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The Biggest Loser 2 - Episode 5 Summary

'Sugar Free Jell-O. It's What's for Dinner' By MTW1961
Original Airdate: October 11, 2005

Last week on The Biggest Loser, the teams were in Vegas. Did you miss it? Do you want to know what happened? No problem, you can read all about it here.

The women are discussing last week’s loss. Andrea and Suzy are upset by Ryan’s departure because she was the glue. But privately, Suzanne tells us she was happy to see Ryan go for just this reason. It’s clear that Suzanne is playing for the money and not primarily for the weight loss.

Temptation Challenge

Today’s temptation challenge is a little different in that they aren’t being asked to succumb to temptation. Instead, the teams are presented with a temptation laden tray. The tray contains one double cheeseburger, an order of French fries, and a milkshake. Each team must guess how many calories are contained in the meal before them. The loser must climb the Stairmaster – one stair for every calorie their guess was off while the winning team takes a trip to Universal studios. They must use what they’ve learned about counting calories and the trainers help by breaking down the meal into its component parts: two 4-oz. beef patties, 6 ounces of fries, 2 cups milk, etc.

The girls are confused because these high fat items haven’t been in their diet plans so they don’t know the corresponding calorie counts. It takes awhile, but both teams come up with guesses – the men say 2,950 calories, while the women guess 4249. We learn that one team is off by over a thousand calories but the other is only off by 100 calories. The men’s guess turns out to be more accurate, as the meal weighs in at 2,834 calories. Each woman must climb 1,410 steps, proving only that Bob is a better trainer than mathematician, since 4,249 – 2,834 = 1,415. Hope those 5 missed steps don’t com eback to haunt the ladies!

Jillian takes the men to universal studios where they ride roller coasters. While there, she helps them learn to function in that environment. For example, she encourages them to split a treat item into smaller portions. She tells them to eat only one portion. Either share the rest with others or throw it away. Just don’t feel obligates to eat the whole thing. This is a lesson I could stand to learn better.

Meanwhile, the women are busy on the treadmills determined to beat the men at the next weigh in. Bob comments that the blue tem is finally working as a group. As an inspiration, Bob brings in Andrea from season 1. She still looks great, but c’mon. What is she, some kind of therapist? Give her 15 minutes of fame on a TV show and all of a sudden she’s a celebrity weight loss guru.

The ladies swap stories – Suzy confesses she’s been the cute, fat kid all her life and it isn’t cute any more. Shannon says in her family, all the women are overweight. It seems to be more accepted in the black culture. Andrea nods in agreement.

Non-Temptation Challenge

I didn’t really know what to call it.. Reward challenge? Anyway, the teams are faced with one of their worst nightmares. They are in a room full of padlocked refrigerators! They must find the keys that go to five of the locked refrigerators and retrieve the Jell-O brand sugar-free gelatin snacks – hey, they’re each only 10 calories and are available in multi-packs at your local Costco for under $7.00. Just thought I might as well go with the product placement flow.

The winning team will get videos from home. These are usually the kind of challenges the women always seem to win. It’s not very interesting – just confusing. The girls win, 5 refrigerators to 4.and I’ll tell you that green Jell-O looks pretty good. Reminds me of the margaritas I’ll be drinking in Monterey tomorrow night. Which tips the scales at roughly 300 calories, depending on who you ask. Maybe I’ll stick to Martinis.

Back at the ranch, Bob is pleased and relieved to see that the women won. They had a good strategy and are proud of their teamwork. They may have had a strategy, but it didn’t translate well to TV. Video time. We see Shannon’s video from her family, and she wasn’t kidding. Her family is huge. They probably call her “Tiny”. Her sister is 22 years old and 300 lbs. Shannon hopes to be able to change all their lives when she returns home. Next is Jen’s video. They are proud of her and, of course, her kids miss her. Suzy’s family does a cheer. Suzanne’s fiancé tells her not to give up. He has a ring as an incentive for her to come back. The ring will only fit on a skinny finger. Andrea’s family misses her and loves her. They want her to get skinny and healthy.

The men are working out hard now and even though each has lost about 50 lbs they all still look HUGE.

Bob thinks the girls seem more unified than ever and says that unity is going to lead to their win. I beg to differ. I think weight loss will be much more important than teamwork this week. Suzy tells us they will be winning this weigh-in, which almost assures that they won’t.

Time for the Weigh In

The men will be weighed first. They started the week at a total of 1524 lbs,.

Tonight’s weight:

• Jeff – 10 lb loss. He now weighs 316 lbs.
• Seth – 7 lb loss. Current weight 243 lbs.
• Pete – 12 lb loss, 338 lbs.
• Matt – 11 lb loss, down to 279 lbs.
• Mark – 17 lbs lost this week! He’s down below the 300 mark at 291 lbs. He jumps in the pool to celebrate! He does not drown.

The men’s total weight loss is 57 lbs, or 3.74%. The ladies must collectively lose 40 lbs or more.

• Suzy –5 lb loss; new weight is 191 lbs.
• Suzanne – 8 lb loss; down to 190 lbs.
• Jen –10 lb loss; down to 224 lbs.
• Shannon – 8 lbs also, and she now weighs 221 lbs.
• Andrea – must lose 9 lbs. She weighs in at 193 for a 5 lb loss. Not enough! The guys win!

The guys give a big red team cheer, then turn around and offer the ladies a sincere round of applause and congratulate them on their weight loss. Those guys are a classy bunch, I tell you! Bob is disappointed because they worked so hard and came together as a team. Jen thinks they deserved to win for this reason, conveniently overlooking the fact that the men have acted this way from the very beginning.

Shockingly, none of the girls is ready to go home yet. But, pack they must, and we eventually learn that the team has decided to send home Suzanne as they don’t really trust her or feel she is truthful. The vote goes at least 3-1 in favor of sending Suzanne home, and we don’t even “need to see” Jens vote, which I think is ridiculous and something of an advantage to Jen if she doesn’t have to reveal her vote in a game where the other’s votes are anything BUT secret. Oh well. On her way out, Suzanne tells the girls she loves them and to make the most of their time there. Since leaving the ranch, Suzanne has continued to lose weight. She now weighs 159 and looks great. Only 30 more pounds to get to her goal weight. She feels there is nothing she can’t do.

This show continues to inspire as we see the week-to-week weight loss of the contestants and their transition from overweight tubs of goo to healthy, confident reality TV stars! I can’t wait to see what happens next, and one thing’s for sure. I’ll be reading about it here at Reality TV World!

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