We Are Heroes was crowned Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew's fourth-season winners during last night's live finale broadcast of the MTV reality competition series.

We Are Heroes -- which consists of 25-year-old Hiroka "Hero" Mcrae, 22-year-old Riquel "Riqdiculous Licky" Olander, 26-year-old Mami Kanemitsu, 25-year-old Ali Iannucci, and 23-year-old Nichelle Thrower -- became the first all-female dance team to win the America's Best Dance Crew title and claim the $100,000 grand prize.

"Thank you so, so much for supporting us.  I'm just speechless," said Mcrae, the group's founder.  "You know this is the finale, but we are just starting."

They defeated Afroborike -- which consists of Elisabet Riera, Zoeth L. Cardenales-Velazquez, Miguel A. Reyes Santiago, Alain M.Lavalle, Josue Vega Torres, Veronica Collazo, and Sidelay Ramos Hernandez -- during last night's live finale based on home viewer votes cast immediately following last Sunday night's penultimate episode.

"We're more than happy that we came this far," said Collazo.  "We never expected this."

Jackson presented We Are Heroes with the America's Best Dance Crew trophy after Afroborike left the stage.

"I speak on behalf of the judges and everybody here, every time you hit the stage you worked it out and brought something special to this show," said the American Idol judge.  "So it's my honor and pleasure to give you the ABDC golden trophy... It's my honor to declare you America's Best Dance Crew!"

America's Best Dance Crew host Mario Lopez revealed during last night's finale broadcast that the show's fifth season will premiere in January.