Bravo has decided to use an old casting twist to help complete the cast of its not-so-new reality competition concept.

Similar to its Make Me a Supermodel reality competition series, the network has announced that viewers will get to vote a contestant into the cast of The Fashion Show, a new Project Runway-like reality competition series that will pit professional designers against one another for the opportunity to have their designs sold by a mass retailer.

Beginning today, viewers will be able to vote via Bravo's website for one of two designers to join The Fashion Show's cast.  Voting will close on February 13.

Bravo announced The Fashion Show in October -- six months after Project Runway's The Weinstein Company production company surprised the network with an April announcement that it had signed a five-year deal to move the show to Lifetime.  Bravo's NBC Universal parent company immediately sued to prevent the deal and the show -- which was originally supposed to premiere its already-filmed sixth season on Lifetime in November -- has been stuck in litigation limbo ever since.

Make Me a Supermodel's 2008 first season allowed home viewers to vote one contestant into the competition, while its upcoming second installment allowed viewers to decide two of the season's contestants.

Like Make Me a Supermodel, The Fashion Show will also allow home viewers to determine the competition's ultimate winner.

Bravo ordered The Fashion Show in October and subsequently held open casting calls across the country, however a premiere date for the series has yet to be announced.

In addition to The Fashion Show, Bravo is also still developing Fashion House, another Runway-like fashion designer reality competition series it announced in July.

The two potential The Fashion Show contestants -- as well as their Bravo-supplied biographical information -- that viewers will be able to vote for are:

- Andrew, a 35-year-old from Los Angeles, CA

Known as the "Panty-Christ," Andrew has already conquered the world of designer underwear. He started his own brand, "Andrew Christian," in 1997 and his urban inspired collections are sold in upscale stores throughout the country, including Kitson, Patricia Fields and Fred Segal. A self-described perfectionist and "gaylebrity," Andrew has been known to throw an entire rack of samples across the room if it's not up to his standard. "Don't be caught off guard by my cute smile, I'm a bitch." While his underwear line has garnered worldwide attention, Andrew's goal is to take on the world of women's fashion. He says his inspiration comes from everyday life, the modern art movement and necessity, and loves creating deigns that flatter the female body and make women feel good about themselves. He has an insatiable work ethic and hopes to one day have a retrospective of his works at the MET.

- Elise, a 24-year-old from Chicago, IL

Elise is a designer with determination and a flair for business. She is creative, talented and hard-working, and in a competition setting, she loves to wins. Taught to sew by her mother and grandmothers, Elise is the owner of her eponymous label "Elise Bergman." While she currently resides in Chicago, Elise has spent the last two winters living in the mountains of Montana. She draws her inspiration equally from the rugged outdoors and the fast-paced, sophisticated urban streets. She designs with both city girls and country girls in mind, pairing luxurious silks with organic cottons and other natural materials to create a part hippie, part high-fashion collection. Before starting her business, Elise took time off to care for her mother who was diagnosed with brain cancer. Her mother's wish was for her children to "do something great with their lives." Though her mother is no longer with her, Elise uses this as her inspiration. She takes every challenge head on and is excited to see where the future takes her.