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Hell's Kitchen 2 - Episode 5 Summary

'Is It Real Or Is It Cheese Whiz?' By Cyndimaus
Original Airdate: July 10, 2006

Disclaimer: Sometime after writing this Heather hacked into my computer and inserted her own comments. I have been unable to remove them. I do apologize for anything she may say.

Previously on Hell’s Kitchen 2: Heather was moved to the Blue team to even out the numbers. I can’t believe Chef actually made me baby-sit those guys! I am so much better than they are. I hate to leave my girls but I will make the most of the situation and whip these guys into shape. Lunch was served to a bunch of rowdy kids - both teams completed the service. At dinner Sara sabotaged Virginia and Rachel. Chef Ramsay had no clue. At the end of another failed dinner neither team is safe and Tom is sent packing.

Tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2:

Everyone heads to the dorms after Tom is “lovingly” sent on his way. Virginia complains about Sara, saying she is stuck with the “b” from hell and that Sara is no longer her friend. Sara tells us that Virginia should grow up. (in the attitude that causes so many of to desire to slap her up one side and down the other) She says she’s going to “be the big person”.

Heather tells us she feels bad for Rachel. You’re darn right I feel bad for her! That’s my girl and Sara totally screwed her over tonight. She better watch out! Keith tells us that his team really needs to step it up. (ya think?)

Bright and early the next morning everyone walks into the dining room to find Chef Ramsay standing in front of a table full of delicious looking appetizers. Everyone is excited to be rewarded for all their hard work with some yummy food cooked up especially for them by Chef. They all dig in and are in food heaven. Ah, the delicious pate`! Ooh! Caviar! Yum, cheese fondue! The kebobs are to die for! We get many comments on how good everything is.

Cue Chef telling them that it’s all fake. He tells them they all have palettes like a cow’s backside. The fondue is spray cheese from a can. The pate` is ground-up hotdogs. The caviar is catfish eggs. The kebobs are a TV dinner. I knew it was fake but I went along with everyone else….I didn’t want them to feel bad. (I save that for the competitions.)

This is the intro to today’s challenge. It’s a good, old-fashioned taste test. A chef must have a discerning palette. One person from each team will be blindfolded and will taste four items. (they also have headphones on so they can’t hear Chef tell the others what each item is they taste) Team with the highest score at the end wins. The losing team must clean up the kitchens that have been dirty since last night’s dinner. Rachel sits this one out.

Keith is up for the blue team and Maribel is up for the red team. They taste potato first and both get it right. Next is tuna, only Maribel is right. Next is oregano, both get it wrong. Last is pear chutney. Keith gets it right.

Next is Virginia for the red team and Heather for the blue team. Both get the sea urchin wrong. Both get the hot dog right. Both get the chicken right. Only Virginia got the Swiss cheese right. Swiss cheese? I was expecting something more exotic from Chef. Easy mistake. Sara disses Heather in a confessional.

Last up are Sara for the red team and Garret for the blue team. Both get scrambled eggs right. Both get kiwi wrong (that’s rather distinctive, I don’t get how they missed it). Both get fresh spinach right. The last item is braised short rib. Garret needs to get it right to garner the win for the blue team.

We go to commercial break before hearing Garret‘s answer. We learn that Heather was voted the viewer favorite from last week. Of course I am the favorite. I’m the best chef on the show.

Garret says the short rib is turkey. Chef is truly ticked at his answer. “It was short rib. You’re the turkey!” Chef tells him. Blue team loses and must clean the kitchens until they are spotless. The red team gets to go on an exclusive photo shoot for TV Guide. They go to change and we see many shots of them primping. They excitedly get into a limo with Chef, who has noticed their change in appearance.

The blue team gets to deal with all the mess from last night’s dinner service. Food is caked on the pots and pans, making it quite difficult to clean. Heather complains to us that it’s no longer girls vs. guys anymore. Hey! I’m only saying that it was better that way and that now the guys have an unfair advantage with me on their team.

The ladies of the red team are treated to manicures, hair and make-up. They drink champagne with Chef Ramsay. Chef says, “poor Heather”. Darn right! I so totally should be there instead of cleaning all this crap with the guys! At this point Garrett is sent running (literally) to bring them more champagne. We see him running down the street with three bottles. When he arrives he’s greeted with “Hey loser!” (such class). Chef quickly shoos him out. He returns to the kitchen and reports what he saw and what was said to him.

Time for the photo shoot. Everyone is in their chef jackets and posing with Chef Ramsay. Sara, ever the genteel lady, passes gas during the shoot. There is laughter but Chef is grossed out and I think everyone else was too. (quite in character for her, judging from her behavior during the dining room clean up after the kiddie lunch)

Back at the dorm Maribel is missing her family. She’s glad for this opportunity but that doesn’t stop her from being emotional about being away from them.

