Judged to be a beautiful girl who just didn't deliver any impressive photos, Wendy, a 22-year-old retail assistant manager and Hurricane Katrina survivor from New Orleans, became the second girl eliminated from the sixth edition of America's Next Top Model during last night's broadcast of the UPN reality show.

Top Model 6's third episode (technically last week's two-hour premiere broadcast was two episodes) began with the twelve remaining girls returning back to the house after Kathy was eliminated. Once there, Jade admitted that she had been disappointed to hear that the judges were concerned about her attitude while Gina (a frequent target of Jade's wrath) revealed she was glad to see Nigel call Jade out about her behavior.

The next day, Top Model star Tyra Banks greeted the girls at the Warren Tricomi hair salon, where each girl received a makeover intended to help launch their transformations into high-fashion models. Afterward, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander helped each girl define their own personal style that would help accentuate their new dramatic looks.

While several of the girls weren't that happy to learn of the new hair styles Tyra had planned for them, only Jade (the recipient of a shorter do) made a big issue of it, complaining so much that many of the girls eventually told her to shut up.

The following day, the girls took front row seats at a Gen Art Fashion Show where they were challenged to choose a runway fashion to fit their personal style. With fashion and make-up tips from America's Next Top Model 4 winner Naima Mora and celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, the girls were given only 15 minutes to complete their looks.

When time was up, Rachel felt that while Wendy’s outfit did portray the "Urban Glam" fashion she was after, her ill-fitting apparel dampened the look. In the end, Rachel decided that Nnenna had done the best job, winning her a $5,000 shopping spree. Nnenna picked roommates Gina and Jade to join her on the spree, and although Jade and Gina still weren't friends, the threesome managed to enjoy themselves and get through the adventure without incident.

The next morning, Jay Manuel met the girls for their second photo shoot where each had to pose on a beautifully crafted set made completely of ice. It seemed that many of the girls had trouble focusing on the shoot due to the freezing conditions, but Jay felt that Wendy needed to be more dynamic as her poses appeared stiff and uptight. "She looks like a frightened bird," Jay noted.

When it came time for the elimination ceremony, all of the judges agreed that while Wendy is beautiful and has the potential to succeed as a model, her photos just didn't stand out.

"The judges see a model in person, but for two weeks in a row they have been less than impressed with your photos," Tyra explained to Wendy before eliminating her from the competition. "So what the judges see now is a lot of potential, but they haven't seen that potential put into your photos."