbs for next week. We should get potatoes. Parvati bats her eyelashes at Adam and says she wants bread. Jenny agrees in-between bites of breakfast. Adam says it’s 3 against 2. Grunt. We get bread.
Pouting, Brad says I guess I have to do what the majority wants. Right?

As both teams arrive for the Reward Challenge, Nate and Parvati exchange glances. Parvati understands that Nate has some juicy gossip.

Jeff asks: Are you ready? Let’s get to it. This is “Smash and Grab” A swimmer grabs a club then swims to the platform, climbs to the top, jumps off, and breaks the plaster box. A key will fall into the water, you need to find it then bring it back to the mat. You must get six keys. Each swimmer must swim at least one time.
Two puzzle makers will use the keys to open 6 locks on the chest. Once opened, they will collect and assemble 8 puzzle pieces into a world map.
Raro, if you win this is what you get. Jeff lifts the cover off bread and peanut butter, smooth and crunchy.
Aitu this is what you get, Jeff lifts off the cover on peanut butter and a bag of potatoes.
Jeff asks Aitu, Who are you sitting out? Flicka, Sundra and Nate raise their hands. Did you choose Nate to keep him from competing for Raro? Do you not trust him enough to swim for your tribe? Interesting! Nate, you will rejoin your tribe after the challenge.
Oh, one more thing, said in a true Columbo fashion. The winner will pick someone to send to Exile Island.
The swimmers for Aitu are Ozzy, Candice and Yul. The swimmers for Raro are Rebecca, Parvati, and Adam. Brad strongly volunteers to do puzzles. I’m good at puzzles, that’s what I do best. Jenny joins Brad on the mat. The puzzle people for Aitu are Becky and Jonathan.

For Reward, Swimmers ready, Jeff holds up his arm then drops it. GO!

Ozzy and Rebecca are first up. Both run toward the water with a club in their hands. Ozzy is very smart & throws his ahead of him.


I must stop this summary to warn everyone that we will leave the safety of a pg14 setting to an R rating. Please strap all lose items down. Prepare yourself. Remove all small children from the room. Is everyone ready?

I believe we all knew there was going to be a problem when Rebecca started running. I don’t understand why women with large bosoms don’t wear a more supportive garment. Rebecca’s bosom has more action than her legs.

Rebecca just started swimming when Ozzy breaks his first box, finds the key and swims back. Yul takes off running. Rebecca can’t get up on the platform. She finally climbs up. She jumps, breaks the box, and then falls into the ocean, all while holding on to the bat. (To bad you don’t get points for that.) Yul reaches the platform when Rebecca decides to swim back holding the bat and not the key. Yul jumps, breaks the tile box, retrieves the key and laps Rebecca, who is floundering. (I personally believe her hair soaked up so much water she was dragging 20 lbs. with her head.) Yul steps on the mat, Candice takes off.

At this point Nate is worried for his girl. He asks Brad, "Why aren’t you swimming?" Brad replies, because I’m better at puzzles. It doesn’t look like Brad will be doing any puzzles because Aitu has two keys.

Again I warn those who have small children, and anyone who scares easy to leave the room.

Rebecca stands up with her top around her neck and everything freely swinging in the breeze. Jenny yells, Pull your top down baby. Pull your top down. Half of my TV is blurry. What’s happening? Pull your top down Rebecca, shouts the voice of reason. All I could think of is 1958’s movie Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. We see her swaying from side to side; walking straight legged, with her hands pushing the enormous weight of hair out of her face. Jeff yells: Rebecca… key… Raro… mat... tag out… WOW! The camera angle changes to show Rebecca from the back. Jeff’s head can be seen over her shoulder. THUD! THUD! She’s getting closer to Jeff. He yells at her: YOU GOT TO TAG THE MAT NOT ME! Rebecca turns toward the mat. Jonathan yells, Your top Baby! Rebecca finally grabs her top and yanks down.

(These scenes have now become my all-time favorite scenes of Survivor.)


What? Oh, there’s a race going on. Here is a breakdown of the scoring


Ozzy 1st key~~~~~~~~Rebecca
Yul 2nd key~~~~~~~~~--
Candice --~~~~~~~~~Adam 1st key
Ozzy 3rd key~~~~~~~~Parvati 2nd key
Yul 4th key~~~~~~~~~Adam 3rd key
Candice 5th key~~~~~~Parvati 4th key
Ozzy 6th key~~~~~~~~Adam 5th key
Becky & Jonathan
open chest~~~~~~~~~Parvati --
solve puzzle~~~~~~~~Parvati 6th key

Becky is a hero. Aitu is happy. Jeff says, Nate, your time at Aitu is over. The look on Nate’s face is one of anger & dejection. Nate walks over to his tribe with wide spread arms. They all fall into a group hug. Becky and Aitu choose Adam to go to Exile Island. Candice picks up the reward to take back to camp.

