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The Apprentice 4 - Episode 7 Summary

'Today's Topic: All About Sex with Yo-yos' By ARnutz
Original Airdate: November 3, 2005

Previously on The Apprentice:

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, they say, so here ya go:


Back in the Suite

The remaining candidates are sitting around waiting for the still possibly employable by Trump ones to return.

The time passes.

The hours tick by.

Some more time passes.

Let’s see…

Who will return?

Do you think that sound could be the door?


What is going on?

Midnight! It’s been more than 7 hours since the boardroom. Alla declares they must all be gone! Wow! These people are swift! It only took them 7 hours to figure it out! What yahoos! I mean... yo-yos!

The Task

The next morning, the remaining candidates meet Mr. Trump, Carolyn, George and that guy that won season 2 with the girly name who speaks even more like a robot than Donald, at some Trump new building thing that Donald makes the candidates meet him at so he can toot his own horn about his latest project!

Marshawn asks Donald if all four of the others were fired.

Donald: Yes, they’re all gone.

Marshawn: Sooooo, they’re not coming back? Ummm, hey yo-yo? He just said they were gone, right?

Donald: No, they’re not coming back. Now since Excel has a disadvantage and has only three people on the team, they can choose to have one person come over from Capital Edge.

After a few seconds, they choose… SURPRISE! They choose Randal! Of course they chose Randal! He’s the only candidate worthy of being on the show at all. The rest are a bunch of bumbling idiots! The whole lot of them!

Donald tells the teams they will be coming up with an idea to teach a class for The Learning Annex. Randal is going to be the PM for Excel, so he can get another win under his belt, and Adam is going to be the PM for Capital Edge.

Excel: Randal decides they will teach a class about how to Stand Out! How to Make Your Mark! His negative, ignorant, stupid, yo-yo teammates seem to whine a lot! Rebecca, who has nothing but a loss as PM and a broken ankle to show for her time on this show, doesn’t think his idea is good enough! Brian, who has no friends left on the show since his buddies were all fired last week, wants to talk about sex and complains the topic has no "wow" factor! Marshawn, well she doesn’t really say much, but she has to try and clean up the image of black female Apprentice candidates ever since Omarosa and Verna have left an ugly indelible mark on that whole thing, so... I guess she really has a tough task ahead of her!

Capital Edge: Alla is put in charge of brainstorming because Adam will be needed for much more useful things later on like putting a muzzle on Markus’ mouth and provide him with a yo-yo to keep him occupied and out of their hair. The team comes up with the concept of Sex at Work! for their class. Adam is not comfortable with the subject. Well, Adam… YOU ARE THE PM, YOU BUMBLING MORON YO-YO HEAD! Veto the idea and move on to something else!

The Lesson of the Week

“Get to the point!”

Yes, please. Can we get to the point? I would like to get to the point of why I’m still watching this awful show. I think I'm a yo-yo. Why am I torturing myself by wasting my time watching these morons? Oh, I know why, because I have to write this summary!

The Presentations

Excel: Randal starts off the class by welcoming everybody and telling them what the topic will be. He is doing well with a somewhat mundane topic and George is impressed! He breaks the class into groups and the participants seem to have a fairly good time. Marshawn does a good job of speaking during her portion as well. The other two? well, I don't really recall what they did, so they must not have been whining at the time!

Capital Edge: Adam introduces the topic of Sex at Work! by telling the participants the class will be interactive… well, not that interactive… Phew, thank goodness! Really, I have to agree with Carolyn here. What was the point? The whole team was inflicted with the Markus effect! They were babbling stuff about agreeing with sex in the workplace, not agreeing with sex in the workplace, being openly gay, bosses smacking people’s asses, going out to dinner while being Jewish, etc. Whatever! Markus was playing with a yo-yo (that happens to be a better candiate then he is) and reading a magazine, so I guess he just figured he’d ride the coattails to another win or he’d babble something to take the heat off himself when he got to the boardroom, you know, just like all the other times he’s been there.

The Results: Gee, who do you think won? I am stunned it wasn’t by a whole lot more! Excel had an average rating of 7.07 while Capital Edge had an average rating of 6.98. Excel wins and Randal gets the glory of knowing he looks good to Donald for handling a bunch of misfits and he is now the only candidate with two wins as PM! Plus, he has an exemption next week as voted on by his teammates.

The Reward: Excel gets to go shopping at Michael Kors. The store is shut down for a private shopping experience, just like Janet Jackson and Britney Spears get. They all come out looking good! Randal looked especially dapper in the cream colored suit!

The Boardroom: PM Adam decided earlier that he would be taking Clay and Markus to the boardroom. Alla said that Clay’s remarks about being a tightass Jew were inappropriate in the workplace. George agreed! Markus was very hard to manage and basically contributed nothing during the task. Well, hasn’t this been the case all along with Markus? Donald had asked Markus why the team lost the task and Markus babbled incoherently. Donald also asked Clay if he was gay. To which Clay said yes and everyone else said that they knew this. Donald is hit with the Markus effect and babbles something about how some people like steak and some people like spaghetti, so that's why they have menus in restaurants!

So here we are, three idiots on the chopping block. Who will be fired? Just send all them yo-yos home, I say! Clay is, just as Alla pointed out earlier, a whiny, high maintenence b!tch a thousand times worse than a woman or something. Markus is a bumbling idiot who can’t put a complete thought together long enough to get a sentence out of his mouth and Adam is so young and inexperienced that he led a team through a class on a topic he didn’t even want to use!

In the end, Markus is fired because, well I guess it was because Donald finally got a headache listening to him! Markus babbles his way out of the boardroom and Clay has a hissy fit into the elevator and back into the suite! He tells Adam, “Don’t even talk to me!” and slams the door!

In The Cab: Markus babbles incoherently. I couldn’t even begin to tell you what he said. I bet even he doesn’t know what the heck he said!

Next Week: Chewbacca is fired even after he manages to speak more comprehensibly than Markus!

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