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Temptation Island 2 - Episode 2 Summary

'The Horror Continues' By SwtTXGddss

We start off another fine night of slut TV on the Ladies side of the island. We see the lovely Nikkole (who really needs a hair cut) saying she has no doubts, she can’t wait and she is ready to see what is in store for her.

Next they take us to the pool with all the tempters and the temptresses so they can select their first dates. They are given a tray of sea shells with the names of the singles inside and they get to choose one. If they choose the one with the one that is blocked then they choose another…yada yada yada..You see where we are going…….

Mark, who does this all too well starts with John who IMHO looks great today, much to John’s excitement he gets Ann Marie, Shannon “drama queen” as I will call her just looks nervous. Next Tony gets to pick, and he gets Donna, Genevieve says she isn’t concerned at all. Ok now on to Edumando or Eduardo or whatever his name is, he gets the oh so lovely (but later we find out wears bad shoes) Hillary. The Ice princess Catherine is Oh so Not Happy over this one. She thinks it “sucks” Next Tommy picks his shell and he gets Kirsten with an S, and Nikkole in her normal “Ytossie” fashion just looks away

Now for the Ladies, Shannon, who giggles all the way through gets Kaine, though her b/f John is hoping for Rossi the “bodybuilder” from Arkansas! John just laughs says Kaine is NOT HER TYPE! Genevieve who I am just going to call Gwen got Kevin, Tony just got pathetically quiet. oh but I forgot he is the passive one in that relationship! Catherine (Ice Princess) BTW did yall know that Princess is another word for b*tch? Got the handsome Oscar, Catherine said there was “chemistry there, she was so happy. Then Nikkole got to get her shell on and she got Jeff. You know Jeff looks like a great guy, only to be wasted on someone like Nikkole.

Next order of business, as Mark puts it, one of the singles has to go home, but it is ONE OF THE DATES “WHAT?!?” from the Drama Queen (SHANNON)

Break for Valtrex commercial, now how many of you all find that a commercial for Herpes Medicine during this show is fitting? I SURE DO!!!!!!

Date Sabotage is the name of this segement

The men are huddled up preparing to send one of the 4 men that their g/fs are going to go out with today home you hear talk about the “original plan, not sure what that is about, Then when they are done, we see Tommy looking like a big lime taking the little necklace thing to Oscar or “sexy mexy” as John called him. Oscar says that Edumando is just threatened by him because he threw in some Latin flair to him woman.
OK, the ladies turn, the guys are such pigs, they are betting on who they will throw off. Genevieve gets to do the honors and she takes it to Anna Maria, Shannon wanted to let Hillary go because so far she has been ruthless to John, but so sorry john, your girl is outta here AGAIN. Anna Maria says that Shannon is just high Maintenance and jealous. So, now that they have been sabotaged, Catherine and John can’t go on one on one dates, but they get to stay behind with the other 8 singles. Now how bad is that for the, Poor Poor Ice Princess and John. When the 3 couples Left the little Ice Princes was in Shock as she watched her precious leave with another woman.

Tommy and Kirsten S are off on a boat going Scuba diving, now here we have a man that wont marry a woman he has been with for many years but he knows in a matter of hours that it feels “right” to touch and to fondle with Kirsten, come on, can you say he is just wanting to get a little action? Said it felt right to touch her, Heck yes it is going to, you have free reign to cheat on your g/f who you don’t want to marry, OMG hello, we know what brain he is thinking with.

Next we have Nikkole and Jeff, they are off on the 4 wheelers, Nikole says Jeff is so “sensitive” it is great, Jeff says as they sit at a waterfall, and after Nikkole has spilled her guts about Tommy not marrying her and how she really wants to be married , Jeff states tells her that this is where he would “propose” to the right lady, come on, he is saying exactly what she wants to here. He is making a very good tempter.

On to Tony and Donna, They go to a Nature Preserve, Donna says that Tony needs a Passive woman; He is very easy to get along with. I missed a little of this date yall. I am sorry.

The next Date was Gwen and Kevin, they went surfing, I loved this date, he was so funny, she was like, I am so picky, he said she is energetic, excitable and easygoing, then he said, no cut that she isn’t easy going. I almost spit my dr pepper all over the living room.

Now we see the Ice Princess and the 8 single guys, Tom is taking a huge liking to her says she is the “queen of hearts” They are in the pool talking about love being smothering. She loves all the love. Wonder if she would like to see Ed and Hillary on the horses (OMG DID you see her shoes they were butt ugly!) ED likes that Hillary is a smart a** and she thinks he is her type.

