Peter Kraus cried to Rachel Lindsay about his split from an ex-girlfriend during The Bachelorette's latest broadcast, so who is the lady who brought on such an emotional confession?

Peter, a 31-year-old personal trainer and business owner from Madison, WI, opened up to Rachel in The Bachelorette's July 10 episode about how he felt enormous "guilt" for breaking up with an ex-girlfriend whom he really loved and cared about.

Peter said he "abandoned" this woman and tearfully recalled the moment he drove away from her for the last time, sharing with Rachel: "I saw tears streaming down her face, and I blame myself for that... I really hurt her."

The ex-girlfriend Peter was referring to is Brittany Hansen, according to Life & Style, a brunette beauty with a body to kill.

Based on Brittany's Instagram, it looks like she dated Peter a couple of years ago.

In one photo Brittany posted on her Instagram profile on January 1, 2015, the couple was all dressed up for a New Year's Eve celebration. She also shared an image of herself kissing Peter on the cheek in late 2014, writing, "My knight in shining Armani."

According to her LinkedIn profile, Brittany is a former promotional model who currently works as a premise manager at Red Bull in Madison, Wisconsin and attended both Bethel University and Minneapolis Community and Technical College in Minnesota.

Brittany appears incredibly athletic with a toned physique, as she has photos of herself playing volleyball and golfing. In addition to fitness, she also appears to enjoy fashion and music festivals. Brittany also says faith is very important to her.

Because of the way Peter's relationship with Brittany ended, according to Life & Style, he expressed fears to Rachel on The Bachelorette about a future proposal.

"I hope to be ready to give my heart up to someone else," Peter explained. "I can only say that I think that I am, so if I get to the end of this with you and I do get down on a knee and propose and we're engaged, I want it to be because that's 100 percent where my heart is at, at that time."

Rachel therefore asked Peter if there was a chance he may not propose if he made it all the way to the end.

"If I am having reservations, and we're getting that far into it, then I will let you know," Peter cryptically added.

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