America's Next Top Model's Top 3 finalists began the challenges that will ultimately determine the twentieth season's winner during The CW's Friday night broadcast of the first-ever Guys & Girls edition.  

Marvin Cortes, a 6' 1" 20-year-old sales associate from Bronx, NY; Jourdan Miller, a 6' 0" unemployed 19-year-old from Bend, OR; and Cory Hindorff, a 6' 2 1/2" 22-year-old wedding singer from Philadelphia, PA, all participated in the two most important photo shoots of the season in addition to a small feature film.

The winner of Top Model: Guys & Girls will receive a $100,000 national ad campaign with Guess, a fashion feature in Nylon Magazine and a modeling contract with Next Model Management. The three finalists shot their Guess campaign and also their Nylon spread during Friday night's episode which was dubbed the first part of the season's two-part finale.

The Guess campaign was a little bit country and shot by fashion photographer Yu Tsai. The three models were all shown struggling a bit at first. Jourdan, who had won "best photo" five times this season, was confident yet feeling the pressure.

After their photo shoot, stylist Johnny Wujeck welcomed back all the previously-eliminated contestants one at a time. Each model had to pick which finalist he or she wanted to support, as they would become Cory, Jourdan or Marvin's "catwalk crew."

Chlea Ramirez, Mike Scocozza, Bianca "Kanani" Andaluz, Jiana Davis, and Nina Burns all chose to back Cory. Phil Sullivan, Don Walls, Jeremy Rohmer, and Renee Bhagwandeen opted to be on Marvin's team. Chris Hernandez was the only contestant who wanted to support Jourdan, which surprised her.

Jourdan began wondering what she had done wrong to make so many people dislike her. She also didn't like nor trust Chris, saying she'd rather have "no supporters" than a "fake supporter." The models assumed Chris wanted to be on Jourdan's team just so he'd get more attention since no one else was in her group.

Noticeably absent from the lineup was Alexandra "Alex" Agro, who had collapsed from a medical condition upon her elimination in a previous episode, which occurred right before all the contestants were flying to Bali for the remainder of the competition.

Cory, Marvin and Jourdan then did their Nylon shoot for the magazine's editor-in-chief Marvin Scott Jarrett and fashion director J. Errico. They also filmed a short fashion feature that would be part of the final runway show and also star Laura Fuest and Top Model judge Rob Evans. The previously-eliminated contestants served as extras in the film, which featured a love triangle.

In the film, Jourdan played the love interest of an abusive boyfriend played by Cory and the good guy played by Marvin. 

Later on, the models got ready to compete in the season's final runway show in Bali. Johnny Wujeck told the "catwalk crew" members they'd receive $1,000 each if they ended up on the winning finalist's team. Everyone was then given a chance to switch teams, choosing whom they believed really would win the competition.

No one switched except for Mike, who swapped Cory's team for Jourdan's. Jourdan was thankful to have one more person on her side going forward.
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Everyone was set to walk the runway in either suits or gowns, but Top Model creator and judge Tyra Banks arrived on the scene. Backstage, Tyra told the three finalists only two of them would be competing in the final runway challenge and one must be eliminated immediately based on their performance in the Guess photo shoot.

Just as Tyra was about to reveal the Top 2 finalists, the episode concluded.

Top Model: Guys & Girls' finale will air on Friday, November 15. The broadcast will pick up right where the last episode left off.