The Biggest Loser's next season will have not one but two new trainers.

In addition to veteran trainer Bob Harper and previously revealed new face Anna Kournikova, NBC has announced Dolvett Quince, a fitness expert who has 10 years training experience, will also serve as a trainer on The Biggest Loser's twelfth season.

"I couldn't be more excited about joining The Biggest Loser as their newest trainer," Quince said in a statement. "This amazing opportunity allows me to use my expertise to change lives one rep at a time, and encourage contestants -- and viewers -- to find strength beyond muscle."

According to NBC, Quince grew up with three siblings in foster care in Stamford, CT, where they were all adopted by a Jamaican couple who insisted on keeping all the children together. The difficult childhood gave Quince the drive and strength to attempt to change lives, which led him to launch a workout studio in Atlanta called Body Sculptor Inc.

Quince, who has worked with famous clients such as teen singer Justin Bieber, will train contestants on the ranch as one of The Biggest Loser's newcomers alongside Kournikova, a professional tennis player and certified trainer, who NBC announced as a twelfth-season trainer during last month's live eleventh-season finale.

Although The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney had positioned Kournikova as a replacement for veteran trainer Jillian Michaels -- who had announced she would be leaving the show after the eleventh season late last year -- during the finale, Kournikova and Quince will also be filling the shoes of trainers Brett Hoebel and Cara Castronuova, who will not be returning for the twelfth season.

Hoebel and Castronuova had joined The Biggest Loser as part of an eleventh-season twist in which almost half the season's contestants were initially required to leave The Biggest Loser ranch and train off-site with two new "unknown" trainers while the rest of the cast remained at the ranch training with Michaels and Harper. 

However, Michaels had stated the show's producers had already hired a new female trainer to replace her and she was mentoring the new trainer during the eleventh season -- leading to an expectation that Castronuova would be returning next season.

The Biggest Loser's twelfth season will begin shooting in southern California this week and premiere in September, according to NBC.