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Temptation Island 2 - Episode 6 Summary

'Six Spices up the Mix' By SwtTXGddss

You know I had to take Canada girls advice from last week and have some help to watch this weeks show thank GOD for xanax so please bear with me.

We start off with the over showed…previously on TIT,,,,,,,The aftermath of the previous events…..yada yada yada……Hillary, Tony, Bonfire, Etc….Shan looks like a rock star to me. She is so funny. Sometimes she just looks stoned. I think she took a bong or a lot of xanax for her luxury item….

One of the very first scenes we see is The Picky Picky Ice princess Catherine who I will call the PPIP saying how now she knows why Eddie looked so somber, but she really didn’t know that it would be like this…come on PPIP, this is TEMPATATION ISLAND, you gave the man, no matter how freaky looking and no matter how bad he stutters free REIGN to have a affair and to get all the booty he could get in 3 weeks….So sorry Ice Princess YOU DID THIS. Shows her at the table sharing this with the guys…of course she is in a bikini with her implants hanging out…but I guess that is beside the point.

Then we get to see Nikkole…in her classic fashion saying this was like WHO CAN be a slut…..

It shows the men’s side of the island….I thought the guys were gonna cry like big ole babies….the single women were worse…they were like…Genevieve realized that she couldn’t control this situation here so she chose the way out….It was truly sad….I was like get over it people…At least now there is no threat of sexual harassment, lets have some lap dances and move on….

Back to the Ladies camp….Shannon. The rock star is crying. will be so upset without Gen…she wont sleep at all….Nikkole just the opposite…she is so happy. So are the guys….Rossi made a hugely funny comment, but I missed it I think I was focused on his funny hair….. Sorry peeps….

Day 10—morning time shows the morning regimes of both sides of the island…HELLO. The guys are just as vane as the girls. I was like OMG Eddie are you gonna shave your legs too? Then we see Marky…the horses..and A HOT Guy…we hear welcome to Temptation Island…..and we get a damn commercial…..

Mark and Kelly from Florida. They are there because he wanted to be there, He feels strangled. He can see himself married to Kelly when he grows up….They seem like they are going to be a lot of fun. Markie takes Kelly to meet the girls and the guys see her and automatically The Ice Princess dosent like her. Says “I don’t like her no way!” In her pouty little voice. Shannon says the guys are like dogs in heat…The guys begin planning a party for their new island mate…..As they leave the ladies to get acquainted or is it acquitted after Kelly kills the ice princess? Kelly says Mark is 31 and he is a Police officer and he is always on her to get a career. Hhmm… Maybe Kelly and John should get together and Mark and Shannon should get together. Kelly says she would like to get a “real job” but she just isn’t sure..she is older…and has a lot of decisions to make….Next Shows the last dinner of her and Mark with Markie …..Shows them all serious….She is hanging out of her shirt…she does have a nice rack…if I say so…and I am a chick and all…..Her b/f is HOT….They feel that they need to take the next step in their relationship. This was HIS idea to Come to TIT, his G/f is letting him go and be single, she is going to hold nothing against him. She is feeding him….it is making me wanna PUKE….OMG, what is this all about…I can only imagine that the single guys are so happy that Gen is gone that they are just waiting to get the party started and the single girls are just waiting to see if this is a “deep and emotionally” attractive guy. GIVE me a break…

Markie comes and gives them the bad news…It is time to separate and begin their adventure …of TEMPTATION ISLAND….well this chick is a bartender…how much help does she need? When Mark gets Kelly to the Ladies side of the Island the guys are so very happy, Rossi calls her the “sparkplug”. They are throwing one big party, the girls got wild…you should have seen them shaking…..even Nikkole was giving it her best….Shannon was all over…I was amazed. They were in the pool...on the bar and it was amazing… and Guess who the new girl is all over Kelly, TOM, the nice guy who thinks he has a “BOND” with all the ladies….the player of the island…the master tempter…..I bet the little Ice Princess Catherine has her Thong in a wad over that, you know she was eating up having both Tom and Rossi eating out of the palm of her hand. In fact when the Ice Princess sees Tom all over the “fresh meat” she finally decides to give Rossi fair a shot……they have a romantic encounter behind the cabins….Rossi says “Catherine is like a beautiful butterfly” He got her excited ---- that means Hot and bothered to us normal folks or horny to the rest of us. They go behind the cabin and Rossi asks is he can kiss her….she says…I guess…..They kiss with what looked like a lot of tongue…for a long time until the Ice Princess pulled away. She was amazed that she could go that far that fast…..**pout**

