The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All featured Peter Izzo claiming to serve Will Urena with "defamation of character" legal papers, Michelle Young scolding Jamie Skaar for his disrespectful remarks, Martin Gelbspan apologizing, Michelle admitting she let one guy go too early, and a sweet reunion for The Bachelorette star and Rodney Mathews during Monday night's Season 18 episode on ABC.

The Men Tell All featured most of the men from Michelle's The Bachelorette season returning to find some closure with Michelle, discuss drama that went down this season, and in some cases, seek redemption and forgiveness.


The bachelors who participated in The Men Tell All were Peter, Martin, Will, Rodney, Chris Sutton, Romeo Alexander, Ryan Fox, Casey Woods, Daniel Tully, PJ Henderson, Spencer Williams, Pardeep Singh, Olumide "Olu" Inajide, and Rick Leach.

Nayte Olukoya, Brandon Jones and Joe Coleman did not make an appearance since they are Michelle's Final 3 bachelors and the conclusion of her season has yet to air.

The special was hosted by The Bachelorette co-hosts Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams.

Will still harbours resentment against Peter

Will said he stands by his belief that Peter is a narcissist, saying that every time Peter opened his mouth during the season, he was either talking about his business or pizza.

"Bro, you went on the wrong show. This is the show to find love. If you really wanted to promote your business, you should've went on Shark Tank," Will snapped.

Peter said he had thrown Will's jacket in the pool because Will had called him a narcissist and he was confused and perplexed about that since Will had only known him for 24 hours at that point.

Peter said Will had never approached him to have a conversation and so he got so frustrated that he pulled Will aside out of anger, but Daniel called him a liar. Will also said Peter was trying to "change the narrative."

"Peter is awful all day long. He walks into a room with catch phrases... There are 30 guys but only one guy can't shut the f-ck up," Casey vented.

Peter acknowledged he "is the pizza boy" and he's proud to have provided for his mother and sister, which prompted Will to say, "Tell your sister to stay out of my DMs."

"She slammed my DMs like it was home plate!" Will yelled.

Tayshia and Kaitlyn had to yell over the guys to stop them from fighting.

Will gets served (not pizza)

Peter accused Will of tagging his pizzeria on his personal social-media page in attempt to belittle his business and slander his name.

Peter blamed Will and/or Will's friends for writing negative reviews about his pizzeria business, and Peter appeared visibly upset and said it's not funny at all since that's his livelihood.

Peter said the reviews were from the same date Will had posted his pizzeria on social media.

Some of the recent one-star reviews -- read aloud by Kaitlyn and Tayshia -- call Peter a "cowardly child" and his pizza "disgusting" and "overcooked," and one person wrote that the pizza "tasted like it was drenched in pool water." (Yes, the last one was especially suspicious considering Peter had thrown Will's jacket into a pool on The Bachelorette).


Suddenly, a man dressed in a suit came onstage and served Will with papers, and Peter is apparently suing Will for "defamation of character."

"That's a little taste of what's going to happen in real life," Peter said, before Will rolled his eyes and threw the papers on the ground.


Ryan explains his alarming The Bachelorette documents

Ryan said he had a genuine connection with Michelle "and then the notes happened."

Ryan explained how his friends that are girls who watch The Bachelor wanted him to be successful in finding love on the show and so they wrote down notes and advice for him, but Kaitlyn recalled reading Ryan's list of "dream girls" in his papers and none of the women looked like Michelle.

However, Ryan insisted Michelle has all the "characteristics" of what he wants in his future wife.

Ryan apologized for some of the more strange notes, such as pretending to act interested in Michelle's teaching career.

But Pardeep believed Ryan wouldn't have owned up to the notes or apologized unless he was caught and "exposed." Pardeep claims Ryan would've hidden those notes throughout the entire process if he could've gotten away with it.

"All you want to do is go viral, dude. You're somebody who's desperately wanted to be on The Bachelor all your life. This is all you do!... You have zero integrity, dude," Pardeep complained.

