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America's Next Top Model 3 - Episode 11 Summary

'The 'Street Fashion' Episode' By Isabelle Murray
Original Airdate: December 8, 2004

The show starts with super-girl (Eva) and super-dependent-girl (Ann) talking about what they normally wear.  Super-dependent-girl says that, normally, she’s more comfortable in like sweat pants (editorial note:  ooh!  Oh modelish!) and wears like no makeup.  Super-girl says that she never wears makeup.  Super-dependent-girl seemed to be on the hunt for a fight and then tells super-girl that she does wear makeup, etc.  Both comment on camera that they used to be on such good terms and now they are not.

They get Tyra mail.  They will learn about Tokyo street fashion.  They arrive at this place where they are met by a very quirky (but oh so cute) girl with like baby blue streaks in her hair, a little “Planters” hat, etc.  I like her style because it’s close to mine!  Sweet!  The girl brings in some other girls to demonstrate the Tokyo street fashion.  It’s very manga-like and/or baby doll-like.  The American girls don’t like at all…  Well, they don’t seem to get the culture there, in my opinion.

Next, the girls have to create their own street fashion outfit with clothes that are provided for them.  Well, one thing needs to be said here:  remember that Asian girls are short…  So, super-dependent-girl (Ann) had a hard time finding anything that 1) she liked and 2) fit her.  She really was not into the style… at all…  She struggled… badly…  She had only a pair of Capri pants.  Super-cute-eyes-girl (Amanda) got the layering part that was shown so she kidnapped most tops to layer them.  Super-dependent-girl complained that she didn’t have anything to put as a top and super-cute-eyes-girl offered any top that she wanted off her back.  Super-dependent-girl was not even grateful for that.  She tried a few tops and didn’t find anything that she liked.  A little bit later, super-girl (Eva) was helping super-dependent-girl add a little pizzazz to her outfit but the latter was in a rather pissy mood.

So, the girls are done (or rather, time has run out) and they need to show their outfit to the Japanese girl.  She loves what super-cute-eyes-girl (Amanda) has done.  When it comes to super-African-girl (Yaya), she thinks that it’s okay but is missing like a big necklace or something.  Super-girl (Eva) went for the schoolgirl look; while it looks good, it needs a bit more color (because it’s only red and white; so we need more color).  Super-dependent-girl (Ann) looked very much “plain Jane” in her outfit.  The Japanese girl was very politically correct and told super-dependent-girl that it needed a lot more accessories.

Now that the girls know what the Tokyo street fashion is like, they will have a challenge:  they have a map, a T-Mobile thingy that’s advertised ad nauseam with Paris Hilton and Snoop Dog lately (product placement, again… geez!), and the equivalent of 200$US; they have a total of 4 shops that they can go to in order to create their own Tokyo street fashion outfit to impress the designer at Milk.  Oh and they have to be at the designer’s shop before 6pm.  Any girl who is late will not be looked at.  Go!

Super-cute-eyes-girl (Amanda) found one store and bought everything there.  She said that her strategy was that, given that she is legally blind (gosh, I’m tired of hearing this already; I KNOW that you are legally blind… you don’t need to tell me every show!), it would be hard for her to find streets so she was going to buy all her clothes at one store and then head over to Milk to be sure to be there on time.  Smart girl! 

Super-girl (Eva) and super-dependent-girl (Ann) struggled quite a bit.  They both said that the problem was that they didn’t know if they should buy everything at one store because they might find something better at another store.  Anyway, eventually, they meet on the streets and they are back in friendship as if nothing had ever happened.  Ah!  Isn’t friendship a nice thing?  So, they go to another store and there is not much time left so they finish buying stuff (although they both complain that they saw better stuff elsewhere).  Then, they head over to Milk. 

Super-African-girl (Yaya) managed well but decided (for some unfathomable reason) to buy a kimono after she finished buying everything.  Bottom line, she had 10 minutes left to change clothes and find the Milk pressroom.  She had 2 minutes left to find the pressroom and she almost made it on time except that she arrived at the store and it was closed; the pressroom was just next to the store and then super-African-girl started heading in the wrong direction.

Meanwhile, the girls were super happy that super-African-girl (Yaya) didn’t make it on time because it was definitely certain now that she would not win yet another contest.  They commented, though, that all the girls had the same stockings.  Oh well!  The girls meet with the designers of Milk and Milk Boy.  The designers seem surprised to see only 3 girls, since they were expecting 4.  Nevertheless, each girl will be evaluated individually.  Super-African-girl arrives just as the other girls were leaving the room and tries to explain why she was late.  She was sent home.  We later see her saying that, thanks to her, someone would win and stuff.  It sounded awful when she said that.

Super-cute-eyes-girl (Amanda) is the first to meet the designers; they ask her to walk with a certain accessory (it was a lunchbox-like purse).  The designers like quite a bit.  Super-dependent-girl (Ann) is next.  The designers ask her to describe what she is wearing and she can’t describe it, saying that she picked whatever would fit her and that was fun.  They didn’t even really ask her to walk.  Bad sign!  They mentioned that she was rather tall at 5’11”.  Also, when she said that she was 23, they didn’t seem to like that.  Last is super-girl (Eva).  They ask her too why she chose her outfit and she says that she thought that it was funky and she liked the shirt.  When they heard that she is 19, they adored!  So, they come back and the winner is…  super-girl!  She chooses super-dependent-girl to share her prize with.  The prize was a breakfast with someone from the fashion industry.

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