The Biggest Loser apparently currently has some even bigger drama going on behind the scenes than what viewers have already gotten a taste of on-air so far this season.

The Biggest Loser's remaining thirteenth-season contestants -- who are still filming the rest of the currently-airing season's episodes at the show's ranch -- have "walked off the show and are threatening to quit" after discovering a big twist, TMZ reported Wednesday.

According to TMZ sources, the contestants hastily reacted this week after they got wind of news that the reality weight-loss competition's producers were considering allowing an unspecified number of previously eliminated players to return to the game and resume competing for the $250,000 grand prize and title of "The Biggest Loser."

The show's remaining contestants reportedly believed the idea was unfair and were so frustrated that they joined forces and protested by walking off the set mid-shooting of an episode.

The sources told TMZ that The Biggest Loser has shut down production for a minimum of one week until the situation gets resolved.

NBC reportedly declined to comment on the matter.

Several prior The Biggest Loser editions have featured twists in which previously eliminated players have been allowed a second chance to return to the game. Last spring's eleventh season included a Week 12 twist in which Jay Jacobs received another chance and rejoined the competition. He eventually finished in fourth place.

In addition, last fall's twelfth season featured a twist in which all of the season's previously eliminated contestants competed in a marathon and the winner automatically received one of the three spots in the competition's finale weigh-in. Ramon Medeiros -- who had been voted off two weeks earlier -- won the marathon and later finished in third place during the finale's $250,000 weigh-in.