We get an intermix of Heather and Rachel talking outside and Sara’s arrogant confessionals. There is a lot of tension between Sara and Rachel. Rachel does some complaining to Heather about Sara. Sara is going down! No one messes with my girl, Rachel.

Later everyone is doing prep for dinner and Scott tells the blue team that he’s nervous that they only have three people in the kitchen tonight.

Rachel tells us that tonight will determine the leader in the red kitchen - her or Sara.

Chef is determined to complete a dinner service. They have not yet succeeded in doing that.

The dining room opens and Heather is busy cooking spaghetti ahead instead of waiting for Chef to call for it. Chef rides her butt about it. She’s upset about being yelled at so soon. Hey, I was just trying to be prepared. I am so misunderstood. This is actually a good thing, you know!

The blue team is called pathetic by Chef.

Rachel burns the duck.

Heather puts out a bad appetizer and seems to really be struggling. It’s just your imagination. Just look the other way

Chef keeps yelling at the red team to hurry. They start getting out appetizers and Chef compliments Virginia for communicating with him and she just about melts right then and there. (the editors choose appropriate sappy music for that moment)

An appetizer is returned to the red kitchen with a black hair in it. Chef blames Maribel who insists it’s not her hair. (she did have it up and well covered)

Heather keeps trying to help Garret in the meat station and it is throwing him off. A good chef accepts help. He couldn’t do well without me, you know.

Chef calls all the ladies of the red team over to taste the quail. They all seem reluctant and don’t quite know what to say, as if they want to make sure they give the answer Chef is looking for. They tell him it’s overcooked and burned. He wonders if they need glasses and sends Jean Philippe over to get a pair of glasses from a customer for the girls to use.

Chef takes Rachel completely out of the kitchen to talk to her and asks her if she wants to go home. “You are screwing up bad,“ he tells her. He tells her she’s being a blond airhead. But he can see the hunger in her eyes and knows she can do better.

After two hours the blue team has served half their dining room.

Keith used too much bread crumbs and the food is cold. He cops an attitude with Chef and doesn’t want to look at him. Chef tells him it’s his time to step up and says the other two (Heather and Garrett) are cooking like donkeys. Hmmff! A donkey? That’s not me, that’s Giacamo! I resent being called a donkey. I am the glue that hold this team together!

Chef is frustrated with the red team. (when isn’t he?)

Rachel is scared to tell Chef the real time it will take to get her food out.

Heather is still throwing Garrett off in the meat station by trying to help him. He’d be doing worse if I wasn’t there.

After three hours the blue team has served most of their entrees but the last three tables are impatient.

Virginia is doing well with the fish.

Chef is yelling at the blue team. They aren’t working together. But they serve all their entrees.

Rachel tries to alter the appearance of the meat by dabbing sauce on it. But Chef can tell just by touching it what level or rareness it’s at.

Chef shuts everything down. He tells Keith that if he gets rid of the attitude he will shine.

Chef tells them his back is killing him because he has the weight of both kitchens on his shoulders.

Heather tells him that the blue team did badly but she doesn’t think she deserves to go home. This ticks Garrett off. He can be mad all he wants, but if I wasn’t there the blue team would have totally choked.

Chef picks the red team as the worst. They had one more person than the blue team but still couldn’t get out all their entrees. He picks Virginia as the best of the worst. She must nominate two people for elimination.

Rachel knows she sucked and compliments Virginia, but that she should put Sara up.

Virginia talks to Sara, who schmoozes her big time. She says to put Rachel up.

Virginia talks to Maribel, who tells her to put Rachel up.

Outside, Heather and Rachel are talking. They’ve formed a strong bond. “Out of everyone I’ll miss you the most, “ Heather tells Rachel. Rachel tells her that if she goes home tonight she should take Sara down. Oh believe me, I will!

Virginia nominates Rachel because she let her team down. Next she tells that she had a tough time choosing between Sara and Maribel. She spills the beans on Sara for sabotaging her at the previous dinner service and then nominates Maribel. Chef seems surprised but agrees with her decision.

Given a chance to plead their case, Rachel says she knows she messed up but has maturity. Maribel says that being here has made her better.

Chef sends Rachel packing, telling her, “You worked hard, harder than anyone.” She tells us that she’s never failed at anything.

We’re down to six people. Heather says we haven’t seen anything yet. Garret says he has testicular fortitude.

Next week the chefs go shopping. The customers get to choose from red team or blue team menus. There is a major kitchen accident (blood all over the floor…I’m guessing it’s animal blood and not human). One team makes history. You won’t believe who’s going home. Tune in for the next expletive filled episode of Hell’s Kitchen. Tune in to see me! You just know I’m going to win.

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