Brendan Fletcher was eliminated from The Voice along with three other artists during Tuesday night's live results show on NBC.

Brendan, a 26-year-old bartender from Randolph, NJ who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, and Aaron Gibson were automatically ousted from the competition after they received the lowest number of votes following Monday night's Top 8 performance show.

The Top 3 vote-getters were Billy Gilman, Sundance Head and We McDonald. The artists who had to sing for the "Instant Save" were Ali Caldwell, Christian Cuevas and Josh Gallagher, and in the end, Josh earned the most tweets and therefore got to remain in the competition.

During a Wednesday conference call, Brendan talked to reporters about his experience on The Voice. Below is what he had to say.

Could you talk a little bit about your song choice of "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan this week, and did you and Adam Levine choose it together?

Brendan Fletcher: He actually texted me and he was like, "Listen dude, I think you should sing 'Angel' by Sarah McLachlan." And I was like, "You mean like the pet shelter song?" And he was like, "Yes I think that's going to be a great idea."

And I was pretty excited about it because I kind of wanted to recapture what I did the week prior doing "True colors." I wanted a chance to be able to kind of flip a song and do it my own way.

I don't think the song sounded anything like the original version, which I was pretty happy about. I think it sounded -- it kind of came off like a Van Morrison type song, which was the goal. But, you know, looking back, it might not have been the greatest song choice.

But I was really happy and comfortable performing it onstage and, you know, hindsight's 20/20. But this whole journey has been amazing, and every time I got up there to sing, I put my heart on the line. And I just hope everyone enjoyed it, because I know I did.

Were you surprised that you didn't get a chance to sing for the "Instant Save?"

Brendan Fletcher: I don't think I'm allowed to say what my save song was, but I know that if I had the chance to sing it, it potentially could have been my best song. And I'm not just, you know, I really do think it would have propelled me -- if not into the finale -- at least give people one more glimpse into who I am as an artist and what I could potentially do moving forward after the show.

But I mean, again, hindsight's 20/20, and this show is literally a show about going home. Only one person can win this thing. So every step of the way on this journey has been like playing with house money, and it's, you know, it's just been so great. I've been so blessed to meet all these people and yes, I'm mad I wasn't able to sing the song but, you know, that's the way it goes I guess.
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Can you name one specific thing you learned on The Voice that you're going to apply in your future music career?

Brendan Fletcher: I would say that the main thing that I learned -- and that I'm going to apply going forward -- is to dream big. No dream is too unreachable; no dream is too intangible. And that's what got me here.

I mean, you know, if you had told me months ago that I would be singing in the Top 8 of the show, I would've never believed you. So, just shooting for things that I would before the show think were impossible.

What was the hardest part of this competition for you? Song choice, perhaps?

Brendan Fletcher: I think the hardest part for me was dropping the guitar and kind of being able to just be up there with a microphone and opening my eyes and smiling and moving around the stage.

That is something I've never done, like, before the show, karaoke was my biggest experience just with a microphone. So, I really do feel like I've come a long way. I've evolved as a performer on the show. So that was probably the most difficult part, was coming out of my shell, and I'm just so happy. I'm so grateful for this show for allowing me to do that.

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