Tia Mowry is proud of her size, she said while discussing cyberbullying on the latest episode of The Real.

After getting a critical comment about her weight on social media, Mowry said she took a screenshot of the comment and tagged the woman's employer.

"She was a supporter of the organization, but the problem was, you know, this was a woman who worked for young, African American women. And I thought it was shocking that she put down someone and worked for a company like that."

"I just felt like, you know what, people need to be responsible for their actions. I have to be responsible for what I do and what I say on Instagram," she continued. Discussing cyberbullying, she added, "This is a huge problem."

Mowry began by explaining that she is a size 6 and proud of it.

About a month ago, Mowry posted a screenshot of a comment on one of her photos that read "getting fat."

In the caption of the post, she explained "BULLYING is not cool and it needs to stop. Would you say this to my face? Is this how you speak to yourself when YOU look at yourself in the mirror...This is not about me getting called fat. This isn't just about me...I'm standing up for the people that like to hide behind computers cyber bulling [sic] calling many gay, skinny, slut, ugly, fat, the list goes on and on."

She appeared on the show alongside her twin sister, Tamara Mowry, in a clip uploaded Thursday. The entire episode of "The Real" will air Friday.