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Hell's Kitchen 2 - Episode 7 Summary

'So That's Why They Call It Non-Stick' By Snidget
Original Airdate: July 24, 2006

Last week in Hell: For the challenge they are sent to the fresh food market for inspiration and Virginia clenched the win for the red team. The Blue Team gracefully accepts their loss attempt to take the world record for sorest losers on a reality show away from Sue Hawk. As punishment for losing they have to unload all the trucks no matter when they arrive. Garrett tries to impress Chef Ramsey with his knowledge of blurred out sign language but Chef still takes the girls out on the town. The blue time completes the first dinner service in Hell’s Kitchen History. Sara defends her choice of putting something she cannot cook on the menu, however Maribel gets sent home because she can’t lead her team into a devastating loss like the other members of her team can.

FI-URE doomp doomp do doomp FI-URE

Chef Ramsey tries to burn holes through the back of the contestants heads as they return to the dorm for the night. Virginia turns to Sara for comfort, no really, Virginia cries on the bed and Sara pats her back. It would be sweet if those pats didn’t leave scars as even Sara’s skin is caustic. The sympathy doesn’t last long as Sara in confession reminds us of Virginia’s time on the chopping block and that her goose will be cooked, assuming of course any of these contestants could recognize a goose when they see one, or cook one. The Blue team celebrates their win by trying to predict what will come next. They debate if they will be combined into one team or not, and Heather predicts the challenge will be individual and the winner will take someone with them. She leaves and Garrett and Keith decide to make plans just in case Heather is right. The plan is the boys will stick together and take each other, isn’t that sweet.

Keith and Heather snuggle up to reinforce their alliance. Apparently Keith impregnated Heather during the show (as he is her baby’s Daddy as both the audio and the words across the screen proclaim). I wonder how those hormones will effect Heather, and will Rachel her gal-pal go up in flames again when she sees this?

They assemble in the morning and Chef Ramsey reminds them that one of the five of them will have their own restaurant. By the look on Keith’s face he forgot what they were playing for, I wonder what else he will forget. The predictions were correct, they will be one team. (For the first time in Hell’s Kitchen). He calls Virginia up first to get her black and white jacket. She informs us they will all have to be on their, “tippy top toes,” from now on. When he sends them off to change jackets we see the first signs of hormonal mood swings from Heather with a giddy “It’s me” dance over the thought of winning.

They return to do their first ever individual challenge, who could have guessed that, I mean the editing never clued us in this was going to happen. They have 20 minutes and 10 ingredients to create something, and the winner goes to Vegas to see the restaurant they will win because maybe just maybe if one of them sees it they will remember what they are competing for long enough to complete another dinner service. Keith remembers he is going to Vegas long enough to have his own giddy I'm a winner dance in the confessional. Guess he’s got sympathy hormones going on there. The ingredients are fresh prawns, loin of veal, baby spinach, lentils, saffron, truffles Jerusalem artichokes, turnips, mushrooms and white beets. Chef Ramsey also tortures all new chefs he hires with this challenge. He warns us some of those ingredients take 20 minutes to cook so they chefs will have to be careful. They rush around to get dishes prepared.

Garrett does veal over prawns and mushrooms with saffron. He cooked the veal perfectly even though he doesn’t cook it often; however, he put too much saffron in the prawns. Heather goes next. She did saffron prawns over a bed of spinach and Jerusalem artichokes. It was very good except she didn’t triple wash the spinach so there was some dirt left on it. Virginia does a very arty presentation with one of the prawn heads erupting from the middle of the dish. It is a chiffonade {Literally translated, this French phrase means "made of rags." Culinarily, it refers to thin strips or shreds of vegetables (classically, sorrel and lettuce), either lightly sautéed or used raw to garnish soups. Wow, I had to look that up, sounded so fancy for shredded leafy stuff} of spinach and beet tops with poached prawns garnished with truffles. It was vibrant, Ramsey wishes she'd cook like that for dinner service. Sara did a grilled veal with a sauce made using toasted prawn shells. Yes you heard that right toasted prawn shells, for some reason that description is just not something I'd order off the menu. Chef Ramsey finds the presentation boring, however apparently toasted prawn shell sauce is tasty and it worked well together. Keith made a veal chop stuffed with mushrooms and spinach over a prawn salad. The veal had good color and flavor.

