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The Amazing Race: All-Stars - Episode 11 Summary

'For The Second Week In A Row' By samboohoo
Original Airdate: April 22, 2007

Previously on The Amazing Race - All Stars...

• The Beauty Queens became the Yield Queens.
• The Cha Chas became the Spending Queens (leaving them with no money).
• And Eric and Danielle gave Charla and Mirna a run for their money to become the Drama Queens. In the end, Eric and Danielle only ended up “Marked for Elimination.”

For a complete recap of last week, check out Strid’s summary here.

For the second week in a row, TAR starts on time. I wonder what else could happen for the second week in a row.

The teams depart Hong Kong in the following order:

Danny/Oswald: 3:41 AM
Dustin/Kandace: 5:23 AM
Charla/Mirna: 7:06 AM
Eric/Danielle: 9:31 AM

The teams have $73 for this leg of the race. The first clue instructs them to take a turbo ferry to the city of Macau. There they will find a man on a rickshaw (just one?), who will give them their next clue.

As Danny and Ozzy make their way to the ferry, Ozzy notes that he and Danny have played a clean game thus far. They have treated everyone fairly and will continue to do so. No way will they stab anyone in the back in order to move into the Final 3. That, was "Ozzy Talk," which is about to be trumped by "Money Talk."

The cost of the ferry tickets is $50. The cost of the taxi from the pit stop to the ferry was $7. This leaves Danny and Ozzy with only $16 to get them through this leg of the race. Danny wonders if prostitution is allowed on the race, and the two of them quickly begin scoping out benches before any of the other girls arrive.

The rickshaw man's clue directs the teams to the tallest structure in Macau - Macau Tower, which opens at 10 AM. It also warns that a Yield is ahead. This will be the second of two Yields on the race. Each team may only use a Yield once per race. As Danny and Ozzy wait for the tower to open, Kandace and Dustin arrive. At this point, Danny and Ozzy do not foresee the need to use the Yield on the girls, but they know the girls cannot use the Yield since they used the previous one. They do foresee the need for extra money so Danny offers to not use the Yield on the girls and to use it on another team in exchange for a monetary payment. The girls think about this for a moment. They would certainly rather race against Charla and Mirna at the end than against Eric and Danielle. And, while they feel like it’s crappy to yield another team while they’re down (which is Eric and Danielle's position at the moment - most likely Danielle's), they also understand that the Yield is a tool to be used in the race. So they offer Danny and Ozzy $45 not to use the Yield on them, but to use it on Eric and Danielle. Done deal. And instead of selling their bodies for money, Danny and Ozzie only sell their souls.

As Charla and Mirna leave the Pit Stop, we are “treated” to a confessional by Mirna:

“People think that just because Charla is short, she wants to be treated in a special way. She doesn’t want to be treated in a special way. I want to because I’m the one who is handicapped here. Other teams probably see me as a tyrant, but I’m here to win."


1. An absolute ruler who governs without restrictions.
2. A ruler who exercises power in a harsh, cruel manner.
3. An oppressive, harsh, arbitrary person.

Hmm, I think Lance and Marshall summed up what other teams think of Mirna in his letter to her earlier in the series.

1. Originally used for the female members of the canine species, specially dogs — the term is more often employed in a figurative sense as an insult for a promiscuous woman, or a malicious, spiteful, domineering, intrusive, and/or mean person.

2. An unpleasant difficulty; a woman who is thoroughly disliked.

I think I’ll go with Lance and Marshall's opinion.

As they take off on the ferry, Charla and Mirna worry about motion sickness and get their barf bags ready. If only CBS had been kind enough to provide us the same courtesy when they selected Charla and Mirna for the series.

Charla and Mirna arrive at Macau Tower, and the three teams proceed to enter. They must then wait another hour until the Sky Diving area opens. During this wait, Charla offers money to Danny and Ozzy out of the goodness of her heart. Ozzy explains that they have managed to recover some of their funds already and wishes they had had this conversation earlier. Danny and Ozzy then yield Eric and Danielle, leaving Mirna stunned and confused.

Road Block

This road block requires one team member to make a complete loop around the observation deck of Macau Tower and then proceed to jump 660 feet to the ground. Unfortunately for us, all of the teams have been provided with safety equipment.

Meanwhile Eric and Danielle have left the Pit Stop and are on their way. They receive the first clue indicating that a Yield is ahead. They do not worry, as there is no way someone would possibly yield them again. If anyone will be yielded, it will be the blondes.

Kandace is the first to jump. She and Dustin receive their next clue telling them to proceed by taxi to Lou Lim loc Garden. Kandace and Dustin leave the tower as Eric and Danielle are arriving. While waiting for Danny to jump, Ozzy fills Mirna in on the deal he and Danny made with the blondes. Mirna, a lawyer, cannot believe anyone would make such a deal.

Eric and Danielle see the Yield and are seething mad at Danny and Ozzy. Eric yells obscenities at their picture and then proceeds to flip Danny off when he spots him out the window.