Meanwhile on the guys side of the island….it was on…the guys John said he thinks there will be many nights of hearing “the Italian stallion” being called out in the wee hours of the night… The girls all thing is he is so hot….Deep Blue eyes was the comment coming from the psyche major Tiffany… but ok this isn’t what this is all about….This was about Eddie having something wrong with his heel Hillary helped him to his cabin…and she asked him what he was doing and he said he was “brushing his teeth naked” and did she wanna help and of course she did and the next thing we hear is moaning and groaning and then we see Tommy coming in and he hears the moaning and groaning and he quickly tiptoes out…it was quiet uumm…funny…Hillary is shown sayng that Catherine might take this a little personal…uumm…yeah I think she might…and why wouldn’t she…lol….

OK day 11…
Dance Date Selection…but first…the single girls have done a arts and crafts project…The Vegas show girl….oh I am sorry Closet Designer….I never can remember her name…has on a shirt that “I like your b/f” and the rest of the girls have on white t-shirts with black paint that says ME Too……I thought that Nikkole, Shannon, Cat and Kelly were gonna die when they saw them. Today’s date selection….they can choose ANYONE, and it is a dance selection…the single ladies will take the bridge and then the guys will dance with the one they want to date…simple as that…….Eddie goes first…..Well Poor Eddie has 2 women shooting him daggers…Catherine and Hillary…of course Hillary thinks after their encounter that Eddie will take him….but hey Hill…..or should I say Monica…what is a little oral sex between friends….after all oral sex isn’t considered really sex now is it? So Eddie after making an ass of himself for a while chooses Linda…..You can tell Hillary wants to commit suicide…PLEASE…I will send you some xanax…. So now it is the Italian stallions turn…His g/f Kelly says this is no fun…he chooses the little Wedding girl Donna..Donna sure goes on a lot of dates…Next on the catwalk is Tommy….now Tommy isn’t going to let me down, he proceeds to further disgrace his g/f sister/aunt whatever in the hell Nikkole is and dances with each lady before he picks the very well endowed Tiffany. Good ol John is up next and that white boy needs Rhythm…..Come on John…PLEASE don’t disgrace us again….Well he chose Nayla…and this is their 2nd date….could there be a love connection there that we don’t know about? OK come on ladies, don’t loose the momentum the guys started for us… Shannon is up first….she picks…Ruben. the kick boxing champ……Ruben has had very little airtime…so I am not sure what is up with that…….Then Nikkole picks the NYC fireman…Tommy again…and her b/f is not happy with that….but I am happy anything to get Tom on TV, he is a hottie….Catherine, the little Ice Princess…..Leaves Rossi speechless…..which is hard to do and she picks Tony the Teacher, Rossi was like WTF? It was a great TV moment, then Kelly picked, can you guess who Kelly picked? She picked Thomas, the Master Tempter….The one who wants all the first dates so he can tell all the ladies he “bonds” with them so he can hopefully get the last date spot…I got your number buddy boy.

This is where is gets fun….As they leave Hillary…poor poor suckie tit Hillary is so pissed…Says this is just her life…like she is with someone one night and then the next night they are with someone else. Eddie says she is acting like she owns him. She is being a loner, she is laying in bed, then she goes to his cabin where is looks like he is sitting with his date and she is just going off talking about how she was “with” him last night…COME on Hill…GROW up, You are on Temptation Island…..not, Who wants to Marry someone already in a relationship…or Who wants to have a 3 weeks meaningless relationship because after this I am going home with my g/f.

Good of Markie…comes to Both camps to shake things us…says too look around…within the next 36 hours…..most of the faces you see around you will be gone…..Well of course in the ladies camp..ROSSI is pissed..he wanted the final date with Catherine….and he hopes it isn’t messed up by some stupid mistake on her part……The girls are in shock…they have spent so much time building so many deep bonds with these people you know and now most of them are going to be gone…..
The guys camp…..We see Hillary in bed…Is this just her thing…does she just stay in bed? Then we see Kirsten and Tommy….Kirsten is all upset …..She and Tommy are spending time together…they are realizing they have a bond…some sexual tension between them…….it looks like it gets fun…

That is all for the night……

Previews for next week look great…Sorry I didn’t do a very good job this week and sorry it took so long…

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