Zeke Smith may believe he's a "ridiculous human being," but he's playing one hell of a serious Survivor game.

Zeke, a 28-year-old asset manager from Brooklyn, NY, was the first person to make fire on his millennials tribe, and ever since the three-tribe swap, he's managed to solidify alliances with both the Gen Xers and castaways from his younger generation heading into the merge.

Zeke rocks a mustache and carefree attitude, and he hopes to win Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X in style. Want to learn more about the guy who has jokes for days?

Below is a list of 9 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Zeke Smith:

- When Zeke was in high school, he bravely came out to his classmates at age 15 and the experience helped shape him into the strong person he is today.

- His hobbies include writing, improv and cooking. He apparently also trained hard at the gym for six months to get himself ready for Survivor.

- Zeke's inspiration in life is Joan Rivers because she really "lived" and made Helen Keller jokes into her 80s.

- The castaway, who says he has eccentric taste, describes himself as sharp, devilish, unstoppable, curious and "tough as nails."

- Zeke was ranked one of the Top 16 high-school debaters in the country his senior year of high school. He was recruited to debate for Harvard, which is where he went to college.

- If he could bring three things with him on the island, they would be hairspray to keep his hair "high and tight," coffee to calm his nerves and "awaken the senses," and an industrial-sized vat of peanut butter (both as a high-protein food and a deep conditioner).

- Zeke took Hillary Clinton's side in the 2016 presidential election against Donald Trump.

- His pet peeves include sniffling, chewing with one's mouth open, wearing black shoes with brown belts, and children who don't listen to their mothers.

- Zeke has two big dogs that could pass for twins: Roxy and Sophie. And he's also a dog sitter!