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The Amazing Race: All-Stars - Episode 10 Summary

'Every Bunny was Kung-Fu Fighting' By strid333
Original Airdate: April 15, 2007

Previously on the All-Stars Amazing Race, the racers saw many things that are often in disguise. Uchenna and Joyce made a risky decision with a potentially faster flight that completely self-destructed and they were eliminated. If you want more details, I suggest reading last week’s summary.

So the mad dash to the airport starts the episode. Dustin and Kandice, the beauty queens, are first to leave, followed by Charla and Mirna, the big yap and the little yap – which can be shortened to the yaps. The yaps coined the phrase “Yield Karma” stating that there is no need to resort to underhanded techniques in this race. (Guess how long this lasts, people!) Big yap pointed to her head and said that they have to use that muscle the most.

Eric and Danielle, team mismatch, take off next. Yeah, they’re still mad that the beauty queens yielded them in the last leg of the race. We’ll see how that goes. Did you know that superlative of best is bestest? Me neither. English teachers around the world are screaming at their televisions after Danielle’s comment. Rounding up the competition are Oswald and Danny, or the Cha Chas. The Cha Chas are having monetary difficulties so that could pose as a problem in the future.

So in a sequence of events, there are two ticket counters and two offices for these counters, located in the basement of the airport. The racers must try to find the fastest flight to Hong Kong. In some underhanded techniques, the Cha Chas and the yaps go to the offices in the basement and get on standby before the ticket offices even open. The beauty queens are first in line for the ticket counter but end up being third on standby overall. When the flights are about to take off, the Cha Chas make it onto the first good flight. On the second flight, which should be the beauty queens’ spot first, is being threatened by the yaps. The big yap tries some underhanded tactics to remove the beauty queens and other people from the queue. Yep, I knew that it wouldn’t take the yaps long to be underhanded like the beauty queens. In the end, the beauty queens and the yaps end up on the same flight, where the queens kept their first place standby spot on the flight. The mismatches had to settle for a third, much slower flight. And my big question in this whole scene is where is security in the post 9-11 world where a person cannot get on a plane with a bottle of water and needs to remove the shoes when the metal detector is set off?

So in Hong Kong, the teams must find their clues at a dry cleaner. Yeah, after all of the airport business, and with many landmarks in Hong Kong and China, the teams are sent to a dry cleaner. Are we jumping for joy yet?

The Cha Chas get their clue first and there is a choice of a Fast Forward or a Detour. The Cha Chas (despite already getting the previous Fast Forward with Uchenna and Joyce) are eligible for the other Fast Forward and go for it. They have to ride in a car that is driven by a stunt car driver while filming a scene for a movie.

The big yap decides to drag the little yap around the airport while she is riding on her roller sneakers. (I am not sure what they are called but the 11 and 12 year olds seem to think these shoes are really cool.) I could make a really politically incorrect comment about how silly these two look, but I won’t.

The Cha Chas arrive at the stunt set, suit up, and get locked into place with the car. The car zips around some pylons and then they approach a bank, which thanks to the laws of physics, means that these guys are going to get flipped in the car. The car flips, and the stunt finishes. The Cha Chas get their clue and a Travelocity Gnome and get to skip ahead to the pitstop.

The yaps get their clue, figure that the Cha Chas grabbed the Fast Forward, and have a Detour, where they get to choose between Kung Fu Fighting or Lost in Translation. In Kung Fu Fighting, the teams must climb bamboo scaffolding while kung fu fighters/stuntmen fight around them vertically. In Lost in Translation, the teams have to find a specific shop based on a picture. The yaps decide that the little yap is too small to climb the scaffolding, so they decide to try Lost in Translation. The beauty queens decide that kung fu fighting is cool and that the yaps are probably doing the other challenge, so they go straight to kung fu fighting.

After spending some time in the taxi cab, the yaps change their mind and decide that kung fu fighting is the way to go.

Because the beauty queens were decisive, while doing karate chops when climbing, they finish their detour before the other teams. After receiving the detour clue, the teams will board a ferry to another island and they will then taxi to an abandoned police building.

The mismatches finally make it to Hong Kong, get their clue, and decide to kung fu fight, in a hope to make up some lost time. Unfortunately for them, the yaps finish their climb and are free to board the ferry. The beauty queens board their ferry very easily. The yaps take the wrong ferry and have to try again. In fact the taxi driver drove them to their intended destination before they boarded the ferry. I know I was personally enjoying this sequence of events. Before the yaps finish their ferry ride, they literally throw money around. (Ok, so they made a wish for a safe journey and the million bucks, but that’s just a technicality.)

So now that the episode is starting to wind down, there is one last sequence of the Cha Chas looking for the pitstop which happens to be at a jockey club. They are, of course, the first team and won a trip to Hong Kong during Chinese New Year after the race is done.

The beauty queens make it to the police building where they received a clue saying that it is a roadblock. Kandice will do the roadblock where she must kick in several doors until she finds a clue. I guess the TAR producers needed to release some of the energy that built up from kung fu fighting. Kandice finds her clue fairly quickly. The teams must go to a pond and drag a toy boat with a Travelocity Gnome sitting on the boat. If the boat tips, they must drag the boat again. The beauty queens pull the boat gently and with some patience, and get the next clue which allows them to go to the pitstop.

The yaps, after their ferry boondoggle, make it to the detour. The little yap decides that she likes to kick things, so she does it. After spending some time in various rooms, she did find her clue. Over to the pond they go.

The mismatches arrive at the kung fu fighting, climb the scaffolding, and get their clue to take the ferry. While this is happening, the beauty queens check in to the pitstop and are declared the second team.

With the cloud of darkness taking over the sky, the mismatches make it to the detour. Eric decides to kick in the doors. The yaps make it to the pond to pull their toy boat. They come in third at the pitstop.

Eric finds his clue, and the mismatches go to the pond with the toy boats. They get their clue, too and get to go to the pitstop.

The mismatches are the last team to arrive, but the big question is if they will be eliminated or not. I say no because it would not be an All-Stars Amazing Race summary written by me without it going to boring non-elimination round first. Out of the five previous TAR summaries that I wrote, two were non-elimination and one was a recrap of the entire season recrap. I don’t exactly have a great track record with this show. Oh well. The mismatches must come in first next week or else they will incur a thirty minute penalty. I can live with this. It is better than forcing the racers to beg in poor countries and much better than no consequences at all.

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