The Biggest Loser's currently-airing season has reportedly lost two of its contestants to behind-the-scenes drama.

The Biggest Loser has permanently "cut loose" two of the contestants who "walked off the show and threatened to quit" to protest a possible game twist earlier this week, TMZ reported Thursday.

The show "will continue without them," according to TMZ, which added that it is unclear how the show's broadcasts will address the incidents.

The contestants reportedly hastily reacted this week after they got wind of news that the reality weight-loss competition's producers were considering allowing an unspecified number of previously eliminated players to return to the game and resume competing for the $250,000 grand prize and title of "The Biggest Loser," the website reported Tuesday.

The contestants reportedly believed the idea was unfair and were so frustrated that they joined forces and protested by walking off the set mid-shooting of an episode.

Sources told TMZ that The Biggest Loser was going to stop production for a minimum of one week until the situation could get resolved, but the show has in fact resumed the filming its currently-airing thirteenth season at the ranch. 

NBC is reportedly continuing to decline commenting on the matter.