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America's Next Top Model 3 - Episode 6 Summary

'The “” Episode' By Isabelle Murray
Original Airdate: October 27, 2004

The show starts with super-yuppy-dudette (Kelle) who talks to her father and says that she doesn’t have any intensity in her eyes.  In the confessional, she says that she has had bad pictures.  We see a bit of last week’s elimination.  She says that she doesn’t know what to do and no matter how hard she tries, it doesn’t work.  She cries.

Super-cute-eyes-girl (Amanda) is cleaning up and picking up trash on the floor, the trash bins are overflowing, she says that it’s like living with pigs, there is food left lying there.  Super-cute-eyes-girl says that super-dancer-girl (Cassie; I’m changing her name to super-food-obsessed-girl) is the sloppier one now with her diet Coke and labeled stuff.

Tyra wakes them up.  She wants to talk about the modeling industry in terms of eating, body image, fitting into a certain mold.  Tyra has a friend, Kate Dillon who used to model with Tyra and she is a top plus size model (super-plus-size-girl [Toccara] looks happy to hear that).

Kate Dillon arrives; we see pictures and footage of her.  She was the first plus size model to be in Vogue.  She used to be a skinny model so she had to starve herself.  She was not happy and could not go on.  She left the industry and gained like 50 pounds.  She came back but as a plus size model.  It may not be the right career for them and if that’s the case then they should not manipulate themselves to fit in.  Tyra then says that, in way, they are athletes because they need to keep their bodies in shape and be able to manipulate them.  They need to remember that their careers are only temporary.

They will now learn how to do this healthily.  Another guest arrives:  a nutritionist.  For years, she has been helping models eat well and maintain their weight.  Super-food-obsessed-girl (Cassie) mentions that she does the low carbs thing (remember that there is the possibility that she has an eating disorder, as hinted in previous episodes).  The nutritionist says that, contrary to the current popular belief, people should not be scared of carbs; they just need to use them in moderation.

Tyra then offers to have one-on-ones with her, the nutritionist, and Kate.  Super-food-obsessed-girl (Cassie) jumps at the occasion.  Super-food-obsessed-girl says that, to be in the modeling industry, she feels like she needs to be skinny; she goes on saying that she won’t say that she has an eating disorder (at this, you feel like the nutritionist’s alarm bells are ringing; well, an eyebrow goes up) but she worries about what she eats 24/7.  The nutritionist asks whether she sometimes feels like it’s out of control and then she goes into guilt trips.  Super-food-obsessed-girl acquiesce and says that she has had periods where she threw up in the past but she never considered herself bulimic because she didn’t throw up after every meal, only during the evening if she felt like she ate too much that day and she didn’t want to go to bed with that in her stomach.  The nutritionist says that she gets nervous by hearing that (Tyra nods) and asks super-food-obsessed-girl whether she has talked to anyone about that.  Super-food-obsessed-girl says no.  The nutritionist says that it’s important that she finds someone to talk to because it can spiral down.  Tyra adds that it’s especially true in the modeling environment with all the pressure and the critique.  Super-food-obsessed-girl says that she doesn’t feel like she has anyone that she can talk to and understand how she feels.  She goes on saying that they can tell all they want that she shouldn’t do this but if she feels like doing it, she will.  She then leaves the room.  Tyra is disappointed.  She wishes that super-food-obsessed-girl would be more ready to be helped.  Kate said that it’s hardcore eating disorder there.

Super-food-obsessed-girl talks to her boyfriend.  She tells him that she has a feeling that they will want her to see a counselor.  He asks why she would need to and she answers that it’s for “you know what.”  He asks how come they know about that; she says that it’s because they made her tell them.  Okay, honey.  I don’t know if they cut some footage off the segment but you volunteered the information.  Not that it’s bad that she did but she seems a bit clueless here.  Super-food-obsessed-girl then says to the camera that if she feels happy by doing it and she feels fine then that’s all that matters.  Well, there might be issues with your health, my dear…  but I’m being judgmental here.

Super-food-obsessed-girl cooked low-carb brownies.  She says that it costs like 6$ per bag.  Super-dependent-girl (Ann) says that the brownies were sitting there in the kitchen, along with everything that super-food-obsessed-girl used to bake the brownies.  We see that eggshells are lying on the counter, and super-girl (Eva) is upset because the oil is also on the counter for no apparent reason that it had been used.  So, super-girl and super-dependent-girl were making the dishes but were very disgruntled over the fact that super-food-obsessed-girl had not cleaned up after herself.  So, with a knife, super-dependent-girl carved “Clean your s**t” (well, it was spelled out correctly in the brownies).  Super-food-obsessed-girl is really surprised that someone would have done such a ridiculous thing.  She asks a fleeing super-girl who wrote this and she answers that she doesn’t know but it was not her.  Then, we see super-African-girl (Yaya) saying on camera, “The audacity of someone to carve something in Cassie’s precious brownies”, with a lot of sarcasm in her voice, obviously.

We see then super-food-obsessed-girl saying in front of the mirror (I believe that it was super-plus-size-girl [Toccara] who was next to her) how it should never be done, no one should touch other people’s food, blah blah blah.  The other girl says that it’s no big deal.  Super-food-obsessed-girl says that it’s like if she would stick her finger in the middle of the other person’s chicken breast.  Well, at least super-dependent-girl (Ann) used a knife to carve the message…  We see super-dependent-girl and super-girl (Eva) in the phone room trying to be “sneaky” as Ann put it and trying to shut the door.  Super-food-obsessed-girl asks each girl whether she is responsible for the carving incident (my, such a big fuss over brownies…  but she deserved the message in them!).  Super-girl says that it wasn’t her but the way that she said it implied that she knew who it was.  Super-dependent says that she didn’t write the message.

So now all the girls are trying to figure out who did the “brownie incident” while super-food-obsessed-girl (Cassie) is talking about the incident to her boyfriend.  Lord!  Super-plus-size-girl (Toccara) is having fun trying to figure this thing out and she says that she’s pretty sure that super-dependent-girl (Ann) did it.

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