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America's Next Top Model 3 - Episode 5 Summary

'The “Posing” Episode' By Isabelle Murray
Original Airdate: October 20, 2004

The show starts off with super-girl (Eva) and super-Idaho-girl (Jennipher) talking.  Super-girl says that she would not have gone as far as super-Idaho-girl.  Super-Idaho-girl says to the camera that she was trying to be innovative and impress the judges but it didn’t work.  Super-girl comments to the camera that super-judge-ex-top-model (Janice Dickinson) didn’t like and if SHE didn’t like, it means it was really bad.

Next, we see super-dependent-girl (Ann) who says that she is very happy that she got some nice feedback on her last photo.  We see her working out.

Super-yuppy-dudette (Kelle) is in front of the mirror in the bathroom and is panicking a bit.  She had bad comments last week and the week before and the week before so she’s scared.  She has been told to practice posing in front of the mirror so she tries.

Super-plus-size-girl (Toccara) is talking on the phone with her dad.  She’d like to talk to her mom but it seems like she can’t and she’s upset over something that her mom said.  It’s not clear exactly what is going on there but we definitely understand that there seems to be some kind of family struggle.

They have Tyra mail that is somewhat cryptic and talking about bending.  So, of course, the next thing that they do is have a yoga class.  The girls comment on how it is really hard.  Super-dependent-girl (Ann), who is an athlete, says that she is bending in weird ways.  Super-plus-size-girl (Toccara) says that she is sweating profusely.

During the class, super-judge-ex-top-model (Janice Dickinson) arrives and does parts of the moves with the girls.  She eventually goes in front of the class and tells them that, as models, they need to pose well so she’s here to teach them.  They will start with swimsuits so she removes her t-shirt and she has a revealing swimsuit.  The girls wear their underwear, I think.  Anyway, she teaches them how to pose in easy moves to remember.  She also tells them that everything is important like the way that you remove your hair from your face, the way that you move from pose to pose, etc.  Another important thing is to look “couture” and not “porn.”  She asks them to pose in groups.  Actually, there’s a group including super-Idaho-girl (Jennipher) that poses but then super-judge-ex-top-model removes her from the group because she’s not working for her.

Next, they have to learn to pose in gowns.  Super-judge-ex-top-model (Janice Dickinson) dons a gown herself and shows them how to “work it.”  She still knows what to do!  In general, the girls like the advice that they got from super-judge-ex-top-model, especially since she’s brutally honest.  Some girls are a bit flustered over the comments they received.  Super-judge-ex-top-model told super-girl (Eva), that she has one disadvantage since she’s short so she has to think tall and always present herself in the tallest way possible.  Super-girl shifts her pose with super-judge-ex-top-model’s directions and it works.  Super-girl is happy of the feedback that she got.  When it comes to super-yuppy-dudette (Kelle), super-judge-ex-top-model gets fed up with super-yuppy-dudette not understanding what she should do and how she should pose, so she tells her that, if she can’t pose well, she should just hide her face (wow!).  Another noteworthy comment is that super-judge-ex-top-model tells the camera that super-modern-girl (Norelle) doesn’t know how to walk in high heels but at least she can pose in them.  She said that because super-modern-girl is posing really well in her long gown despite those damnable high heels.

Tyra arrives at the house to have one-on-one talks with the girls.

• Super-yuppy-dudette (Kelle) says that she’d like to know her strengths and weaknesses.  Tyra says that her strength is definitely her perfect skin.  Her major weakness is the way that she poses.  Super-yuppy-dudette counters that she tried posing in front of the mirror but it’s just not the same.  Tyra says that no, it’s the same; the mirror is your camera.  She needs to practice some more.  Super-yuppy-dudette is rather skeptical.

• Super-dependent-girl (Ann) says that a lot of people have told her that she should do this and she thought that it would be natural and all.  Tyra tells her that she probably didn’t know what she was getting herself into when she came here.  She then asks super-dependent-girl how she became so good at swimming and water polo; she didn’t just put on a bathing suit, jumped in the water, and became immediately great.  She needed to practice, right?  Same here.

• When it comes to super-dancer-girl (Cassie), she immediately says that Tyra shouldn’t worry, she won’t go back to stripping.  Tyra then laughs and says that, if she had any say in it, she won’t go back to stripping or she’ll go on stage and drag her naked butt down.  They laugh.  Super-dancer-girl says that it’s really nice of Tyra to say this and she’s so caring and all.

• Tyra tells super-Idaho-girl (Jennipher) that she is not sure whether she really wants this or not.  Of course, super-Idaho-girl tears up and says that she really wants this.  Tyra tells her that she should wear her emotions outside, on her sleeve; it will make her endearing and it will show in her pictures.

• When it comes to super-plus-size-girl (Toccara), she says that she wants to be the first black, plus supermodel.  After being asked by Tyra, she admits that a lot of people are trying to bring her down, telling her that she can’t do that.  What hurts the most is that it also comes from her parents.  Then, super-plus-size-girl cries heavily so it’s hard to understand what she is saying.  I believe that the family struggle was really that she was not raised by her parents (i.e., they were around by not doing much for her) and she has a little sister who is basically looking up to her.  Tyra tries to cheer her up, saying that the little sister will be so proud and mom will even wonder whatever she did to deserve such a good kid.  Tyra is really caring and is giving her a big hug here.

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