Wolf personified his "country bumpkin" persona when he farted while on a date with Tiffany "New York" Pollard, a contributing factor in the Texas native's elimination during I Love New York's sixth second-season episode last night on VH1.

"Man I can't believe New York dismissed me tonight!" said Wolf following his ouster.  "She's missing out on a lot... and I do mean a lot."

I Love New York 2's sixth episode began at the previous elimination, which saw New York cut two more suitors before reinstating Buddha, a model and personal trainer from Miami, FL, back into the competition after he was previously disqualified for a physical altercation with Tailor Made, a fashion planner from Queens, NY.

"Are you kidding me?" said a surprised Tailor Made.  "Of all the people, she brings back Buddha."

New York explained how she was forced to disqualify Buddha for the physical altercation and never eliminated him, so she was "definitely interested" in seeing where a romantic relationship with him could lead.  Because I Love New York producers did not want Buddha back on the show, New York needed the six other remaining bachelors to sign a release stating they're all "willing and ready" for Buddha to be back in the house.

"This is bulls**t.  I don't want to sign that piece of paper," opined Tailor Made, who was the last person to sign the statement, doing so begrudgingly.  "I'm doing it for you and only you," he told New York.  Still, Tailor Made refused to look Buddha in the eye and described the whole scene as a "demoralizing experience."  Even New York's mom Sister Patterson said she was concerned about Buddha having a "dark side."

"She's going to put my life in jeopardy," said Tailor Made about New York.  "I am totally f**ked."

The next morning, Tailor Made found himself still trying to "ignore" Buddha, but he was having a difficult time doing so.  Tailor Made decided he needed to show New York there's "no other person in this world who can make her as happy as" he can.

The seven remaining suitors then received a note from New York informing them to think of the most creative culinary dishes they could.  The Entertainer, a dock loader from Congers, NY, immediately got his mom on the phone and asked for some recipes, while Tailor Made decided on a simple salad since he normally orders take-out.

The guys met New York, who told them their next challenge would test their culinary skills.  Each guy had 30 minutes to prepare a dish for New York and Patterson, who would each choose a winner that would be rewarded with a one-on-one date with New York. 

Helping the fellahs in the kitchen was I Love New York first-season suitor Mr. Boston, who was in New York's good graces for cooking her a midnight snack every night he was in the house.  While the guys could create whatever they wanted, each was required to use at least one cup of Mr. Boston's "super secret ingredient" -- ranch dressing.  All of the guys prepared their meals before serving them to New York and Patterson.

The Entertainer went first and served penne a la vodka, and New York said she "loved it" because it combined two of her favorite things: vodka and ranch dressing.  Wolf went next and presented chicken fajitas, which New York described as "divine."  Pretty, a law school student from Pearl, MS, prepared a cheesecake, however per the rules it contained ranch dressing, and New York promptly spit it out.

"You put ranch in cheesecake!?" she asked Pretty.  Mr. Wise, a club promoter from Camden, NJ, then served New York hot dogs and french fries, which were met by a similar response to Pretty's dish.
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"No you didn't make me hot dogs!?" New York asked.

Elgin, IL lawyer Punk made bleu cheese burgers -- and while he got credit for his creativity -- New York likes ranch and not bleu cheese, which was evident when she spit her bite of the burger out. 

Tailor Made went next, and presented a salmon salad.  While the dish looked appetizing, Tailor Made added caviar because he knows New York "likes the finer things in life."  But New York hates caviar and spit the bite out, describing it as "so disgusting."  Buddha was the last to go, and he presented New York with a dish he called el polo de New York.  Patterson was impressed that the dish was "flavorful and totally healthy."

New York's favorite dish was Wolf's chicken fajitas, so he would be accompanying her on a one-on-one date the following day.  Patterson chose Buddha's chicken dish as her favorite, so New York would be going on a one-on-one date with Buddha that evening.  Tailor Made said he was "terrified" and "sick" that Buddha would be spending alone time with New York.

"This is the perfect reintroduction to New York," said Buddha.  "We can rekindle that flame that may have died out a little bit... so I'm excited."

That night, New York and Buddha enjoyed dinner in her room.  Buddha explained how he "missed" New York while he was away, but it gave him time to think about his previous time in the house and he decided that now, he was going to focus all his attention on her.  New York described Buddha as "passionate, hot and fiery" and was having a hard time finding any faults with him. 

