The Bachelor star Brad Womack's Sports Illustrated group date was apparently even more awkward and uncortfortable than it appeared on Monday night's episode.

Womack says the swimsuit issue photo shoot he participated in with three The Bachelor bachelorettes during Monday night's episode was a group date from "sheer hell."

"You may think that would have been the best date in the world. (For the record, I was thinking that it was at that particular time.) Well, it wasn't. Not even close," Womack wrote on his People blog on Tuesday.

"What the hell was I thinking when I put three girls in bikinis, on a photo shoot, while fighting for the same guy? It got ugly very quickly. Tears were flowing, emotions were boiling, and the sun was baking. A fantasy date (by definition) turned into sheer hell. I was so relieved when that date was over."
Michelle Money, a 30-year-old hairstylist from Salt Lake City, UT, was one of the women who accompanied Womack on the group date in Anguilla, but while the intense physical attraction between them was apparent, The Bachelor star sent her home. However, Womack is still defending Money's catty behavior and claiming her personality is actually humorous and carefree.  In addition, he also insists it was not the reason he chose to eliminate her.  
"It was time to say goodbye to Michelle. Some of you may be sighing in relief; some may think she was around too long; some may think saying goodbye was a mistake. I'm going to defend Michelle once more... For everyone out there that is criticizing her, please try to see the humor in her antics," Womack explained.

"Here's a woman that, yes, may be opinionated, but also doesn't take herself too seriously and makes light of many situations. My decision to say goodbye to Michelle had absolutely nothing to do with her light-hearted craziness. It was simply a matter of not having feelings that warranted trying to begin a future with her. Michelle will be sorely missed."

In addition to Money, Womack also ousted Britt Billmaier, a 25-year-old food writer from Woodinville, WA, on their one-on-one date during Monday night's episode. Womack and Billmaier simply had no chemistry or intimate connection, but Womack insists the bachelorette was not as surprised to be eliminated as she appeared to be during the show. 

"What people didn't see in the episode is that Britt and I had a very mature and candid conversation about that certain spark not being there. I remember feeling so relieved at Britt's candid nature. I didn't want to torture her by asking her to sit through a rose ceremony," Womack said.

"In a testament to Britt, her exit was very mature and very gracious. I had wanted to go out with Britt for a very long time but numerous circumstances had prevented that from happening."

While Womack sent two bachelorettes home, he narrowed his search for love down to four women and got a pleasant surprise from Shawntel Newton, a 25-year-old funeral director from Chico, CA.

"Shawntel told me she was falling in love with me and I was taken aback only because I simply didn't expect that at all," Womack noted.