Chef Ramsey is surprised by how well they did, after all these are the same people that cannot cook a thing off of his menu night after night. He is struggling to decide between Keith and Virginia and chooses Keith. Guess what, he can take someone with him. Wow I never saw that coming. Who will he choose? Replay the promise to Garrett that they would take each other if they won scene, because I know I forgot that scene from 5 minutes ago I wonder if Keith remembers it? Heather hopes he chooses her and has another hormonal surge of joy at the thought. Keith tries to pull the skin off his head starting at his lower eyelids to avoid making a decision. He hides his head in the food cover to avoid making a decision. Finally instead of having one pissed off person he decides to take Virginia as she was second best therefore pissing off two people for the price of one. For the losers, tonight is fumigation night which means everything has to be wrapped and sprayed to get ready for the next service. Chef seems more excited about fumigation than anything they’ve served to the customers. Does this scare you as much as it scares me?

Virginia and Keith go off to get changed and he tells her that Garrett is going to kill him as he now remembers promising Garrett he would take him, but that was before he knew it was Vegas. I know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but you don’t have to marry the dude or anything just because you were on the same plane. Garrett is unhappy in the kitchen and giving the bleep guy in the editing room a work out. Heather comments that their had better not be knives back at the dorm, but you know Garrett’s been to prison, so I wouldn’t bet that removing just the knives would make that much difference after all there has to be hundreds of things you could make a decent shiv out of in that dorm.

Garrett and Keith have it out about the decision. Keith was apparently so confused by Virginia’s food he couldn’t remember the promise and he is sorry. Garrett doesn’t understand why that would even cross Keith’s mind. Keith keeps apologizing and we see Heather’s hormones have swung the other way and she is in the deepest of depressions. Garrett in confessional hopes the plane crashes and they cut to a clip of a plane crashing landing just fine. A red “pimp” limo picks them up at the airport and takes them to the Red Rock resort. Chef Ramsey opens the door for them and Virginia finally gets a kiss from him. They go in to check out the space with the architects.

Meanwhile, back in Hell, the kitchen is being totally wrapped in plastic wrap. Once they get it all wrapped they are told they also are the fumigators. They get the full hazmat protective gear to put on and get to work.

Back in Vegas, they meet with Albie, the main man, who shows them around the space. We get when I was young stories from Chef Ramsey, had to cook his way up the hill in the snow both ways to pay off the loan for his first restaurant. They get a night out on the town, more kisses for Virginia, and a hand smack shake for Keith.

Back in Hell, Sara has 6 eyes with goggles and glasses. She again tries to be funny about losing with a Darth Vader impersonation. At least she isn’t pretending to pee poison all over the place. After a brief cut of walking around Vegas we see our exterminators getting back to the dorm at 2:17 am. Garrett talks to Heather about Keith lying to him and she tells him that when he gets angry he is scary. Now we get sad story of a once violent Garrett who use to hit people all the up the hill in the snow both ways to the youth anger program.

9:43 am Virginia and Keith return. Has Garrett calmed down, well based on the cold calm serial killer venom flowing through his veins speech followed by caressing a butcher knife clip I’d guess not. Sara rubs things in by questioning Virginia as she comes in about the space with Garrett sitting right there. Garrett figures he will get any information he needs when he wins.

As they do prep surprisingly Heather and Sara are not getting along, as if they ever had. Jean Philippe tells Keith that they will be putting the veal chop on the menu and he wants a description. Showing off his excellent breeding and refinement Keith tells him to call it Chi-Ching Veal {flash back to Chi-Ching Sesame Crusted Tuna} and they settle on just calling it a Veal Chop. Garrett tells us that he will be professional and do what it takes to win.