The conversation eventually got dirty -- and after discussing the size of Buddha's manhood and how much of a "challenge" he'd be for New York in the sack -- New York revealed she has "trust issues" with men.

"You can never really love someone unless you trust them," said Buddha, which prompted New York to say she did "trust" Buddha on a "light level."

"This is so intense for me.  It's like you're the real thing," said New York to Buddha, adding he "could probably measure up" to be the man she's looking for.  The two then made-out.

"Buddha is a way better kisser than Tailor Made!" commented New York, describing the kisses as "tender, soft and warm."

"I'm really feeling New York," said Buddha, who was confident New York would kick the other guys to the curb.

Before she went to bed, New York decided to say goodnight to all the guys.  Punk realized Buddha was now his "biggest competition" and it would require him to "step up" his game.  Tailor Made was then blown-off by New York in mid-sentence so she could instead jump into Punk's arms.  Tailor Made felt he needed to "reestablish the close connection" he once had with New York and decided to by her an expensive gift.

The next morning, Wolf was sitting by the pool with Buddha and waiting for his one-on-one date with New York to start.  Nothing huge happened except Wolf farted, a sign of things to come.  Wolf's date with New York then commenced, and she took him on the set of FX Network's Nip/Tuck series for what she described as an "acting gig" she recently landed.  New York described it as the "perfect date" with Wolf since the two hadn't spent much time together and the filming would take all day.

Once on set, New York and Wolf were met by Nip/Tuck executive producer Ryan Murphy.  He explained New York would be appearing in a reality-themed episode of the FX series, playing a role that was specifically written for her.  Ryan then dumped on Wolf for not being "thug" enough before gushing about New York.

"I think she should marry me and just leave the reality show business," said Ryan about New York.

New York and Wolf enjoyed lunch together in her dressing room.  Wolf didn't know what fresh mozzarella was and was also surprised the tuna they had wasn't from a can, causing New York to comment Wolf was a "bumpkin."  The two then practiced New York's lines -- and while Wolf said he "really wanted to kiss her" -- he was also concerned it would make her forget her lines.  Both then fell asleep, and New York was awoken by the sound of Wolf passing gas.

"I was just so disgusted," said New York of the gesture.  "I'm like, 'How can you be so nasty and rude to me?'"  Wolf blamed the toot on the tuna.

New York filmed her Nip/Tuck scenes with little trouble, and gushed about how she wouldn't mind having more acting gigs.

Back at the house, New York wanted to speak to the guys before the upcoming elimination ceremony, in which one of them would be sent packing.  Punk stole New York for some alone time to "further" their connection and "make sure it's still strong."  Punk then dropped the bomb he's "really starting to fall in love" with New York.

"I was flattered," explained New York.  "But deep, deep, deep down, I was a little nervous because I haven't spent a lot of time with him and I want to see what he's all about."  Buddha then interrupted Punk and New York's conversation, a move Punk described as "disrespectful." 

Tailor Made presented New York with his gift -- an $855 lace negligee -- and the two exchanged, "I love yous."  Needless to say, Tailor Made felt like the gift did in fact rekindle his connection with New York.

I Love New York 2's sixth elimination ceremony then commenced -- and surprise, surprise -- she wore the negligee Tailor Made had just given her.  New York told the seven remaining guys some of them were "simply not aggressive enough" for her before issuing a stern warning.

"If you don't step up, you're not staying here," she said.  New York then presented her chains to the bachelors in the order which she felt represented who was making the most effort to win her heart.

Tailor Made received the first chain, and New York said he went from the "doghouse to the penthouse."  Buddha got the second chain because she said he "opened up" to her "the most."  Punk got the third chain, and saw it as a "wake-up call."  The Entertainer received the fourth chain, and New York said the two need to spend more time together.  Pretty then received the fifth chain, with the final choice down to Mr. Wise and Wolf.

She presented her final chain to Mr. Wise, explaining he's been "growing" on her before adding he needs to stop "laying low."  Wolf was sent packing from the competition.

"Wolf, I just think you're a really nice, sweet, country bumpkin who never fit into the exciting life of Hollywood, "said New York to Wolf before assuring him the two will grab some ribs together sometime.

I Love New York 2's next episode will air Monday, November 19 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1 and feature guest appearances by I Love New York first-season suitors and brothers Ahmad "Real" Givens and Kamal "Chance" Givens.
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