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For Love Or Money 4 - Episode 6 Summary

'Season Finale Part Two' By DebCapsFan
Original Airdate: August 9, 2004

Part two opens as the guys sit on the couch together, drinking champagne. Mike says he is freaking out about what a hard decision it is. He holds his head in his hands as he ponders. Caleb tells him that if he chooses the girl, and the girl chooses him- what happens if in four months it doesn't work out? Mike tells him at least they had a chance to try to work it out. Mike declares he is stuck in the middle... Caleb seems pretty set on the money.

Cue the dramatic music and out the guys come dressed casually. They are actually wearing pretty similar outfits. That's adorable. Jordan tells them they beat thirteen other guys to make it to the final two. He gives them each their checks, and says to feel them. (It is printed on there, why would they feel any differently?) He tells them they have to decide if they are just manipulating Rachel's emotions or if they are in it for love. Now if that isn't a huge guilt trip I don't know what is. Caleb wonders if he's feelings are part of the environment, and I actually threw my arms up in the air and said a "thank you." Someone who finally realizes that on a reality show where they throw you in this fantasy environment your emotions might be a little manipulated with and possibly manufactured to create good tv.

Rachel comes out in a sleeveless turtleneck sweater. (ewww) She says she never expected to fall for someone, but now she feels otherwise. Take this statement, and repeat it a lot. Cause that's what Rachel does. Sometimes she adds tears though. The tears are a nice touch. Jordan tells her she's made it far, and gives her the check. Her eyes light up. We get a reminder of FLOM 3, and we see Rachel burn her million dollar check again. Jordan smirks as he reminds her that if her choice picks the money, she will leave with nothing, again, and will have lost a million dollar check for a second time. He also tells her that if she chooses the money, she can never see her choice again. Oh sure, NBC, who is too cheap to pay people one million dollars, would prevent her from seeing a guy her entire life. Rachel says she doesn't want to decide and fears making the wrong decision.

They have a lunch. It is extremely awkward. Mike seems to be the only one eating. The other two look really worried. Rachel says it's weird, and leaves to cry some. Caleb puts his head on the table.
I roll my eyes.

After lunch, Rachel takes Mike on a walk. She tells him that she doesn't want to just have fun with him. She says they don't have to get married.... (alright this makes me giggle) but she wants a real relationship. Rachel decides to play him for the million if he just wants to be her friend and have fun.
Okay, sweetie, let me translate the guy speak to you. He knows you're going to pick Caleb. But he knows you two have a lot of chemistry. So he's offering to schtup you when you come to town.

Caleb and Rachel walk and have a very serious discussion about his doubts. He figures she's playing both of them to fall for her. Duh. She convinces him that everything she is telling him is real. She actually seems pretty sincere. Caleb tells her he has a best friend spot open and it's free. Okay, so Mike wants to be your "friend" and it's just not good enough. I get it.

The guys chat, and Caleb says Rachel is a bigger risk than the million. Well, not really with the annuity. Caleb says he's going with his gut. Mike says he's going by what Rachel really says, whatever that means. Jordan tells the guys that one of them will be leaving with no woman, and no money. He gives them there checks. He tells them to say there good byes. Mike and Caleb hug. I admit I watched this more than once. It was a good hug. They do the manly hand snap thing, but their hands linger for a second as they look at each other.

Okay, let me end the real or fake debate for you fine folks right now. Rachel's booty in that dress leads me to believe they are real. Women with real ones tend to balance, if you know what I mean. Rachel agonizes a little that someone can't fall for her if she doesn't fall for them. They do a split screen of the guys as they walk down the stairs. Rachel gets Mike first, and tells him when she saw him walk in she thought he was beautiful. She says on the lawn bowling date she didn't think he was interesting. But on the next date she figured out he was. We see them smooching in the hot tub. She tells him it is fun to joke with him and she has been intrigued by him.

Then we get a shot of Caleb and Rachel, and she tells him he was very nervous and shy. Her eyes light up a lot more, and I'm pretty sure at this point she's going to pick Caleb. She tells him he made her laugh on their archery date. She then tells him she didn't like how standoffish he was, and now I'm confused as we go to commercial.

They freeze frame on both guys. Rachel tells Mike that during their fireside chat when he said he wanted to have fun he wasn't very convincing. I was pretty convinced. Mike says he speaks what's on his mind when it's on his mind. This is why he's never had a major relationship. He probably told his girlfriend that yes, that dress does make you look fat. Rachel tells him she thinks he is an amazing person, but not for her. They kiss and hug for a long time. She takes the ring of his hand, looking him in the eyes the entire time. Mike says he knows she felt something strongly for Caleb, and he can't judge. You know, at first I got a kind of stalkerish vibe from him... but his cool response to being dumped leads me to believe he was just playing the game intensely. Hey Mike, if you ever just want to be friends and have fun, call me. He tells us he is going to put 110% into everything he does. He burns his check for a dollar, and seems pretty relieved.

Rachel tells Caleb she actually fell for the best friend line, and says she chooses him. They hug and kiss. Caleb tells her he is so flattered she kept giving me a chance, but he has to tell her something. He tells her about the show, and his check for a million, and how he had to trade with Morgan, and how he has a mystery check. Rachel makes weird faces. He says a 50/50 shot at a million could change his life. Then he looks heavenward, and tells her that at the end of the day he chooses her. He crumples up the check, and throws it in the box of rings. Rachel says she has something to tell him, and says she was at the house before, with sixteen other girls. Caleb looks angry. He says he knew it. She tells him she was going to choose love, and had to burn a check for a million dollars. Hey, just a thought, but you might not want to tell him you were in love two weeks ago with someone else. Rachel tells him now she has a million dollar check guaranteed if someone falls for her. Caleb wonders why she was making those faces if she knew about the money. Rachel then dramatically says she doesn't want the money, and throws her check in the box. Then she gushes about him. Caleb voices over that is they would both give up a million dollars for each other, who knows what else they will do for each other. They walk into the house hand in hand, and Rachel says she doesn't think there are any more twists. That's right, even though Erin got her money and her man, all you get his Caleb, Mr. Commitmentaphobe. Rachel says that love is worth so much more than money, and she didn't want to never see him again. They focus on the checks, and we see that Caleb also had a dollar. NBC is cheap!

After reading some of the FLOM message boards on the NBC site.... I know, it gave me cooties... I can conclude Caleb realized how popular he is with the ladies now, and gave Rachel the cold shoulder when she came out to see him. I wonder if he and Mike keep in touch. That seems like a much better match. Hugs to Mon Cherie for splitting the recap of this quality (heh) NBC reality show. I'll be shocked if there is a FLOM 5.

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