The fairytale aspect of Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas' relationship has apparently come to a close, as The Bachelor: London Calling star has vacated his selected suitor's condo.

"I had to get my own life out here [in Los Angeles], get my career and friends and have my own circle," Grant told People in a Thursday report.  "That's important in a relationship -- that you are not entirely on top of someone."

The engaged couple has lived together in Lamas' Century City, CA condominium since the ABC reality dating show's twelfth season aired its pre-taped finale broadcast on May 12.

Still, Grant said nay-sayers of his relationship with Lamas shouldn't take his moving out as a sign that the couple is kaput.  Instead, he told People living together was always intended to be "a stop-gap."

"Early on in the relationship, people need a little space," he told People. "It's almost to keep the spark -- the romance  -- that exists in the first year of a relationship. Living together after knowing one another after four months is probably a little bit quick. Certainly for our generation."

Grant presented Lamas with his final rose and a marriage proposal -- both of which she accepted -- during The Bachelor: London Calling's finale broadcast.  The couple subsequently told Reality TV World in a post-The Bachelor interview that they do plan on eventually getting married, however they have yet to set a timetable for when it will actually occur.

Grant told People since the show's finale aired it's been "a difficult time," which has included the couple being hounded by the paparazzi; Lamas appearing on the cover of Girls Gone Wild magazine; and Grant being accused of popping the question to her simply to land a green card

But none of that is apparently enough to break the two apart.

"I made the right decision," Grant told People, which asked if the couple is in love.  "Definitely. I wouldn't be engaged if I wasn't."