The Biggest Loser's thirteenth season eliminated Isaac "Chism" Cornelison during Tuesday night's broadcast of the NBC reality weight-loss competition's ninth episode.

Chism, a 19-year-old student from Magnolia, TX, became the ninth contestant ousted from the competition's thirteenth season after his Black team lost the ninth week's weigh-in by posting a lower total weight-loss percentage than the Red team, and he was automatically eliminated because he was the only member on his team who failed to win immunity.

"When I came here on the ranch, I didn't care about my well being. I didn't care about myself and through this whole experience, I'm leaving knowing that I love who I am. There's nothing out there like The Biggest Loser and it's the most amazing feeling to know that I actually believed in myself for the first time in my life," Chism said following his ouster.

The Biggest Loser's ninth thirteenth-season episode began following Daphne Dortch's elimination after the season's previous weigh-in. The Red team -- who trained with previously new trainer Dolvett Quince, who returned to the show for his second season -- then met the Black team, who worked under the guidance of veteran trainer Bob Harper, in the voting room.

The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney told all the contestants they'd be leaving the ranch for 18 days to continue their weight-loss journeys at home surrounded by all the temptations which got them into trouble in the first place.

Alison explained they must work hard at home because there would be a weigh-in upon their return to The Biggest Loser campus, and every person had a chance to earn immunity. Every player would be safe from elimination if they could each lose 5% percent of their total body weight. In the case of either team losing the weigh-in, every contestant on that team to reach the 5% weight-loss percentage goal would be declared safe. If everyone reached that number, there would be no elimination at all.

The contestants then traveled to their hometowns and were welcomed by their friends and families. However, immediately after they began settling into their new environments, the players got a message from Alison telling them the game was still on. She then explained the rules to what would be an at-home challenge.

The contestants were required to start rowing a machine at the exact same time, and the first person to row 10,000 meters would win the challenge and receive a cash prize of $10,000 -- one dollar per meter they rowed. In addition, every player could keep the machine they worked out on. Alison told everyone she would reveal the winner of the challenge once they got back to the ranch.

After the contestants enjoyed their time at home but also had to overcome some obstacles -- such as maintaining a healthy diet and finding the time to consistently work -- along the way, both teams returned to the ranch and participated in their last chances workouts with their trainers.

Later on, The Biggest Loser's thirteenth-season's ninth elimination weigh-in commenced.

Alison announced that Chism had won the rowing challenge, beating Kim Nielsen, a 38-year-old former professional wrestler from Roswell, GA, by a mere seven seconds. He was overjoyed to have won the $10,000.

She then went on to explain that the team with the lowest weight-loss percentage would lose the weigh-in and be put up for elimination but reiterated that each person to achieve a 5% weight-loss percentage on the losing team would win immunity and be safe from the vote. If everyone on the team was successful in meeting their weight-loss goal, no one would go home.
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Each contestant had a target amount of weight to lose while at home that would earn them immunity. For the Red team, Jeremy Britt, a 22-year-old banker from Rockford, MI, had to shed 16 pounds; Mark Cornelison, a 43-year-old youth pastor from Magnolia, TX, needed 12, Kim had to reach 10; Kim "Kimmy" Stone, a 48-year-old registered nurse from Dittmer, MO, had to lose nine; and Allen "Buddy" Shuh, a 42-year-old pastor from Wayne, MI, had to shed 16 pounds.

Dolvett's Red team weighed-in first.

Buddy was the first member to step on the scale. He started off the week weighing 317 pounds and dropped to 294 pounds after he lost 23 pounds. He was the first player during the thirteenth season to lose 100 pounds, as he lost 109 pounds since he started his weight-loss journey on The Biggest Loser.

Jeremy fell from 309 pounds to 289 pounds after he shed 20 pounds, while Kimmy lost 10 pounds after dropping from 179 to 169 pounds.

Mark then weighed-in on behalf of Dolvett's Red team and fell from 226 pounds to 215 pounds after he lost 11 pounds. He was one pound away from receiving immunity but was still glad with the amount of success he had while at home.