They begin the dinner service. They are fully booked, 100 customers, and they have a 12-top (a table for 12) and Chef Ramsey insists it be served all at the same time. Chef Ramsey put both Sara and Heather together on the appetizers. I thought they said he wanted things to go well tonight. Do they let him watch any of the footage of what these people say about each other? Either they do not, or he only wants drama. Sara is in charge of cooking the scallops He reminds Sara to only turn them over once or they get overcooked as she turns them over for at least the second time. Chef Ramsey asks if they are overcooked and is told that they are. Heather reminds Sara to watch the scallops which Sara claims she knows she should be doing. Chef Ramsey tells Sara, “if you sauté scallops in a non-stick pan, they won’t stick. That’s why it is called BLEEPING NON-STIIIIIIIIIICK. I don’t know what non-stick means in Texas, sweetheart, but BLEEP.” Chef tastes Heather’s Risotto and spits it out, No salt, no flavor, it’s bland. Sara smirks. Chef Ramsey tells them to calm down and refocus and start over. Keith’s Veal Chop is getting ordered a lot. Heather’s second risotto that she actually tasted is spot on, Heather applauds herself in the confessional for that like she is a two year old that finally made a poopie in the toilet. Sara gets congratulated for finally figuring out how to cook in a non-stick pan.

Chef Ramsey checks in on the entrées with Garrett and finds out the chicken is resting as it should be. Ramsey is so happy. So far the entrées are going well with Garrett on meat and Keith on Fish but Virginia is having trouble with the vegetable and her romaine hearts are collapsing. Suddenly the chicken is not going to be ready in a minute like Chef Ramsey wants. He calmly tells them they need to start working like clock work or they are going to get really behind. Virginia gets the vegetables ready so Garrett brings the chicken up to the pass Unfortunately the chicken is raw. So now we know what the, “you could have killed someone” line in the preview is about. How mundane. Garrett tries to explain that raw chicken is faster than cooked chicken. This does not placate Chef Ramsey in the least. He moves Garrett over to fish and puts Keith on the meat station. Two hours into service and 83 out of 100 entrées are served because Keith will actually cook them even if it is quicker to just serve them raw. One customer, however, is not satisfied. She comes up to the hot plate to talk to Chef Ramsey who is in the middle of getting an order out and tells her to wait 30 seconds. However she won’t wait to find out when her food is coming as well, her breasts are on the hot plate so she really needs an answer right away. When asked to get her breast off his hot plate, as how can he serve food with the bleep right there. The customer decides she doesn’t like that and flips the plate of food over and then shoves the whole tray off the hot plate. Chef Ramsey calls for security, so I guess it will be a really long time before she gets food from Hell’s Kitchen.

Just to add to the pressure the table of 12 finally arrives. It is a bachelorette party. First can the get 12 appetizers to the table all at the same time. Chef wants to know how many scallops per portion from Sara who answers 5 each.

Pop Quiz , how big are your scallops?
A) small
B) medium
C) massive

Sara answers B. Chef Ramsey tells her to clean her glasses and try again. Once she finally cleans her glasses after having the instruction screeched at her she admits they are large scallops. In confessional she states that he is talking like Blalalalallalalalala and she has no idea what he was saying.

Rewind tape. Yep he was perfectly clear spoken on how many scallops, what size, clean your glasses. I think she needs her ears cleaned, Chef, not her glasses. I think he comes to this conclusion as well because he tells her she should serve 4 massive scallops and she doesn’t appear to have heard anything so he gets her attention with “Wakey.Wakey.” before repeating himself, yet again.