Commercials :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
A smiling Jessica ask: Can we grow as a tribe? Can we work things out? Things change constantly in this game. Please vote for me for Sole Survivor.
Paid for by the “Independent-Responsible Thoughtful Public Service Party”
(This is an actual party on our ballot)

Nate’s Fo Shizzle! Party has your back, Baby. A vote for me means I’ll watch out for your welfare. I hurt when I cannot help my tribe.
I’m Nate and I approve this message.
Paid for by Nate’s Fo Shizzle! Party. Treasurer Cristina the Cop


Back at Aitu:
There are peanut butter kisses for everyone back at camp. Flicka loves Candice. Candice loves Flicka. They give each other a peanut butter kiss. Jessica states: Let’s work out things and see what happens.

Cricket chirp… chirp… chirp… chirp…

Back at Raro:
Nate comforts Rebecca and tells her at least she stepped up to the plate. Brad tries to explain that the tribe always chokes in the end. He’s the puzzle master and would not let that happen this time. Everyone is complaining about Brad. Nate is very nervous in his confessional. I don’t have time for puzzle boy; I gotta fish, gather wood and watch out for my girls. We see a shot of sleeping Rebecca. Thanks for the lovely welcome home tribe.

Day 16 Exile Island:
A big storm is rolling in fast. As Adam prepares his lodging for the night he ponders about his tribe. I’m really beginning to doubt my tribe can do anything for me. How can I soar like an eagle when I’m playing with turkeys?

The storm hits the island with wind, rain, and lightning.

Day 17: The sun also rises on Aitu.
Ozzy wakes his tribe with the squawking bird he caught while looking for a bathroom spot. Do we eat it or not? Jonathan is very troubled. I must put another spin on killing this bird. Yul, wake up! We need you to kill a bird. Yul stumbles out of bed and grabs the bird. Jonathan tells Yul and Ozzy, Good job guys. OK, Good morning everyone. Alright! Good! Jonathan comes up with his spin. Let’s respect the bird, eat it, enjoy it, and let it nourish us. Amen.

Commercials ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Hello, I’m Candice! I want to tell you about a man running for Sole Survivor. His name is Ozzy. He’s half animal, half man, half fish, and half monkey. That makes one whole… who knows what. He’s Ozzy Jungle Boy. We will never go hungry with him leading our tribe. I don’t say this often, but I love Ozzy. Give him your vote.

Paid for by the Green Animal Party, Courtney Turtle-Lover, Treasurer

Ahoy! My name is Ozzy! I want to be Sole Survivor. You need me to provide food. The people who stick with me are going to enjoy the ride. You can trust me.
I am Ozzy and I approve this message.

You have been hearing how Ozzy will not let you go hungry. The truth is he only catches the food. Who do you call to “prepare the food”? If we let Ozzy continue he will dominate the end game. A vote for me will really provide you the food.
Thank you, my name is Yul and I approve this message.
Paid for by Treasurer Becky


Day 18 Immunity Challenge:

Jeff calls out, Come on in Guys. Welcome back Adam who had the worst night ever on Exile Island. We all felt the storm. Adam states he was in pain, curled up in a fetal position, and had a rough time. Candice glances at Adam and with her eyes, says, I love you.

Jeff takes back the immunity idol. Immunity is back up for grabs!

The Immunity Challenge is called “Stairway to Heaven”. You must build an ascending staircase with logs, to the tower. Once all the tribe is there, three tribe members will use a zip-line to reach a platform in the water. Collect a bag and swim back to shore. When all three tribe members arrive, clime the net ladder back up the tower, hand over the puzzle pieces to the other three tribe members. They will solve the puzzle. The winning tribe receives immunity; losing tribe receives Tribal Council tonight.
Who do you sit out Aitu? Jonathan raises his hand.

For Immunity… Survivors… Ready… Go!!!

Jeff shouts out great tidbits: Logs are heavy. Everybody’s working. The women are doing a lot of the work at Raro. Building from the bottom up. Men are comparing which log is longer. Ozzy puts in the last log step for Aitu.
All the members climb in an orderly manner.
Jeff continues: Yul’s first down the zip-line. Raro finally makes it up the staircase. Brad takes the zip-line for Raro. Candice and Parvati are next. Ozzy swings in a monkey pose. Parvati is walking while Ozzy is swimming like a dolphin. Nate imitates Ozzy on the zip-line.
Aitu is up the ladder first. Jessica, Sundra, and Becky start work on the puzzle. Raro finally makes it up the ladder. Adam, Rebecca, and Jenny start work on the puzzle. Immunity is on the line. It comes down to who has the best puzzle building abilities. (Where is Puzzle Boy Brad?) Jenny flies through the puzzle. Here. Here. Here.

