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Hell's Kitchen 2 - Episode 3 Summary

'Squash the Greasy Potato' By Silvergirl1
Original Airdate: June 19, 2006

The 3rd episode begins with a bunch of recrap about the 12 chefs arriving by bus to impress World Class Top Chef Gordon Ramsey. They came from all walks of life. Read: We found the biggest losers (not to be confused with that reality show about weight loss competition, but some of them most of the men could stand to lose some weight) to ever burn boiled water. The winner will become the Executive Chef of a restaurant in the brand new billion dollar Red Rock Vegas resort.

After Gabe's Exit

Everyone leaves the kitchen talking about the Gabe's unexpected dismissal.

"We gotta study harder than the girls, man."

Tom, clueless as ever: " I think Chef Ramsay wouldn't mind seeing me win it. One for the old guys, you know?"

The girls agree in their quarters that it was nuts. They could not believe what just happened.

Rachel, to camera: Just because you're not nominated, no longer means that you're safe.

Well, Rach, it's Gordon's choice when it all comes down to it, so how is that so shocking?

Maribel thought it was like a soap opera. Huh? Let me ask you, Maribel, do you wear purple pants and a hairnet when you work as a "Cafeteria Chef". ~waves to Buggy~

The next day

6;15 AM - Everyone assembles together, except Sara, who is taking a shower. the girls ask Heather about her bandages.


Tom's big fat stomach answers the silvergirl desk phone.

(laughing) "Hello." (Tom's stomach is really jolly, like Santa Claus.)

"Who's that?"

"This is Tom's stomach. Who's this?"

"This is Satan. Get everyone out of bed now, you big fat stomach. I want everyone in the dining room, now. Move your Tom."

The stomach hangs up the phone, and drags Tom around the suite, telling everyone, "Let's go, let's go, let's go."

By 6:20 AM, 4 minutes after the phone call, everyone is in the dining room except Sara.

Sara: I got out of the shower and there's not a body in sight. Nobody waited for anybody and I just thought that was tacky.

At 6:24 AM, Sara makes it running into the dining room, somewhat embarrassed, so she laughs a little.

Gordon: It took 7 or 8 minutes to get you all out here. It would be nice to see some form of team stability. There's been 2 dinner services so fahr (his pronunciation, not a typo) and on both services, the same mistakes.

Cut to footage of Gordon asking, "How long" and "Why is everyone answering?"

Today's Challenge

GR: Two crucial elements in any team, in any kitchen, in any restaurant, are communication and timing. Today's challenge is very simple. Each team are going to be cooking 3 entrees from the existing menu. There is nothing complicated. One last thing - there is only going to be one pehrson (pronunciation, again) from each team in the kitchen at a time.


Yes, Chef.

Decide amongst yourselves who's gonna sit out this challenge, so there's four against four. Let's go.

Heather, 25, Sous Chef: I didn't want to screw up today because of my hand.

Who's gonna sit out?

Heather: I wanna get out first, guys. Only because I want it to be perfect for tomorrow.

Sara, 31, Deli Manager, wearing tiara (I swear it looks like one): Princess Heather made it seem like her whole hand was falling off. Talk about playing the victim card. it wasn't that big of a deal.

GR: Can I have the first pehrson from each team in the kitchen now?

Narrator: In this three entree relay, one person from each team will have 5 minutes in the kitchen before the next chef takes over.

GR: The first one is the chicken. The second one is the tortellini. The third one is the salmon. Is that clear?

sTOMache and Vixenina: Yes, Chef.

Narrator: The others must wait to find out what entrees they'll be cooking.

GR, looking at watch: 20 minutes, starting from now! Go!

Narrator: The goal is to have all entrees completed within 20 minutes and, not surprisingly, each has a different cooking time.

GR: Move your bum. (Okay, he doesn't say bum, but I don't feel like bypassing the censoring software.)

sTOMache, finding some tortellini on the shelf: Yes!

Narrator: Tom has found some tortellini that is already prepared. Virginia starts making her tortellini from scratch.

GR: You've got to make fresh tortellini, yes? Everything's here for the tortellini, Tom.

sTOMache, 43, Former Stockyard animal: My bad. Don't I look stupid right now.

GR: Did you honestly think I was going to let you come in and get old tortellini and drop it into the *bleep*ing water?

GR: Switch! *claps hands* Next! Move your bum, Giacomo! Let's go!

Narrator: Each chef has just 15 seconds to relay essential information to their teammate.

sTOMache, to GeeIneedacomb-o: Gotta finish making the tortellini. Chicken's gotta come out in 2 minutes.

GeeIneedacomb-o: What's the third entree?

sTOMache: Salmon.

Vixenina, to Rachel: It's tortelli, chicken, salmon. Give me a second. Chicken is in there. Tortellini is made. I made two extra.

N: Both teams had a successful exchange of information. Giacomo finishes making the tortellini while Rachel is preparing the sauce for the salmon.

GR: And we're still on the tortellini.

GeeIneedashave, 21, Pizza Maker: When I got done, the tortellini was ready to go for those guys.

GR: Switch!

N: NExt into the kitchen are Keith and Maribel.

GeeIneedacomb-0, to Keith: Tortellini's ready to go. Pans are hot. Salmon's right here.

GR: Let's go!

Rachel, to Maribel: Tortellinis, Salmon, chicken.

GR: *claps hands* Out!

Maribel: She was explaining the things to me. I only heard two.

Narrator: Maribel has no idea that what's she's missing is the tortellini in the pot right in front of her, so she only works on the chicken and the salmon entrees. Meanwhile, Keith, oddly begins a second batch of tortellini, despite being clearly told it was already done by Giacomo.

GR: Aren't the tortellini done yet.

Keith: I thought they were done.

Giacomo: I told Keith the tortellini is there, ready to go in the water. I spoke to be heard with Keith. He should have been listening a little harder if he didn't understand what the things were.

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