Back at the bachelorette party John Philippe sees his first bra as the bride is unwrapping her gifts. After that he tries to find out who might still be single in the group. Heather and Sara are not getting along on the station. Heather says that Sara never listens, and Sara says Heather treats her like a whipping post. They get all 12 to the pass, but will they pass inspection by Chef Ramsey? Yes they do and once again those hormones are getting to Heather, every thank you from Chef Ramsey makes her all giddy. Virginia and Garrett have a chance to redeem themselves. Chef Ramsey thinks that maybe just maybe they can complete another service. Virginia seems to be wasting a lot of time trying to figure out how many pans she has to get dirty with each and every single vegetable serving. One is never enough. She admits she is always in groupie mode to the Rockstar-ness that is Chef Ramsey. He asks her what she is doing and she says she is getting the Tortellini ready. However, no one ordered the tortellini. He has her check the ticket and after that bleep-fest the bleep editor is out on disability for carpel tunnel syndrome. The salmon that comes up to the hot plate looks a bit run-over and Chef asks if that is the best piece of salmon. *crickets* Chef is actually doubled over trying to get someone to answer, and Garrett finally does and has to redo the salmon.

Now that they finally are getting the entrées ready, Chef Ramsey cannot find “that Belgian” John Philippe. He was distracted by the bachelorette party as he would love to sit around with the ladies. When he finally returns to the pass Chef asks him if he is, “trying to lose his virginity.” Garrett finally gets some salmon right and gets a, “welcome back, ” from Chef Ramsey.

One minute to the last table being served….thirty seconds….can they make it….Oh.The.Drama. Yes, they have completed the service in just under three hours, and other than hot plate breast woman it seems people are leaving happy. He congratulates them on the service and then, by the shocked looks on their faces they didn’t remember, that one of them would be going home at the end of the episode.

Chef Ramsey tells them good job on getting the service out, especially the 12-top, but that none of them worked as a team. Sara and Heather didn’t gel on the appetizers. Sara is feisty, but had a really rough service. Heather is inconsistent, but we did get all the appetizers out. Garrett left Chef Ramsey no option but to switch him to another station. If he were on the meat they would still be trying to get the entrées out. Virginia put herself in the bleep tonight. Keith is easily the best chef in the kitchen and gets to nominate two for eviction, who will win the golden power of veto? elimination.

Keith wants Heather to stay because she works hard, but anyone else could go. Garrett gets angry that he could be put up. He calms down and they shake. Sara comes out to plead her case. She couldn’t work with Heather because Heather tried to shine brighter than her. Earth to Sara, it’s a competition, everyone is supposed to be trying to do their best, this isn’t an everyone do bad so poor Sara can look good by comparison contest. Keith says it is a toss up between Sara and Virginia. Keith says it will be a last minute decision.

Back in the kitchen, what will Keith do? Keith puts up Virginia because she was messing up when the tickets were right there. Second nominee is…stands there with mouth open. After the commercials and a reboot, he nominates Garrett. Chef Ramsey comments that Garrett was his mate, so why put him up. Keith says he will put up who did the worst regardless of friendship. Garrett gets to plead his case. He says his next performance will be his best, and he will have a fire under his ass and make Chef’s head spin. Chef Ramsey says he is hungry for it. Virginia wants to stay because she loves to cook for people and still wants to keep going. Will his fire save him even with raw chicken? No. He keeps Virginia and sends Garrett home because of the raw chicken.

Chef tells them that they have to start working as a team. Chef says he wants someone who deserves the restaurant and Garrett fought him and his team every step of the way, which is why he is not here.

Next week in Hell: the final four face their biggest challenge. Each will be getting their own restaurant but when the blindfolds come off you’re not going to believe where they wind up. Looks like a high rise construction site based on the video. At dinner service Chef Ramsey invites three master chefs it is more pressure than any of them can imagine. And for the first time Sara takes on Chef Ramsey. When it comes time to send one of them home it is the most shocking farewell, yet.

Sara says, “May I ask a question, Chef?”
Chef replies, “Shut the bleep up.”

Who will make it to the final three?

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