Jeff raises both hands and shouts: Raro wins Immunity! Jeff hands the Immunity Idol to Brad and winks at him.

Back to camp Aitu, to decide who you are going to vote out tonight.

Commercials :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Survivor Cook Islands is sponsored by Ford Fusion. Bold moves. They happen every day. Will the car curse be broken this season?

Win $10,000 if you can answer this. Magic 8 Ball who will be kicked off tonight? I turn the ball over. It answers: Not Sure

I work on things that really matter. Vote for me and I will fix the problem. I will stay one step ahead of the competition.

I am Jonathan and I approve this message
R Hatch Treasurer

I want you all to know what Jonathan said during a decision-making meeting: Let it go and it will go away. My name is Yul and I will face the challenges. If you love your tribe, vote for Yul. Yul not be sorry.
I approve this message


Day 18 Aitu:
Jessica is like a buzzing mosquito. Am I in your alliance? Who are you going to vote? Am I in your alliance? Do you like me? Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Jessica wants Becky, Ozzy, and Yul to vote out Jonathan.
Jonathan wants Candice and Sundra to vote Flicka off. Even though the merge might happen and Ozzy could go all the way.
Yul and Ozzy want to vote off Jonathan who’s here to play the game.

As the sun sets Jessica thanks everyone for being honest with her today.

Aitu walks into Tribal Council and places their torches behind them. They nervously sit down.

Jeff starts off with this question. Jonathan, when we started 18 days ago you were divided into 4 racially distinct groups. There is one from each group here tonight, but I don’t sense that plays a part of this tribe. Does that surprise you?
No, I think it’s the game of Survivor. We’re here to play it. You divided us into four equal groups. We made the connections we made. We merged into two tribes. All connections either held or have gone away based on personality not ethnicity.
(Now if that isn’t the perfect political answer I don’t know what is.)

Jessica: Who gets along with who? I like to fish with Ozzy. The girls like to spend time at camp. Yul and Jon like to go clamming. We’ve all picked our roles, but we can mix and match and just have fun.

Yul, why do I get a delightful answer from Jessica every time I ask her, but it has nothing to do with the game? She’s not a threat and you can take her at face value, she is loyal. But there are others in the game that undermine, scheme, and stab you in the back, one needs to watch out for these in the future.

Ozzy, can you provide too much? I hope not. I want to make everyone fat, but what a way to exit the game.

It’s time to vote. If you have the Immunity Idol and use it, the person with the next highest amount of votes will go home.

Jonathan votes Flicka and tells her: I admire your spirit and thank you. I think you would have felt more comfortable on another tribe. Good Luck.
Jessica votes for Jonathan: I didn’t trust you from the beginning and still don’t.

Jeff: I’ll go tally the votes. I will extinguish your torch and you must go home.

First vote: Jonathan
Jonathan squirms in his seat.
Jessica knows that’s her handwriting. She braces herself.

Second vote: Flicka

Third vote: Jessica

Forth vote: Jessica

Jeff holds up the next vote and stares at it. He crosses his eyes, hoping to find a hanging chad, anything so he doesn’t have to read it.

8th person voted out: Jessica. You need to bring me your torch.

The stupid tribe has spoken and voted out the best thing to ever hit survivor. If we could all be like you and love all your neighbors, this world… A single tear fall from Jeff’s eye. You are the reason we did this show. To show America and the world that we can love each other… a second tear falls.
…It’s time for you to go. Jeff snuffs Jessica’s torch. She turns around, smiles, and waves then walk off into the darkness.

Jeff turns around and looks at the tribe. Well now, the tribes are even. The big question is Momentum. Who has it? Who know how to use it? You think you have it? HA! I guarantee you that Raro thinks they have it. Grab your torches and head back to camp. Think about who you have sent home. Cook Island is a darker place tonight. Sniff, sniff Good night. Aitu tribe leaves Tribal Council.

Jeff pulls out his cell phone and calls his assistant. I need to talk to our Executive producers. Call Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, and Tom Shelly. I need to find out why the pure in heart are always chewed up and spit out.

Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode. Santa Clause is getting voted off the island by Jack
Voice over by Jeff: Next time on Survivor
Brad loses it and shouts, it’s every man for himself.
A surprise twist: You have ten seconds to change everything and the fate of all Survivors in this game.

Jessica looks into the camera one last time. Thank you, Survivor. I had an adventure of a lifetime. I didn’t play as hard as I should have, but I can’t change who I am and don’t want to. Good luck Ozzy, I’m rooting for ya brotha. Thanks for the memories.

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