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America's Next Top Model 3 - Episode 2 Summary

'The “Dependence” Episode' By Isabelle Murray
Original Airdate: September 29, 2004

So the girls are all excited.  They are in New York now and they are marveling at everything that they see from their car.  Cool, sweet.  Super-yuppy-dudette (Kelle) who is originally from New York (she informs us then that she moved to Manhattan) points interesting things to the other girls.

Some of the girls are explaining who they are, what they want to do to win.  There is one girl, Leah, who says that she knows that she can look very much like “plain Jane” and she needs to prove to the judges that she can be more.  She didn’t have a nickname so far so I name her now “super-plain-girl” (her words).  There is also super-brace-girl (Norelle) who says that she has a feeling like she is intimidating the other girls.

So the girls are taken to some place in Times Square, they don’t know exactly where.  Well, it’s the top of a building.  I was wondering whether they would do a photo shoot there but they did that in Cycle 1 so I thought that it was unlikely.  The girls are met by Tyra who asks them to look around at the billboards (we see a lot of fashion ads with, obviously, models on them).  She then tells them that it could be one of them someday.  (It would have been so great if they had had a billboard of one of the previous winners… but that’s just my opinion).  Then, Tyra goes on saying that they are in the city that never sleeps so why should they?  Tyra goes on explaining that a model never knows when she will get her next job and where her next assignment will be so the phone might ring in the middle of the night and she needs to just fly off to the next photo shoot.  Well, the girls are informed that their next assignment will not be in New York.  The girls look surprised.  Instead, they are flying to Jamaica to do a swimsuit photo shoot.  The girls are ecstatic.  Tyra then tells them that their flight is in a few hours so they don’t have time to sleep or anything; they need to go straight to the airport.

So, we see them at the airport and then in the plane.  It was kind of weird because they were showing like these random footages and it felt like they needed to fill in the time.  Okay, in the plane, the girls were obviously trying to catch on some sleep.  Then, they hit some turbulence, which didn’t sit all too well with super-athletic-girl (Ann).  She was crying and she was just plain scared.  She called out to her best friend of the bunch, super-evil-girl (Eva).  I’m going to have to change her nickname as it doesn’t fit anymore; let’s just call her “super-girl” as she is just full of energy and stuff.  Well, super-girl was napping and could not hear the cries of super-athletic-girl; super-Indian-girl (Julie) woke up super-girl.  Super-Indian-girl commented on how the relationship between super-girl and super-athletic-girl was weird.  When super-athletic-girl called out to super-girl, she called her “mommy” at one point.  So, from now on, the nickname for super-athletic-girl will change to super-dependent-girl…  And you’ll see how well she deserves that one.  Finally, super-girl manages to calm down super-dependent-girl who then falls asleep.

They arrive in Jamaica; lots of sunshine; looks way cool.  They see super-makeup-dude (Jay Manuel) who introduces himself again, adding that Tyra calls him “Mr. J.” and then he introduces “Miss J.”, super-runway-dude (J. Alexander).  They will immediately do the photo shoot of the swimsuits.  Super-makeup-dude tells them that there is a catch:  the house in New York can only fit 13 so one girl will be sent packing after the photo shoot.  Well, someone rained on the girls’ parade!  We see long faces…  Okay, back to the details.  The girls will be helped by the best in the business.  They have another super-makeup-dude, a super-styling-gal, and a super-hairdresser-dude to help them.  The goal, obviously, is to make all the girls look super great.

We see a little bit of footage on the girls getting ready.  They are obviously eyeing the competition.  Bof.

They are doing the photo shoot.  Now, the girls are very green, obviously.  Some have a really hard time to focus, others are doing okay, and a few are doing great.  Among the great ones, there is super-Indian-girl (Julie), super-plus-size-girl (Toccara), and super-African-girl (Yaya).  When super-African-girl was posing, super-makeup-dude (Jay Manuel) commented that she was working like the rent was due tomorrow.  Among the girls who had a hard time, there was super-plain-girl (Leah) who had a very very hard time following directions but, mainly, holding still.  Super-makeup-dude was also very disappointed in super-dependent-girl’s (Ann) performance.  Just before that, super-dependent-girl was mentioning how tired she was and how she lacked energy from the needing sleep and having freaked out in the plane.

The photo shoot is done (it seems to be late at night; after all, they had 14 girls to shoot!).  Super-makeup-dude (Jay Manuel) informs them that they are to go to their hotel, get some much needed sleep, and the next morning they will have a brunch where he will bring an envelope with the name of the girl who is eliminated.  The girl then needs to pack her things and go home.  Geez, it’s only like 8:26 pm so there will be another elimination, maybe?

Next, we see super-makeup-dude (Jay Manuel) and super-runway-dude (J. Alexander) in Jamaica talking to Tyra who is wherever in the US.  They discuss the girls to decide who will be eliminated.  Tyra really liked the swimsuit that they put on super-plus-size-girl (Toccara).  She really looks stunning (she does).  They are all surprised that super-yuppy-dudette (Kelle) looks so much “hoochy” in her picture, given that she is “white-African-American”…  They are all very very disappointed by super-dependent-girl (Ann).  Tyra says that she has the feeling like super-dependent-girl is relying too much on the fact that she is gorgeous and has a great body so she’s not working as hard as she should.

The girls are enjoying their brunch.  Then, comes super-makeup-dude (Jay Manuel) with the envelope.  He puts it down on the table.  Super-plain-girl (Leah) had asked to be the one to read it.  She informs us that it’s a kind of protection for herself.  If her name is in the envelope, she’d rather read it herself.  So, the girl sent packing home is…  Magdalena!  We didn’t see much of her in either episode.  She was rather in the background.  They didn’t like her at the photo shoot because there was not much light behind her eyes.

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