Kim lost a total of seven pounds after she dropped from 193 pounds to 186 pounds. She was three pounds away from earning immunity and was disappointed in her progress. 

Dolvett's Red team lost a total of 71 pounds and posted a 5.80% weight-loss percentage. As a result, Mark and Kim fell below the yellow weigh-in line, so if the Red team lost the weigh-in, one of them must face elimination and be sent home.

Over the course of 18 days, Black team members Christine Pickler, a 42-year-old who is self-employed and from Middlebury, IN, had to lose 10 pounds; Emily Joy, a 29-year-old teacher from Huntersville, NC, had to shed 11; Megan Stone, a 21-year-old student and support staffer for an organization that assists disabled adults from Dittmer, MO, had to lose 11; Cassandra Sturos, a 25-year-old in-home senior caregiver from Fowlerville, MI, needed 10; Conda Britt, a 24-year-old nutrition health services technician from Rockford, MI, had to reach 13; and Chism had to shed 15 pounds.

It was then time for Bob's Black team to weigh-in.

Conda lost 14 pounds after dropping from 245 pounds to 231 pounds, while Emily fell from 216 pounds to 199 pounds, losing 17 pounds since she left the ranch. 

Megan shed 12 pounds after dropping from 217 pounds to 205 pounds, while Chris fell from 196 pounds to 185 pounds after shedding 11 pounds.

Cassandra then stepped on the scale and learned she had lost 13 pounds after she fell from 188 pounds to 175 pounds. 

It was then time for Chism to weigh-in and he had to lose at least 12 pounds to ensure his team wouldn't face elimination and lose the weigh-in. However, if he failed to reach the 12 pounds -- which would also mean he didn't achieve his 5% weight-loss percentage goal by losing 15 pounds -- he would automatically be eliminated because he would be the only member on his team to not earn immunity.

However, if Chism lost 12 or more pounds, regardless of whether or not he earned immunity for himself, the Red team would lose the weigh-in and must vote to send either Kim or Mark home.

Chism then weighed-in and he dropped from 293 pounds to 282 pounds, losing only 11 pounds. As a result, the Black team lost the weigh-in and Chism was automatically eliminated for falling below the red line.

Mark, Chism's father, asked to go home in his son's place because he believed Chism deserved to stay on the show and needed to continue losing weight on the ranch because of his health condition. Chism was torn because he didn't want his father to go home in his place but knew it was Mark's wishes.

"You can't send him home. You can't. I'm 43-years-old. I weigh 215 pounds. I'm in great shape. He's 19-years-old and has so much left to do. Let me go. I don't care what you have to do on this show. I don't care what you have to change. Let me go home. Let him stay. He deserves this," Mark begged in tears.

"He needs this so much more than I do. I cannot stay on this show knowing that he was off by one pound. He's the one who needs to be here. I'm not just freaking out. I'm saying, 'I give myself up for my son. I want to go home and I want him to stay. Make it happen, I don't care how you do it."

"I couldn't live with myself," Chism said.

"You know me and you know how I will do when I go home. This means you need to be here longer," Mark insisted.

"It's a lose, lose either way," Chism cried.

"No, it's not. Let me, please," Mark pleaded.

"I hate to be put in this situation and I don't want to go home, but it's not like I have any control over this at all and neither do you," Chism said.

"Then get two plane tickets, because I'm going with you," Mark said.

"I will take your plane ticket and throw it away because you're going to stay here as long as possible. But if I have to go because I didn't lose the pounds I was supposed to, that's just like anybody else on the show. I've lost 80 pounds. Going home isn't me gaining all the weight back," Chism explained.

"I'm going to still lose weight. Yes, it's going to be a lot harder and yes, it's going to be a lot more difficult than staying here, but I'm going to keep going on. I'm not going to stop because how I feel now is better than I've ever felt before in my life and I never want to feel different from that."

Dolvett and Bob believed Chism had become a man on the show and the other contestants expressed how much they would miss him and how strong he was. They then praised Mark for raising such a good person. Chism said his goodbyes and departed The Biggest Loser ranch.