Martin is accused of having a girlfriend while he filmed the show

Olu repeated how he thinks Martin is two-faced and some of the other guys were "fooled" by Martin's nice-guy charm.

Romeo said he even wanted to be like Martin but was so disappointed by his "triple whammy of misogyny" in which Martin had called women in Miami "high maintenance" and then said Michelle isn't like those other girls.

Martin, who also said in his final words that Michelle didn't deserve to be with him, said on The Men Tell All that he lost respect for Michelle because she wasn't really listening to him when they had their final conversation.

Will then accused Martin of having a girlfriend while on The Bachelorette, but Martin insisted he was single while on the show and reunited with a girl he had known before filming after the show.

"I did not come on the show with a girlfriend," Martin repeated.

Chris S. insists his intentions for dating Michelle were genuine

Chris S. said his intentions for saying some guys thought they had the competition in the bag were genuine. Rick said he had an issue with Chris speaking over Michelle because a strong woman like that can speak for herself.

Casey called Chris "desperate" to save himself since and receive a rose since he had no real connection with Michelle to fall back on. Chris admitted his claims "came off a little strong" but his intentions, once again, were genuine.


"He was my roommate. I don't believe him right now," Rick said, before recalling Chris saying something about having had "better looking women" than Michelle. (Curse words were censored so it's unclear what exactly Chris had allegedly said).

Chris apparently said Olu has a low IQ and Olu yelled, "You are looking at Black excellence right here... Don't you ever f-cking say I have a low IQ!"

Olu got up in Chris' face and nearly fought him, but Olu's pals convinced him to back off and let the situation go.

Jamie is put in the hot seat

Jamie claimed to Tayshia and Kaitlyn he had an "effortless" and strong first connection with Michelle and he found himself excited to continue dating her.

But Jamie was asked about his spring break-mode comment, and Jamie said that was taken out of context. He said the comment was more about him just being one of 20 guys. Romeo said he feels foolish for having looked up to Jamie during filming, especially because Jamie had called Michelle "easy" on TV.

"I think you actually believe some of the delusional things you say... We'd love to just hear a straight answer rather than paragraphs and parables," Casey complained, adding how Jamie was totally different on and off camera with what he preached and said about Michelle behind her back.

Rodney recalled Jamie announcing to the guys how someone needed to own up to questioning Michelle's character and so the cast assumed Jamie wasn't that guy -- when it was actually him all along.

Rodney wanted Jamie to hold himself accountable and admit his mistakes in order to redeem himself and build himself up again in the eyes of the cast and the world. However, Jamie refused to say sorry and kept trying to explain himself.

The men accused Jamie of creating a rumor and not confessing to it when confronted.

Romeo called it "scary" how Jamie had allegedly manipulated and gaslighted people on the show, and PJ agreed it was sad how Jamie had never fessed up, adding, "It was lying by omission!"

Rick gets emotional over Michelle breakup

Rick said there were moments when he thought he had found his person in Michelle and he could picture having children with her.

Rick gushed about how Michelle listens to understand people and doesn't just listen to respond, which is not a skill many people have.

Rick admitted he lost sleep over the idea of reuniting with Michelle on The Men Tell All and he had been thinking about what to say for quite some time.

Tayshia and Kaitlyn then surprised an emotional Rick with a cake of his head on a platter, and Rick took a big bite.

Rodney is still hurting over Michelle

Rodney said he moved a little slower with Michelle than he probably should have but he was "all in" for the Bachelorette and he's glad that she noticed that during filming.

"No matter what, I'm always going to be Team Michelle," Rodney noted.


Rodney revealed he was "heartbroken" and "going through it" when he returned home after getting dumped and he couldn't hide that from his mother. But Rodney said God has a plan for everyone and everything is going to be okay.

After a clip aired of Rodney sinking an outrageous basketball shot during a group date, a man in the audience stood up, ripped off his clothes, and ran through the studio streaking.

The guys give their thoughts on Clayton being the new Bachelor

Romeo thought Clayton had a very calming presence in the house and was definitely "there for the right reasons" and "really wants to start a family."