Ok time for Drama queen Shannon and Kaine. Shannon says Kaine so different then john, uh yeah, Kaine has a JOB and Aspirations, he is in school, Kaine is really digging Shannon, she says there is stuff she doesn’t want to share on TV, all the while john is spilling his guts, about Shannon being divorced she was married for along time, she caught her ex cheating she was wild, caught her ex with a friend of hers. So much for keeping it quiet Shannon. John, who could be living it up having the attention of 8 single ladies is sleeping, ok is it just me or do they really remind you all of Shannon and Andy from last year? Finally he gets up and then he starts drinking and all he can talk about is Shannon and spilling her dirt. I bet she is going to be so proud of him.

On to the Girls and the guys Nikkole says it is more fun then summer camp, uumm unless it is band camp…LOl…I crack myself up… They slept until 10, then walked to the water fall. And played horsey. Catherine is being swept away by Tom and Rossi. The Body builder from Arkansas. He is so funny. Catherine got a cute little love note from Tom, Telling her that he had the best day she is a sincere person would love to get to know her…..Catherine is talking to Nikkole, she is so happy/torn, she just wants Ed to appreciate her more.

Mark comes to summon the girls tells them the drums mean the bon fire, it is time, lets go….When they get there, he asks if they are nervous, and I swear Shannon looks like a dear in the headlights, “yes” is the unanimous answer Jeff tells this this is the place where they can get either information or communication with their significant others. They have the optin of watching video clips of their others dates and or what others think of the guys and or the relationships so far. Drama Queen Shannon gets to go first. She chose YES, We see Tiffini telling how John is ready to get down and get dirty and if they would take the block off of Linda that it would be on. Linda says that Shannon is materialistic and there is no future and that she is insecure. WOW how many times are we going to hear those things about her already? When the clip is over Mark asks Shannon what she heard and she was in “shock” and she repeated it, Mark asked how she felt, she said, John isn’t a cheater, but men do cheat.

Ok Nikkole goes next and the first thing Kirsten says is how Nikkole has pushed Tommy and he isn’t ready and that was his biggest mistake. There are other issues and he needs space. When asked if anything she heard surprised her, Nikkole said no, she knew they weren’t connecting and it was hard to be at the redirecting place. Mark actually looked sad. I honestly am glad I don’t have his job; I would have to tell these pathetic people to get a life and if you don’t want to be tempted DON’T go to Temptation Island. NUFF said on that topic.

Ok Now we have the dominatrix Gwen, she is watching as Donna talked about what Tony needs, how he needs to be exposed to someone that is passive and Gwen is so aggressive, aahh yes, Dom’s usually are. Donna said, Tony needs to feel that the other person is wrong sometimes too. Gwen said that is absolutely right that Tony needs to take care of someone and I don’t need him. I thought ok, she is definitely a Dom….

Onto the Ice Princess herself who has admitted that she was being swept away by Tom and Rossi, Got so upset by watching Hillary talking about what a great guy Ed is, and how the long distance of the relationship the IP and Ed is and said she really liked him and he was a gentle kisser. That sent the Ice Princess over the edge. All the while Nosy Nikkole is asking, not once but twice, “what happened, what did she say sweetie?!?” The IP says, “he is amazing, I love him, I want him to want me like I want him” as the ladies are leaving I heard the IP say, I want her off about Hillary I am assuming.

Ok Boys turn now. Mark informs them that the girls chose to see the tapes so they have no choice, he starts with Tony, watching Kevin saying Tony has no spunk, that he needs to stand up to Gwen. Tony Admits this is an issue, oh that’s right passive people always agree to things….

On to Tommy, Watches as Jeff says that he needs to be more appreciate of what he has, doesn’t know what he has, and if things doesn’t change “it is over” we see Tommy do a great Shudder and sigh, I have to wonder if he was thinking about his date with Donna who it was so right with or his fear of commitment?

Now we see John who I think is trying to look more “studious” with his little glasses on as Kaine talking about how he isn’t ambitious and that is bad because that bothers Shannon because she thinks he is content. That upsets John; he says Shannon knows he isn’t content. It is just very hard and that yes this makes him very nervous now. Mr. I is not so nervous….

Now we see Ed and Tom starts off by dogging him OUT about how he has NO chance of keeping the Ice Princess and how there is NO chance of them lasting that she is more woman then he ever though of having. Well yeah, more woman, as in a PRINCESS… ED is visually shook up, but he will shake it off, he knows who he is and it feels good….COME ON, what does that mean….

Then we see our 4 men walking off someone is walking off like he is hurting all dressed in pink. Not sure who….lol….

And there you have it another nice night of Temptation Island…..Ok BE NICE GUYS I did the best I could………

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