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Celebrity Mole Yucatan - Episode 1 Summary

'Dear Diary...' By DebCapsFan
Original Airdate: January 7, 2004

Dear Diary,

This year the fine execs at ABC have decided to give EVERYONE here a diary, including those of us in the crew. If you ask me, this is taking the family thing a little too far, but whatever. We are screening the edited footage of episode one.

The episode opens with Bernsen and Baldwin both claiming to be the Mole. Rodman curses, and we see little Rudy Huxtable has grown up very nicely. And of course Baldwin says he's hot for Lewis.

We get the first water shot of the episode. A graphic tells us we are at the Playa Del Carmen. Of course, Dennie Rodman was married to Carmen Electra for about thirty seconds. Ahmad Rashad greets sailor Corbin Bernsen, and explains that Corbin has to pick up each of his fellow contestants and bring them back within seventy-five minutes. Each contestant is worth $5,000 to the pot. Ahmad tells him if he gets stuck, to ask for directions. He gives him a new hat, since the last hat didn't work so well for him. Now he is transformed into cabbie Corbin. And we see Carlos and Pepe, those crazy chickens. Chickens are comedy gold. The cab has a sticker that says Mole on Board.

Corbin's clue says Estacion De Policia: This is not a usual suspect. So he goes to pick up Baldwin at the police station. After he drives by a cop, he asks a random person, who doesn't know. He locates Stephen Baldwin, who is wearing an ugly hat. Stephen's clue is Calle Corazon; Don't let this fiery heartbreaker walk all over you. They figure out they need to pick up Angie Everhart.

In a special moment between Corbin and Stephen, Stephen tells Corbin he has a chemical imbalance.

At 54:54 Angie runs into the car. Angie's clue is Estacion De Television; Hanging out with this celebrity could be a spicy experience. They figure out it's Mark Curry at the tv station. They get Mark, whose clue reads Restaurante El Hot; Not only is the food hot, but so is this celebrity who is definitely a "10" two times over. They pick up Ananda Lewis. Corbin asks her how old she is, and she tells him she is thirty. We see the cab crew shaking hands some random people in a truck.

Ananda's clue reads Concha De Basket; This celebrity has been rebounding his way west throughout his career. They leave to get Dennis Rodman. The cab crew starts arguing over directions, and Ananda tells Corbin to drive faster, but he insists on going to speed limit. Ananda tells us she has a compos, so why doesn't she tell the people in the car where to go? They get Dennis with 15 minutes left on the clock. They open his clue. It says Joyeria Silverado; Get your gold rush on to find this celebrity, waiting out west on ave 5. They figure out they need to pick up Tracey Gold. Mark says they have time to go get her. They all argue. Then Mark decides they should go back or they might loose all the money. Dennis wants them to get her. Stephen says they should give it up. They go back to the start, and through the magic of editing, we see Tracey Gold and Keshia Knight Pulliam walk up to the rest of the players immediately. They are explained the game.
Tracey says she's glad they won $25,000.

I'm so glad I didn't have to be the one filming the random backside shots. Ahmad gives them their journals, he tells them to note who sat where, and explains there will be a quiz at the end of each episode. Corbin thinks the term "executed" is very harsh. But that's because he's insane.
Angie writes down everyone's journal numbers. Ahmad asks what the number of the taxi is, and Corbin says 151.

In the funniest moment of the episode, Tracey reveals she watched the first Mole, and Corbin will unravel again. We see Corbin examine a GOLD fish on the wall. Angie says he's nuts.

Ahmad starts a new game, where he needs the best sales people. Mark and Corbin are chosen. They each get an artifact, and a description. One of the artifacts is real, and one is fake. If the other players can figure out who is lying, they win $10,000. If they guess wrong, the liar gets an exemption. Mark gets a phallic shaped object, and Corbin gets a big oar looking thing. Corbin tells the other players his object is a gourd used to make tequila. Mayans would let the tequila ferment for a week to get stronger. Corbin never breaks eye contact, and never stumbles over him story. Mark says his is an ancient Mayan fertility piece. He stumbles over his story several times, and doesn't make eye contact. The rest of the group discuss who the liar is. Keshia immediately says Corbin is lying. Tracey thinks Mark is lying. Ananda says she knows the Mayans made tequila that way, so Mark is lying. Dennis says Mark is lying. Angie tells them she saw an artifact just like Mark's at the market yesterday. Stephen thinks Corbin is lying. They go around and vote, and decide Corbin is lying. They tell Ahmad, who reveals Mark is lying. He jokes his object is a rock found in South Central. Everyone laughs. Mark gets an exemption, he tells us he feels good about it. Angie says she was lying about seeing Mark's artifact to make people think she is the Mole.

The players settle into their hotel. Tracey and Stephen form the game's first coalition. Stephen explains that Tracey is the smart one, and he is not. I'm thinking he's mistaking her for Carol Seaver. Stephen thinks the Mole is Corbin, Keshia, or Dennis. Tracey says it's Ananda or Mark, who comes out of his room, and Stephen runs off. He wipes his brow at his door.

Ahmad goes into the makeup room, where he tells Keshia that the powers-that-be decided that whoever took journal number two would get their own game. After dinner, she has to get as many people as she can into the water. Each person is worth $2,000 for the pot. If she talks a person into skinny dipping, she wins an exemption.

Dinner is taking a long time, and Keshia doesn't look happy. Finally she tells everyone she has an upset stomach, and will someone go for a walk with her. Angie goes for a walk, and Mark follows them. Keshia says she feels better and goes for the water. She sticks her feet in, and so does Angie. Mark says he doesn't want to go in the water, but sticks his feet in. Each time we are treated to three cheezy kerching noises. Keshia dares Mark to take his clothes off. Angie decides she will. Keshia comes out in a towel, and drops it in the water. At the time, I made note of Angie's sexy hip wiggle when she got out of her pants. I'm going to try it out on my boyfriend. Angie is a very attractive woman, but Keshia was a big surprise. Little Rudy is a fine looking woman. Mark told me at the time he would never watch the Cosby show the same way again. The producers thought it was funny, so they had him say it again for the camera.

Next we see the night of the execution dinner. Ahmad tells the players about the Moon over Yucatan game and that Keshia won an exemption. There is $31,000 in the pot. He tells them one of them will be executed.

The quiz is partly shown as follows:

1. Is the Mole male of Female?
A. Male B. Female

2. They don't even show it.

3. How was the Mole introduced in the Taxi Loco game?
They don't show the choices.

4. They don't show it.

5. Before the liar was revealed in the Artifact or Fiction game, did the mole touch one of the two replicas?
A. Yes B. No

6. They don't show it.

7. What color top was the mole wearing at dinner last night?
A. Light Gray B. Brown C. Black D. Light brown/Tan E. White F. Multicolored G. The Mole wore no top

8. Don't show

9. Don't show

10. Who is the Mole?
A. Ananda B. Angie C. Corbin D. Dennis E. Keshia F. Marc G. Stephen H. Tracey

All of the players sit for the execution. Ahmad explains he will type their names in, and the person who gets the red thumb is going home. He does Stephen, Corbin, and Dennis, who all get green. I'm sure it was decided to do the people coming back first, then Dennis, since he claimed he didn't care who the Mole was. Then we see Ananda's screen go red. She tells us the game is too much stress anyway. She also says she has a feeling she didn't do it right. Angie says better her than me. As Ananda leaves, she calls the other players "filthy hobbitses" thus endearing herself to geeks everywhere.

I think we shot a pretty good episode here. Hopefully people will watch. I know at this point I'm supposed to write about my feelings or something but I'm going to bed.

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