Rick said Clayton will be "a hell of a father one day."

And Rodney boasted about how Clayton is such a passionate guy who truly deserves to find love.

It appeared the entire cast liked Clayton and was happy ABC had selected him for the Season 26 role.


Michelle faces a room of her exes

After former The Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin announced The Bachelor Live Onstage is returning and will go through 40 cities from March through May, Michelle walked onstage to face her Season 18 bachelors.

Michelle said she realized she had an amazing group of guys on Night 1, and she pointed out how Rodney stayed true to himself and was always kind. Michelle said she really respected and appreciated Rodney for that.

Rodney said Michelle had carried herself with class, poise and grace and he was so thankful to have met her.

"As long as you're happy, I'm happy. And I wish you nothing but the best," Rodney told Michelle.

Michelle also applauded Rick for being all in this season, and Rick thanked Michelle in reply for being vulnerable and putting herself out there for all of the men, which he did made it very easy for all of them to fall for her.

Michelle and Jamie face off

Jamie said he felt like he could take on life's scariest challenges with Michelle and she was authentic and really cared about people and helped to build others up like a coach. Jamie called Michelle "fabulous across the board."

But Michelle didn't seem to buy Jamie's words, and then she put him in his place for not living up to his own hype.


"For me, when you are in that coaching role, that means you are lifting people up, even when they are not around," Michelle told Jamie.

"And so, I hear what you're saying... about how you respect me, but as I watched back and I have seen those things you said on-camera about me going through a spring break-mode and you expressed that you felt like the men in the house were below you, for me, that's not what a coach does."

Michelle said Jamie preaches positivity but he was not showcasing that 100 percent of the time or taking responsibility for anything.

Jamie said he never meant to hurt anybody during the process and he's sorry for that but he also has to vent his feelings during a process like that. Jamie said he was in "an emotional extreme" of needing to get out of that environment and he expressed certain words to justify what he was feeling.

Jamie said there was only one clip in which he spoke negatively behind Michelle's back, but she insisted "words do matter" and it didn't seem like Jamie had learned from his mistakes.

Michelle was clearly frustrated and felt Jamie was apologizing because others felt hurt, which essentially put the fault on those people for feeling hurt. Michelle said she believes in being respectful at all times in every relationship or friendship.

"Respect is a huge thing, and I choose to be by myself or be with somebody who respects me even when they are upset with me or whatever is going on in the world. And for that, I think it's very clear why this relationship didn't work out," Michelle noted.

When apparently backed into a corner after hours of scrutiny and being called out, Jamie finally apologized for what he had said and for disrespecting Michelle and the other men.

"Thank you for sharing how you felt so I could get that perspective. I was in the wrong, and I apologize for that," Jamie noted.

"Jamie, thank you for your apology," Michelle concluded.

Martin also apologizes for his wrongdoing

Martin apologized for the way things had ended between Michelle and himself.

Martin had said in his final words how someone like Michelle doesn't deserve to be with someone like him -- and she called him out for having "belittled" her.

Martin apologized for the way his words came across, and he revealed he's found his soul mate since the show aired thanks to what he had learned from his relationship with Michelle.

But Michelle advised Martin to treat his new girlfriend like a queen and be respectful of her past and traumas she's been through and not call her "immature" for expressing residual pain from any of those situations.

Michelle has a soft spot in her heart for Olu

Michelle confessed that she may have sent Olu home a little too early.

Michelle said it was clear Olu always had her best interest in mind and was there for her whenever she felt hurt or unseen.

Olu said Michelle had taught him how to go above and beyond for a woman and he's grateful to have dated her.

And the broadcast ended with Peter serving the cast and audience his special pizza from Florida. Once Will admitted the pizza was pretty good, better than he remembered, Peter offered to bury the hatchet and shake Will's hand, and Will obliged.

Peter and Will therefore dropped their beef, and so it's unlikely Peter will still take Will to court if those lawsuit papers were even legitimate.

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