The Bachelor's 21st edition starring Nick Viall premiered on Monday and featured Nick's bachelorettes arriving in gorgeous gowns for season's initial cocktail party.

The handsome 36-year-old was introduced to 30 beautiful and accomplished women on Night 1 when the show premiered on ABC. One by one, the bachelorettes arrived at The Bachelor mansion and showed off dazzling dresses intended to catch Nick's attention and take his breath away. 

The memorable entrances included Sarah Vendal, a bubbly school teacher running up the driveway in sneakers to make the point that Nick wasn't a "runner-up" in her eyes or heart, and Jasmine Goode showing Nick what type of engagement ring she wanted right off the bat with the help of the show's famous jeweler Neil Lane.

In addition, Vanessa Grimaldi used her multi-lingual skills in French and Italian to impress the Bachelor, Alexis Waters showed off her exuberant side and revealed her quirky obsession by showing up in a "dolphin" costume, and Elizabeth "Liz" Sandoz arrived with a secret past with Nick that forced him to question her intentions.

However, given the premiere's limited broadcast time, The Bachelor viewers didn't get to see as much of the women's elegant gowns and arrivals -- which were actually filmed over nearly three hours -- as they may have liked.

Click the GALLERY link below to launch a slideshow of the ladies' arrivals beginning with the first and continuing all the way through the last -- presented in the bachelorettes' actual arrival order (which was edited in The Bachelor's Season 21 premiere).