The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison admits Matthew "Matt" Munson and Adam Gottschalk "both ended up very unlucky" and it was really tough for Rachel Lindsay to let them go.

During Rachel's week of dates in Geneva Switzerland, Matt and Adam got stuck on the show's first-ever three-on-one date with Eric Bigger, while the other men -- Dean Unglert, Peter Kraus and Bryan Abasolo -- enjoyed their second one-on-one dates of the season.

It's safe to say Matt and Adam fell victim to an unfair situation because they only got to spend time with Rachel on group dates and at cocktail parties.

"We decided to do things a little differently this year and gave Rachel roses on all her dates, even in the final week before hometowns. That really changed the game a lot, and it also meant Rachel was faced with tough decisions," Chris wrote in his Yahoo! TV blog.

"Rather than having a full week to decide who she wants to give roses to [at an official Rose Ceremony], she had to end each date deciding if that individual man would receive a hometown rose or not. That was very different and it threw everyone off their game."

Chris confessed "no one had it rougher this week than Matt and Adam," saying they were "unlucky as a result of these changes."

But the franchise host said the three-on-one date in France "didn't disappoint."

Rachel first eliminated Matt during the date, which sparked an emotional meltdown. Although The Bachelorette fans haven't seen much of Matt this season, his ouster made Rachel shed more tears than we've ever seen from her before on the show. 

"It was such a difficult day for Rachel, and understandably so, as she had to say goodbye to two great men. Even though you didn't get to see as much of Matt and Adam, Rachel spent a lot of time with them and got to know them really, really well," Chris explained.

"They were a big part of her journey and her love story, and I would be lying if I didn't say that this was the hardest day for Rachel so far."

Rachel ultimately had to choose between Adam, whom she had a blast with, and Eric, whom she admittedly had a bumpy road with. Both guys, however, proved they were genuine, fun, caring and vulnerable. Rachel chose to give her fourth rose to Eric just because she was following her heart and her gut.

That means Eric, Dean, Bryan and Peter will be taking Rachel to their hometowns in next week's episode to meet their families.