Ozzy jumps and receives the next clue, then is followed by Charla. Mirna then fills Charla in on the deal. Eric does the Road Block and is still seething mad at Danny and Ozzy.

Due to a horrible incident with their cab, Dustin and Kandace are delayed, allowing Danny and Ozzy to arrive at the Lou Lim loc Garden clue box in first.


Noodle or Dragon

In Noodle, the teams must make their way two miles to a Noodle Making Station. Using traditional methods, each team must flatten and cut dough to make two bundles of noodles.

In Dragon, each team must travel one mile to a warehouse. There they will pick up a dragon head and a drum and carry them ¾ of a mile to a dock. At the dock they must attach their dragon head to its matching boat. The drum really has nothing to do with the challenge except to give them something additional to carry.

Remembering the dragon challenge in their season (which required the teams to dress up as a dragon) Danny and Ozzy decide to do Dragon.

Dustin and Kandace arrive and decide to make noodles because Dragon sounds “longer.” Charla and Mirna arrive and also decide to do make noodles.

Danny and Ozzy get lost and Ozzy begins to pray (most likely to Mirna’s ancestors because something has kept them in the race this long).

Traditional methods for “Noodle” - at least for this challenge in this race - are to have one team member ride a long piece of bamboo and bounce it up and down, while the other team member moves the dough under it in order to flatten it. Once flattened, the team members must roll it and then slice it to form two noodle bundles. Of course, such bundles must be perfect and meet the standards of the noodle making judge, who happens to use one of these for his own noodle making:

Somewhere during the live showing of this episode, Lynn (of TAR 7 couple Lynn and Alex) throws a brick through his TV, incensed at the thought of Rob and Amber getting to do such a challenge. Yes, I know Romber is gone. You know Romber is gone. But Lynn, he’s just in denial.

Dustin and Kandace begin the task. The judges watch in delight (think: Phoebe Cates). If you cannot get the link to work, think Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Judge Reinhold’s fantasy of Phoebe Cates getting out of the pool. The Cars’ song, “Moving in Stereo” is playing in the background.

We see this:

which our brain translates into this:

Heck, even Laura Bush would be turned on. I know I am.

They complete their noodle bundles but are rejected, forcing them to do it again.

The judges scamper to change their underwear and line up for Round 2. Charla and Mirna arrive and the judges get excited at the thought of another girl/girl team so they pass the Barbies through. (to each his/her own fetish). Charla and Mirna begin and have a very unique way of riding the pole.

Remember, the translation is:

The judges reject the first bundle, and the second. Charla and Mirna argue. Well, mainly Mirna argues, Charla just listens and rolls her eyes. Eric and Danielle arrive while Charla and Mirna are there and complete the task on the first attempt, passing Charla and Mirna.

Meanwhile, Danny and Ozzy are still lost and are still arguing. Having decided that they picked the “hardest” task, they decide to ask for directions, which only proves that deep inside they really are girls at heart.

Mini Mokes

The Detour clue instructs the teams to travel one mile to a street where they will find a Mini Moke:

to use to drive themselves to the next pit stop, the island of Taipa.

Dustin and Kandace immediately compare the Mini Moke to a Barbie Car and think about their regular life in Barbie World.

Dustin and Kandace arrive at the Pit Stop in first place.

Phil: Rob and Amber: You are the first team to arrive. As winners of this leg of the race, I give you the world.

Yes, I know Rob and Amber are gone. You know Rob and Amber are gone. But Phil, he’s just in denial.

Dustin and Kandace: *whack* Uh, Phil, it’s us, Dustin and Kandace.

Phil: Oh yeah, I still can’t believe they’re gone. Hmm, let’s see, oh yeah, Dustin and Kandace, as winners of this leg of the race, you have each won a new Wave Runner.

Dustin and Kandace: Uh, we know what wave runners are, and there’s no way they compare to the world.

Phil: Well, there’s no way you compare to Rob and Amber.

Eric and Danielle, having stopped to ask directions arrive in second. Since they are marked for elimination, they must wait out the 30-minute penalty before they can be checked in. They start to pray to Mirna’s ancestors. Dustin and Kandace take this opportunity to explain to Eric and Danielle that it was Danny and Ozzy who approached them with the Yield Deal. Eric again launches into obscenities. Fifteen minutes into the wait, Charla and Mirna and Danny and Ozzy arrive at the island - well at least that is what CBS would have us believe. Charla and Mirna make their way to the mat and arrive while Eric and Danielle still have 14 minutes left. Charla and Mirna are checked in in second place. Danny and Ozzy apparently arrived at the wrong end of the island, and must now drive to the other side to reach the Pit Stop, which allows Eric and Danielle to check in third.

Danny and Ozzy arrive at the mat in last. But, for the second week in a row, it’s a non-elimination leg, the last of the race. Danny and Ozzy are now marked for elimination.

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