"Fantastic Four" superhero Johnny Storm, also known as the Human Torch, was killed off in the issue of the U.S. comic book that went on sale Tuesday.

Issue No. 587 is ominously called "Fantastic Four: Casualty."

"The death of the Human Torch is the first major move in this incredibly exciting evolution of the legendary 'Fantastic Four' franchise and a necessary part of the larger story we will be telling featuring the beloved characters moving forward," CNN quoted Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort as saying in a statement Tuesday.

"Johnny was, in simplistic terms, the 'id' of the team. He represented the child-like, more innocent view of the world," writer Jonathan Hickman said on Marvel's Web site Tuesday. "He stood in direct contrast to the world 'as it really is.' Now, with him gone, and with everything underlined by (character) Reed (Richard)'s vision of 'how the world should be,' his demise both heightens the need for that future to come to pass as well as leaves it in doubt."

Actor Chris Evans played Johnny Storm in two "Fantastic Four" movies.